Orgazmik Healing

    8 Principles of Orgazmik Healing.

    1. Optimism
    2. Resilience
    3. Gratitude
    4. Awareness
    5. Zestfulness
    6. Manifestations
    7. Intuition
    8. Kindness

    It all begins with Optimism by Shifting your Perspective….

    5 Inflammatory Foods

    Diet is the foundation for any wellness journey.  And creating a plan that reduces inflammation is crucial for healing.  Detoxify your body by eliminating inflammatory foods. And add a natural homemade tea to the mix to magnify your results.


    Stress can build up in our bodies in overwhelming levels.  Making your anxiety symptoms difficult to control.  And high anxiety makes life more complicated than it needs to be.  Anxiety and stress doesn’t have to be so hard.  You can Thrive again.

    Hypochondriac, no way.

    Do you suffer from so many conditions you feel like a hypochondriac? When I started my journey, I had so many symptoms it was hard to remember them all.  But my body was falling apart and that was no joke.  But being called a hypochondriac was the last straw.

    About Diane Vich

    Thriving Naturally

    You can regain your inner strength after hitting rock bottom.

    Let’s Thrive together.  Schedule your Free Consultation Today.

    My wellness journey began in January 2013. This was a highly stressful time in my life, balancing two young children, full-time employment (as a Registered Nurse in the Pediatric Emergency Room), full-time graduate nursing courses and a traveling husband.  My health was spiraling and I learned to advocate for myself.  I hit rock bottom and disease was destroying my body.  Anxiety, pain and symptoms used to control my life.  Finally in 2020, during Covid-19 pandemic I realized the true impact childhood trauma and PTSD has on the mind and body.  It took me 8 years to unravel the subconscious lies that kept me spiraling to rock bottom moments.  Each time obstacles came into my path I lost my drive to live my life’s purpose and aid children in overcoming the emotional scars that lead to illness, disability, disease and mental health crisis.  My multi-sensory and unique approach to healing helped me established a BALANCE in my body, mind and psyche to leave feelings of hopelessness, helplessness and unworthiness behind.  You can THRIVE again.  Naturally healing your body, mind and soul can be EASY with a support system and mentors that have walked in your shoes.  Your medical history doesn’t have to be your fate.

    Free Clarity & Stress Release Call

    Let’s chat, find your challenges and health goals.  Then clear somatic stress, pain or symptoms rapidly leaving you relaxed and energized for your day.

    Why Trust Me

    I have personally experienced the benefit of a healthy lifestyle to improve symptoms of illness, chronic pain, IBS, inflammation, and anxiety and can say that I feel better at 46 than ever before.  I empower people to feel more relaxed, calm, energized and happy in their lives.  Let go of the self-sabotaging behaviors by unveiling the negative thoughts that hold you back.  And I used hypnosis to unravel my own self-limiting beliefs.  Hypnosis helped me release feelings of hopeless, helpless, unworthiness, undesirableness and self-sabotage.  Hypnosis helped me rebuild my courage, fierceness, lovability and confidence after my deep healing journey after EMDR and therapy unraveled the truth of my abuse.  Sometimes we need to fall apart to pick up the pieces in a more effective and efficient way.

    I’d love the opportunity to help you find your health, energy, vitality, confidence and happiness again.  Are you ready to leave self-sabotage in the dust and reach for your the life of your dreams?

    Schedule your Free Clarity call, you have nothing to lose and plenty of stress to release.  See you soon, You got this!

    From the Blog

    Take Control of Your Health


    Increase your energy, memory and stamina in your busy, stressful life.

    Nutrition is Key

    Improve your brain health and ability to fight off illness and injuries.

    Stress & Anxiety

    Stress and anxiety impact children and adults by increasing cellular stress throughout your body.

    Client Story

    Story Of Success

    My mom’s health journey has been a rollercoaster over the years.

    Holistic Healing and Hypnosis is a powerful tool to transform lives.  My client was struggling with weight gain, PTSD triggers and overwhelming emotions.  She set goals to tackle her biggest challenges with hypnosis and rapidly started experiencing the benefits of reprogramming her subconscious with hypnosis. Her biggest challenges were self-sabotage and resistance.  And they always stopped her progress when she got stuck in emotions of sadness, guilt and shame.  These emotions triggered her trauma to boil to the surface, making progress in her goals slow.  But hypnosis targeting her self-limiting beliefs began to shift her mood, health, physical appearance and goal achievement.  Her favorite hypnosis sessions addressed her confidence, courage, lovability and serenity.  The hypnosis sessions that transformed her self-sabotage were addictions, manifestations, rejection-proofing, and childhood healing.

    Client Testimonials