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5 foods to Fit into that dress

Use these foods and herbs to fight the bloat and detox before your big event.


Anxiety can be a lifelong battle and it’s a growing concern in society today.

Hypochondriac, no way.

Do you suffer from so many conditions you feel like a hypochondriac?

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My wellness journey began in January 2013. This was a highly stressful time in my life, balancing two young children, full-time employment (as a registered nurse in the Pediatric Emergency Room), full-time graduate nursing courses and a traveling husband.  My health was spiraling and I learned to advocate for myself.  Holistic remedies, nutrition and fitness established a balance of nutrients in body to enable healing and relief.

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I have personally experienced the benefit of a healthy lifestyle to improve illness, chronic pain, inflammation, and anxiety and can say that I feel better at 40 than I ever felt in my younger years.

I’d love the opportunity to help you find your health, energy, libido and happiness again. I’m here to guide your journey toWellness – let me help you!

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Take Control of Your Health


Increase your energy, memory and stamina in your busy, stressful life.

Nutrition is Key

Improve your brain health and ability to fight off illness and injuries.

Stress & Anxiety

Stress and anxiety impact children and adults by increasing cellular stress throughout your body.

Client Story

Story Of Success

My mom’s health journey has been a rollercoaster over the years.

Mom had undergone Holistic treatments with me in 2013 and improved many of her symptoms and lost weight.

But once she resumed her regular diet and lost her healthy habits the symptoms started to worsen again.  Her inflammation started to multiply due to her inflammatory diet, prescriptions side effects and lack of physical activity.