Foundation – Hypnosis Healing

    Foundation – Hypnosis Healing

    Healing with Hypnosis

    Unraveling the Stress in 7 weeks.

    Overview: Shift Your Mood and Somatic Symptoms through Multi-Sensory Somatic Stress Relief Sessions. In this course we will use simple strategies to release stress, shift emotions, decrease pain, reduce physical symptoms, enhance your mood and increase energy. 

    We will expand your energy and motivation as you reduce symptoms and release stress.  We will journey through various stress relief techniques over the next 3 weeks to create a foundation. Your course includes 7 weeks of unique hypnosis to unravel stress, symptoms and subconscious limitations.

    Benefits: Release Stress, Shift Emotions, Decrease Pain, Reduce Physical Symptoms, Calm Your Nervous System, Enhance your Mood, Increase Motivation and Increase Energy. 

    Introduction:  Stress Less with Breath, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), TFT (Thought Field Therapy), Meditation and Somatic Stress Relief.   You will learn to shift your mood and symptoms with different techniques. We will work through your stress and symptoms as you build a self-love toolbox. By the end of the journey, you will be tuned into your bodies unique responses to stress and the techniques that work best with each feeling, emotion, and symptomatic stress response.

    Acknowledgements: Thought Field Therapy was created by Dr. Roger Callahan. Emotional Freedom Technique was created by Gary Craig. Morrnah Simeona created the Ho’oponopono Forgiveness Prayer.  Kubler-Ross Grief Cycle. Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. Hawkins scale of consciousness created by David Hawkins. Wong-Baker Faces scale used as our Awareness Scale.

    Intro Lesson

    Grief & Stress

    We experience somatic stress and grief on a regular basis.  We often aren’t even aware of the impact stress has on our bodies.  Soon we will begin a 7 week journey into hypnosis.  But I know the impact stress has on your body, mind and spirit, therefore, I included a few lessons about stress and self-love tools to enhance your journey.

    The full series is part of Level 3 (Self-Love Paves the Way) and you can upgrade at anytime with a discount featured at the bottom of this course. It is a 14 week program combining lessons, hypnosis and somatic stress relief.

    Letting Go of Stress

    EFT Lesson

    Grief Lesson

    I hope you enjoyed the warm up lesson and grief session. Let’s end today with a simple relaxation techniques.  The following meditation are powerful tools to calm the nervous system, relax the body, relieve anxiety, reduce fatigue, relieve pain and access a state of mind over matter. Enjoy this little somatic stress relief gift and soon we will begin your 7 week, hypnosis journey. This is a small sample of the resources and lessons in the Self-Love Paves the Way (14 week Program).  You can upgrade at anytime with a special discount code.

    Use the self-love tools regularly to reap the benefits:

    1. reduce anxiety
    2. decrease stress build up
    3. decrease somatic symptoms
    4. reduce pain
    5. enhanced goal achievement
    6. enhance health and wellness
    7. improve mood
    8. increase energy
    9. tackle subconscious limitations
    10. unravel self-limiting beliefs
    11. increase manifestations

    Tools & Meditations

    Take in 3 deep slow breaths and become aware of your body.  Notice if you have tenderness or symptoms anywhere.  Ask yourself, Am I holding any emotions or feelings today? Listen to this breath meditation as your mind gives you more clarity.  And then go to the meditations and allow your intuition to guide you to the best EFT Meditation for you today.  Trust your instinct and pick one of the meditations below.  Before you begin, use the awareness scale to identify your stress level from 0-10.

    Emotional Freedom Technique

    Emotional freedom technique is used to release stress and emotions from the body. It combines tapping and affirmations.

    Benefits of EFT:

    • Remediates PTSD
    • Ease depression
    • Reduce Anxiety
    • Decrease Pain
    • Reduce Phobias
    • Reduce cravings

    EFT Meditations

    Master of My Thoughts EFT

    Joyful Expansion EFT

    Energizing EFT

    Orgazmik EFT

    Bonus Tools & Meditations


    Somatic Hypnosis Meditation

    Breath & Dragon Fly Position

    Breath & Self-Love Hug

    Peaceful Expansion Breath

    Joyful Expansion Breath

    Intuition Expansion Hypnosis

    Joyful Expansion Meditation

    Joyful Expansion Hypnosis

    Week 1

    Focus & Concentration

    Life stress can impact our mental and physical wellbeing.  And built up stress impacts our focus and concentration.  This week I encourage you to use the resources from the intro lesson to target stress as it arises.  And use this hypnosis meditation daily to expand your focus and concentration to reach for your goals.  Hypnosis is a powerful tool. And using it daily will engrain these changes in your subconscious.  Then use the audios once a week to continue to reinforce your progress and maintain your achievements.

    EDIT - Focus & Concentration Lesson

    Week 1


    EDIT- Focus, Concentration & Confidence - Manifest goals

    Week 2

    Somatic Symptoms &

    Health Expansion

    We hold somatic stress in our bodies and it continues to build day by day.  This week you will listen to this sleep hypnosis to release somatic stress from your body.  This meditation will begin to engrain positive beliefs to expand your natural healing potential. Play the audio daily before bedtime or at night.  And allow the healing to continue as you sleep.

    Somatization is the when physical symptoms arise as a result of psychological or emotional stressors.  It is very common.  And most people have somatic symptoms and aren’t even aware of the connection.   On my journey healing chronic pain and illness, the unraveling of somatic symptoms was astonishing.  And in the alternative healing world it is much more recognized and treated effectively.  The root of any physical symptom is triggered by stress.  We experience stress all day long.  And the stress builds in our systems. But the most powerful way to tackle the stress effectively is using a multisensory approach and addressing the physical and emotional root of the symptom as it arises.


    Let’s get rid of anything that doesn’t serve you.  Complete your Somatic Stress Tool. And set an intention for clarity to release anything in the way of you reaching your goals for this week & month.

    Thought Field Therapy

    This powerful technique uses eye movement, vocalizations and tapping to relieve somatic stress, pain and symptoms from the body.  Select the appropriate tool based on your intuition after your breathing session (anxiety, sadness, anger, fear, pain or fatigue).  This is a powerful tool and should be used as often as needed when you become aware of a sudden shift in mood, symptoms or stress levels.

    Joyful Expansion TFT

    Week 2


    EDIT - Week 2 Hypnosis

    Week 3


    Forgiveness is a powerful tool to heal the emotional and physical root of physical symptoms. This course takes you through simple strategies that shift the negative voice, help you recognize self-sabotaging thoughts/feelings and beliefs and work on shifting them in the moment. And through self-love and forgiveness you begin to unravel the blessing in each situation. The secret is forgiving to let go of the past and move forward. And the more you trust yourself and take action the easier the journey becomes. And soon you will access your own state of mind over matter (a state your conscious mind regains control over the subconscious patterns). And as you learn, grow and evolve through the triggers you will diminish the frequency and duration of stress each day. And each day becomes easier to recognize the positive in each situation as you access your own inner balance. Your awareness and self-love can pave the way for you to find your joy. You will begin to recognize that forgiveness is a practice that empowers you to live in the moment, forget the past and shift your perspective quickly. Forgiveness paves the way for you to evolve and grow. And today’s practice is a simple self-loving meditation. Now find a quiet place, then play the next audio to listen to the meditation. Acknowledgements: Morrnah Simeona created Ho’oponopono Forgiveness Prayer. Next Lesson: Ho’oponopono Forgiveness Meditation


    Tools & Meditations


    Life stress can impact our mental, spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing.  And built up stress impacts our focus and concentration.  This week I encourage you to use the resources from the intro lesson and week 1 to target stress as it arises.  And use this hypnosis meditation daily to empower you to forgive and let go.  Listen to the short forgiveness audio whenever you feel triggered by a person or situation.  Use the hypnosis audio for sleep and then once a week to continue to reinforce your progress and maintain your achievements.

    Week 3


    EDIT - Week 3 Hypnosis

    Bonus Ritual Meditations

    Goals & Limits Sheet

    Today, Let’s set an intention and create goals for this month.  Get a blank sheet of paper and fold it in half. On the left column write your goals for this week or month.  And on the right column write anything negative that arises in your mind.  The right column will be self-limiting beliefs, doubt, shame, guilt, etc.

    Week 4


    Gratitude fuels our hearts, mind and body. Gratitude practices aid your manifestations by raising your vibration as you express thanks for your current blessings.  The practice you choose may vary and in this section, you will have several gratitude techniques and meditations.  The secret is to remember to be grateful every day.  The more you amplify gratitude the easier it is to magically manifest the life you dream.  Express gratitude for all the things you enjoy and fuel your joy, from the birds you see, air you breath, people you love, situations that excite you, events that enlighten you, etc.  The possibilities are endless.  The gratitude you find will fill your cup with high vibrations and positivity. And you can return to gratitude anytime you seek a little pick me up,

    EDIT - Gratitude

    Tools & Meditations

    Gratitude Healing Meditation

    Gratitude Breath

    Gratitude Jar Meditation

    Gratitude Reflexology - EDIT??

    Week 4


    EDIT - Mental, physical & Spiritual health

    Week 5


    Grounding and protection is an easy way to support your body, mind and spirit with a suit of armor.  We may be human but that doesn’t mean we can’t feel powerful, invincible, protected, courageous, grounded, protected etc.  It may sound strange but a little time daily spent on grounding and protection in the morning and before an event can shift your energy, mood, vibration and expand courage/confidence.  We can shift the way we feel through by targeting the subconscious mind and reminding ourselves that we are in control.  In this section you will learn some simple practices to:

    • Expand energy
    • Protect energy
    • Ground your body
    • Protect your body and space
    • Cleanse negative energy
    • Creating a suit of armor

    EDIT- GROUNDING & Protection Lesson

    Tools & Meditations

    EDIT- GROUNDING & Protection & Anchor elevated emotions

    Week 5


    EDIT- Hypnisis

    Week 6


    Confidence XXXX


    Tools & Meditations

    EDIT - Confidence & Truthful Speech

    Week 6


    Week 7

    Manifestation Expansion

    Manifestations seem complicated.  Life gets filled with challenges and obstacles and the stress causes us to feel overwhelmed.  But everything you have learned in this course is helping you shift your perspective, raise your vibration, improve your health, reduce stress, reduce inflammation and enhance your manifesting potential.

    EDIT - Manifestation Lesson

    Tools & Meditations

    EDIT - Inner Child Manifestation Affirmations

    Week 7


    EDIT - Manifestation Release Fear/Doubt Travel

    EDIT - Manifestation Family, Health & Career Release Fear/Doubt

    Week 8: Bonus

    Chakra Balance

    Chakras are energy centers in the body.  These spinning energy centers need to remain open and balanced.  Blocked chakras can cause physical and emotional symptoms. You have learned about the physical and emotional root of our symptoms.  This brings everything into the energy centers in your body.


    Hierarchy of needs and Energy centers. XXX


    Week 8

    Bonus Hypnosis

    EDIT - 8 Centers & 8 Travel adventures

    Week 9: Bonus

    Creative Expansion

    This is a little gift for you. Creativity fuels you to manifest your dreams.  It also helps calm the mind, relax the nervous system and fuel you towards your purpose.  Listen to the creativity expansion meditation to enhance your journey


    Week 9

    Bonus Hypnosis


    EDIT - Mental, physical & Spiritual health

    Music Release

    Music is a powerful tool to shift emotions.  You can continue to use the first playlist this week.  Or shift into this new playlist.  Sing or dance to these popular songs and release emotions effortlessly.


    Self-Love Paves the Way: Finding Gratitude through Grief & Living Orgazmikly

    14 week Somatic Stress Relief & Hypnosis Program

    Coupon code: wildupgrade for discount and upgrade. Cancel your Wild woman subscription and get the full 14 week program.  Value $2,222.22.  Price $1,111.11.  You pay $333.33 to upgrade. (Save $ 111.11)

    Monthly Hypnosis


    EDIT- Hypnosis

    Bonus Ritual Meditations

    Our mouths hold many emotions and self-limiting beliefs. We don’t even realize the stress that is held throughout our mouth. But every time we hold something in that we should be speaking up for, the emotions get trapped. And this routine helps the nervous system relax, opens up your mind for mental clarity and confidence. And the fresh taste in your mouth will help you release the old and embrace the new. So, if you ever get a bad taste in your mouth after a stressful situation, try this self-love routine. For best results use at least twice a day.

    Shower Lesson

    Our daily shower is a wonderful opportunity to release negative thought, feelings and beliefs by allowing the water to flow and let go of anything that doesn’t serve you. You will also be calming your nervous system by training your body and mind to allow cold water to flow on your body. The cold water will calm your nervous system rapidly.

    Shower Meditation

    Listen to this powerful shower meditation. It is filled with affirmations and forgiveness rituals to let go of anything that doesn’t serve you. Listen to it once before you use it to become acquainted with the task.