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Migraine Hacks

Migraines can be difficult to treat and pinpoint the cause. Aggravating factors like noise, light, smells and even food can be frustrating and overwhelming. I have suffered from migraines since childhood. The difference between then and now is my highly specialized diet. My allergies have forced me to identify foods that trigger pain, IBS and migraines over the years. I am lucky because my diet is so special and specific that I am able to identify migraine triggers easily. Read More Migraine Hacks

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Oxidative Stress

Filled with nutrient-rich compounds to support immunity, digestion, inflammation, and signs of aging.  The unique compounds active your bodies enzymes (glutathione, superoxide dismutase and catalse) that are key to reducing oxidative stress and free radical damage.  Oxidative stress occurs daily to everyone from breathing, eating and exposure.  Free radicals occur in the air, food and environment we are exposed to daily and cause damage to our cells. Some symptoms of oxidative stress are: Read More Oxidative Stress

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Hypermobility – EDS III

What is hypermobility? It is a medical condition where the joints are very flexible and move beyond the normal range of motion.  It is genetically inherited. People with this condition experience pain in the joints (finger, knees, elbows, shoulders and hips).   Individuals with this condition are at higher risk for injury and joint instability.   Scoliosis is more common in people with hypermobility. Read More Hypermobility – EDS III

Fatigue impacts our daily lives as we age.  It is a lack of energy and tiredness that does not improve with sleep.  Our lives get more stressful and difficult impacting our sleep, health and daily function.  As we age our bodies ability to fight inflammation and stress.  This aging fact increases fatigue and impacts sleep.  I have suffered from Fatigue since early adulthood (20s).  I remember needing a nap midday and drinking coffee to keep my energy.  I lived on coffee and junk food.  Little did I know that my poor diet and high coffee intake was actually making my fatigue worse.  Then add marriage and children to the mix and I was hopelessly fatigued all the time.  Fatigue is linked to our habits, diet and routines.  It can be the result of poor eating habits, emotional stress, boredom or poor sleep patterns.  It took me 20 years to realize that my fatigue along with all my health issues was related to my poor diet and high-stress environment.  By activating your own body with Nrf1 path, you can regenerate mitochondria (your cell power house) thus improving your bodies energy naturally. Read More Fatigue: Fight Back

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Nutrigenomics and My Family

Nutrigenomics has changed my life and it is important for me to teach the benefits to my family and friends. I have been using Nutrigenomics for a year now and feel amazing. It has helped me reduce pain, inflammation, digestive issues, nerve pain, numbness and infections. It has increased my energy, memory, focus and stamina during my busy stressful life. I started to promote the products to my family for a variety of health conditions. My family history includes diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, heart attack, autism, developmental delays, arthritis, depression and anxiety.

Read More Nutrigenomics and My Family