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    Fatigue: Fight Back

    Fatigue impacts our daily lives as we age.  It is a lack of energy and tiredness that does not improve with sleep.  Our lives get more stressful and difficult impacting our sleep, health and daily function.  As we age our bodies ability to fight inflammation and stress.  This aging fact increases fatigue and impacts sleep.  I have suffered from Fatigue since early adulthood (20s).  I remember needing a nap midday and drinking coffee to keep my energy.  I lived on coffee and junk food.  Little did I know that my poor diet and high coffee intake was actually making my fatigue worse.  Then add marriage and children to the mix and I was hopelessly fatigued all the time.  Fatigue is linked to our habits, diet and routines.  It can be the result of poor eating habits, emotional stress, boredom or poor sleep patterns.  It took me 20 years to realize that my fatigue along with all my health issues was related to my poor diet and high-stress environment.  By activating your own body with Nrf1 path, you can regenerate mitochondria (your cell power house) thus improving your bodies energy naturally. Read More Fatigue: Fight Back

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    Nutrigenomics and My Family

    Nutrigenomics has changed my life and it is important for me to teach the benefits to my family and friends. I have been using Nutrigenomics for a year now and feel amazing. It has helped me reduce pain, inflammation, digestive issues, nerve pain, numbness and infections. It has increased my energy, memory, focus and stamina during my busy stressful life. I started to promote the products to my family for a variety of health conditions. My family history includes diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, heart attack, autism, developmental delays, arthritis, depression and anxiety.

    Read More Nutrigenomics and My Family

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    No Regrets

    Enjoy every hug and kiss

    Work hard and play harder

    Forgiveness is key

    Take chances to make advances

    Give everything

    Live your life without regrets

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    Take chances and make changes in your life.  We are creatures of habit and repetition.  We often get stuck in the same routine and don’t like to take risks.  But change brings new opportunities and adventures.  It is important to embrace the changes and take opportunities to improve your life.

    I developed a passion for fitness and nutrition through my own health struggles.  I enjoy spreading the word about alternative options to maintain health and wellness.  If I wouldn’t have encountered illness in my life and embraced the opportunity to change, I would not be here today.  I learned from my mistakes and struggles to create a healthy life.  I learned the importance of establishing a balance in life.   Stress less, appreciate more, care for yourself, embrace life and focus on the positive.  I learned to fret less on the little things, like a messy house or dirty dishes.  They might pile up but no one will die if you put them aside for a bit.  We tend to worry about the little things which build up the stress our bodies can handle.  Set up some priorities to improve your routine and reduce added stress levels.  Your body will appreciate the difference it makes.

    I wake up with a smile on my face.  I take pleasure in helping others.  I smile at those that walk past me.  I put my heart and soul into everything I do.  I strive to do my best all day.  I work hard and play harder.  I take chances and embrace changes.  No regrets.

    The simple fact is life is too short to dwell on the past mistakes, so learn from them and move on.  Enjoy every day as if it was your last.  You never know where life will take you tomorrow.  It is important to take family time to heart and engage in every moment.  We make memories every day.  Increased involvement in these precious moments will help establish memories to cherish.  Cherish every moment you have with your loved ones.  Take the time to enjoy the hugs and kisses a little longer.  Breathe in fresh air and take in nature. We are surrounded by natural beauty every day, it helps ground your emotions when you appreciate it a little more.

    So I will leave you with this; Kiss more, play hard, forgive often, take chances, do your best and have no regrets.

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    Secrets to a Bigger & Better “O”

    Having better orgasms in your adult life is possible. Women don’t have to be so stressed and unable to relax and enjoy the moment. I am a mom of 2, juggling work, entrepreneurship, after-school activities, cooking, exercise and wifely duties.

    It is possible to get through your day and still want to engage in sex. You don’t have to hide under the sheets and fall asleep. No need to pretend you have a headache. You can improve your libido by biohacking your body. In my late 20’s and early 30’s my illness and stress levels hindered my libido and desire for intimacy.


    Read More Secrets to a Bigger & Better “O”

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    My Journey to Antioxidants

    Did you know poor diet causes oxidative stress? Neither did I. In childhood and adolescence I ate junk all the time, thus in my 20’s I was diagnosed with autoimmune disease. That was oxidative stress that broke up cells throughout my body involving all my body systems. Let me help you battle oxidative stress before chronic illness begins. I feel amazing at 40, healthier, happier and pain-free. Take NRF2 to fight the constant battle. Read More My Journey to Antioxidants

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    You are what you Eat!

    As a nurse, I have always told my patients it is important to eat your fruits and vegetables but I never really understood the importance until 2013. Over the years, I have overcome many obstacles, including diet and fitness. I realized that my diet as a young adult and child was lacking fruits, vegetables and healthy carbohydrates. My diet consisted of junk food (processed cereals, pastries and dessert). I rarely ate a vegetable or fruit and my body paid for it. Read More You are what you Eat!

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    My Transformation

    My transformation began in 2013. I had been feeling ill; with severe migraines, chronic body pain, numbness in my extremities and severe irritable bowel. I was under a lot of stress and anxiety. My schedule is very busy but I decided I didn’t want to be sick anymore. It wasn’t normal for a 20 something to be taking so many prescription medications and symptoms to be getting worse. I was looking for a change in my health. Read More My Transformation