Self-Love Foundation: Somatic Stress Relief

    Self-Love Foundation: Somatic Stress Relief

    Overview: Shift Your Mood and Somatic Symptoms through Multi-Sensory Somatic Stress Relief Sessions. In this course we will use simple strategies to release stress, shift emotions, decrease pain, reduce physical symptoms, enhance your mood and increase energy. 

    We will expand your energy and motivation as you reduce symptoms and release stress.  We will journey through various stress relief techniques over the next 7 days. 

    Benefits: Release Stress, Shift Emotions, Decrease Pain, Reduce Physical Symptoms, Calm Your Nervous System, Enhance your Mood, Increase Motivation and Increase Energy. 

    Introduction:  Stress Less with Breath, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), TFT (Thought Field Therapy), Meditation and Somatic Stress Relief.   You will learn to shift your mood and symptoms with different techniques. We will work through your stress and symptoms as you build a self-love toolbox. By the end of the journey, you will be tuned into your bodies unique responses to stress and the techniques that work best with each feeling, emotion, and symptomatic stress response.


    Letting Go of Stress

    EFT Lesson

    Grief Lesson

    I hope you enjoyed the warm up lesson and grief session. Tomorrow we will begin to expand gratitude through grief as we work through the stages together.  Let’s end today with a simple relaxation session.  The following meditation is a simple somatic stress relief technique.

    Tools & Meditations

    Thought Field Therapy

    Master of My Thoughts Meditation

    Tools and Resources: Guided Meditations, Breathwork Meditations, Somatic Stress Relief Meditations: Ear Reflexology, Thought Field Therapy for Sadness, Thought Field Therapy for Anger, Forgiveness Meditation Ho’oponopono, Expansive Heart Breath Meditation.

    Acknowledgements: Thought Field Therapy was created by Dr. Roger Callahan. Emotional Freedom Technique was created by Gary Craig. Morrnah Simeona created Ho’oponopono Forgiveness Prayer.

    Somatic Stress Relief

    3 Weeks

    Week 2 – Denial

    Now, we begin our journey through Grief.  It is important to work through our emotions before we expand positive energy.  We begin with the 5 stages of grief. We have all experienced heart ache and grief.  And the feelings, emotions and physical symptoms erupt regularly.  If we slow down and notice our bodies we can become aware of the subtle changes that happen throughout our lives. Denial this is a very difficult phase.  This is the first stage and happens quickly after experiencing loss.  And you can’t believe it happened.  People experience many symptoms: nausea, poor appetite, palpitations, etc.  The thing most people don’t realize is that when we have experienced grief in the past, we re-experience it over and over again, with each loss we face.  And this happens with even minor loss, you get stuck in a cycle that takes your right back to your greatest loss.

    Ex: My greatest loss was the loss of my innocence due to my abuse as a little girl.  I instantly felt hopeless, helpless and alone.  And each time I experienced loss, it took me right back into the loop.  It even happened when I reached a transition in a relationship or a confrontation that left me feeling scared.

    So think about your own life.  Notice if there is a pattern and if you have been in a loop. In this loop you continue to re-experience the pain and emotions, over and over, again.

    Today we will begin with noticing.  And a meditation to identify what you are grieving today and the symptoms it is causing in your body.  You may be grieving multiple things at once but typically there is one foundational grief that holds the most weight.

    Let’s get rid of anything that doesn’t serve you.  Complete your Somatic Stress Tool and Hypnosis session. And set an intention for clarity to release anything in the way of you reaching your goals for this week & month.

    The reason Somatic Stress Relief is essential during this stage is the emotions are very heavy creating symptoms like fatigue, poor sleep and digestion.  Some of the feelings you may experience in the first few stages of grief are hopelessness, helplessness, unworthiness, guilt, shame, doubt and fear.

    Tools & Meditations

    Today, Let’s set an intention and create goals for this month.  Get a blank sheet of paper and fold it in half. On the left column write your goals for this week or month.  And on the right column write anything negative that arises in your mind.  The right column will be self-limiting beliefs, doubt, shame, guilt, etc.

    TFT for Anxiety

    Music Release

    This stage is sometimes difficult. You may want to cuddle and cry as you release your fears and move towards your goal.  This music playlist is meant to guide you along the way and help you cry if you need too. You can also find music that you know helps you cry.

    If needed, Crying Position – Fetal position right side in a self-love hug.  Give yourself a crying limit of 15 minutes.


    Bonus Meditations

    Ear Meditation

    Week 3 – Anger

    Anger is a tricky emotion.  And if it gets trapped in our bodies it causes physical, mental and emotional symptoms.  The fundamental truth is even though we are angry at others for leaving, hurting or breaking our hearts; we are ultimately angry at ourselves.  And when we heave emotional outburst at others we express our anger outward.  But when we have physical symptoms: indigestion, vomiting, syncope, pain; we are holding our anger in and taking it out on our bodies.  This emotion is extremely physical thus it is best resolved using a multisensory approach to healing.


    Forgiveness is a powerful tool to heal the emotional and physical root of physical symptoms. This course takes you through simple strategies that shift the negative voice, help you recognize self-sabotaging thoughts/feelings and beliefs and work on shifting them in the moment. And through self-love and forgiveness you begin to unravel the blessing in each situation. The secret is forgiving to let go of the past and move forward. And the more you trust yourself and take action the easier the journey becomes. And soon you will access your own state of mind over matter (a state your conscious mind regains control over the subconscious patterns). And as you learn, grow and evolve through the triggers you will diminish the frequency and duration of stress each day. And each day becomes easier to recognize the positive in each situation as you access your own inner balance. Your awareness and self-love can pave the way for you to find your joy. You will begin to recognize that forgiveness is a practice that empowers you to live in the moment, forget the past and shift your perspective quickly. Forgiveness paves the way for you to evolve and grow. And today’s practice is a simple self-loving meditation. Now find a quiet place, then play the next audio to listen to the meditation. Acknowledgements: Morrnah Simeona created Ho’oponopono Forgiveness Prayer. Next Lesson: Ho’oponopono Forgiveness Meditation

    Tools & Meditations

    Let’s get rid of any anger. It doesn’t serve you.  Listen to this TFT session to release anger. Then review your goal and challenge checklist. Take in 3 deep breaths.  And notice if any of your goals cause any emotions to arise.  (anger, doubt, fear, shame, guilt, etc.)


    • Manifestation release fear and doubt (travel destinations)
    • Stage of Release: Anger
    • Tool: TFT to Release Anger, Music, Awareness Check-in, H’oponopono Forgiveness Meditation

    Thought Field Therapy

    Release Anger

    Music Release

    Music is a powerful tool to shift emotions.  You can continue to use the first playlist this week.  Or shift into this new playlist.

    Next lessons: Bargaining & Acceptance.  Getting through your stress and reaching for your goals.  Available in Wild Woman Hypnosis and Mighty Men.

    Take Stress Relief to the Next Level!

    Are you enjoying the self-love journey?  Take a deeper look into powerful somatic stress relief and hypnosis by joining the next level group. (Wild Woman Hypnosis or Mighty Men)  Both groups have extra content and tools from the 14 week course.  And 7 weeks of Powerful Hypnosis sessions to shift your mindset, health and achieve your manifestation goals.

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