Self-Love Paves the Way: Expanding Orgazmikly

    Self-Love Paves the Way: Expanding Orgazmikly

    Phase 2:

    Expanding Orgazmikly

    Unraveling the Stress in 14 weeks.

    Week 6

    Orgazmik Foundation

    Hierarchy, Food and Chakras for a foundation of support. XXX

    Week 6 – Optimism

    Optimism is a choice to see the positive in every situation. And it may be difficult sometimes but learning to make a conscious choice with affirmations helps reprogram the mind to shift that perspective.

    Orgazmik Goal Sheet

    You have worked hard releasing negative emotions and self-limiting beliefs.  This phase of your journey is about expansion of the 8 Orgazmik healing principles.  Today we are expanding on optimism.  And in this Optimistic focus, let’s set goals and outcomes for your life.  We will expand on these goals and begin manifesting these shifts as we continue this 14 week journey. You can click on the purple circle above to access an Orgazmik Goal sheet or use a blank sheet of paper.  Write your goals for relationships, work, fun, health, personal development, and habits.  You can write goals for any other area that comes to mind.  Place all your writing and goal sheets in a folder or safe place to expand throughout the course.

    Tools & Meditation

    Tools & Meditation

    Week 7- Resilience


    Resilience Lesson - Edit

    Rise Above Challenges

    Goal Sheets

    Resilience Checklist

    Today, Let’s expand our Resilience to rise above our challenges.  Take a moment to look at your goals from last week.  Use a blank sheet of paper folded into two columns.  Or download the Rise above your challenge worksheet. Then use the Resilience challenge checklist to praise yourself each day you Rise above your challenge by practicing self-love or mindful practices.

    Tools & Meditations

    Today, Let’s set an intention to expand our energy into a state of Resilience.  You have one meditation per day.  Feel free to use you awareness and select your daily meditation tool.  You are welcome and encouraged to use multiple self-love tools every day.  Make it a goal to use a minimum of 2 each day.

    Pick the Best Meditation

    based on Your Awareness

    Week 8 – Gratitude

    Today, Let’s set an intention to expand our energy into a state of Resilience.  You have one meditation per day.  Feel free to use you awareness and select your daily meditation tool.  You are welcome and encouraged to use multiple self-love tools every day.  Make it a goal to use a minimum of 2 each day.

    Gratitude Lesson - EDIT

    Tools & Meditations

    Gratitude Sheets

    Today, we will perform several gratitude practices.  You can use a sheet of paper or download the gratitude sheet using the purple button above.  For the remainder of this journey, I encourage you to practice gratitude daily.  But if time is an issue, practicing gratitude once a week will begin to expand your gratitude.  Print 7 copies of the gratitude sheet and use weekly.

    EDIT- Gratitude Activity Tips

    Week 9 – Awareness

    Awareness is truly essential to relieve symptoms and stress build up from the body.  We are taught to overlook our symptoms and ignore the signs.  It is engrained in us that we just have to keep going and doing more.  We have to keep up with all the to do lists.  And put up a show for the rest of the world.  But taking care of our own needs usually becomes our last priority.  But the sad truth is the more you do for everyone else, the more depleted and stressed you become.  And once the levels are extreme, illness, disease and symptoms prevail.

    Our goal here is to keep your cup full and then you have more to give the world around you.  But to keep your cup full, you need to be in-tune and aware of your mind and body.  And this means becoming aware of your personal needs that need to be fulfilled as well as taking care of your mental, emotional and physical health often.

    Measuring Symptoms and Vibration - EDIT

    EDIT AWARENESS/ Vibration check in

    Tools & Meditation

    This week we focus on Awareness.  Your awareness will transform the way you feel and reach for your goals.  The more in-tune you are to a shift in your body.  The easier it becomes to address stress and reach for your goals.  It is a choice you make every day to live in the moment by acknowledging and becoming aware.  There are two sheets you can print or create your own.

    1) An awareness check-in – notice symptoms or emotions throughout the week and write them down.  It is also important to take action and practice self-love.

    2) Self-Love checklist –  use this as a form of reinforcement and praise.  Acknowledge the self-loving and mindful practices you engage in this week.  And notice the shifts in your mood, behavior and goal achievement.

    Awareness Check-in

    Self-Love Checklist

    Today we will use your awareness to raise your vibration through self-loving practices.  Listen to the 555 breath meditation.  And then allow your inner awareness to guide you to the best stress relief tool.  Pick one meditation from the list below.  Then listen to the Vibration Audio to measure your stress and vibration after self-love.

    VIbration Check in -Edit

    Week 10 – Zestfulness

    Zestfulness means having vigorous and enthusiastic enjoyment.  But truly, how often do we indulge in activities that bring us joy and excitement.  How many times a year do you dedicate to vacations and adventures?  How many times a week do you truly live in the moment and feel excitement and joy?

    Rarely, I am sure.  As adults we are taught to get things done, do more, take care of everyone else, and slowly our time for fun becomes depleted or non-existent.

    Let’s expand our zestful experiences through some fun actives and hypnosis visualizations.  The more you feel, experience, sense, taste and smell zestful experiences, the more joy you find in the boring and repetitive parts of life.

    Zestful Lesson - EDIT

    Bucket List Challenge

    Tools & Meditation

    Zestful Album- NEW

    Week 11 – Magical Manifestations

    I am sure you have heard of influencers and famous people manifesting their dreams.  But do average people actually manifest the things they desire and dream of.  Yes, they do.  But to be successful at manifesting your dreams you have to follow the laws of manifestation.  There are plenty but the basic truth is the more you meditate, visualize and feel your dreams and desires the easier it becomes to manifest the things you desire.

    We aren’t going into all the laws of manifestation. There a quite a few.  But the basic principles we will focus on that impact rapid and effortless manifestations are the 11 principles of Orgazmik healing: optimism, resilience, gratitude, awareness (vibration and symptoms), zestfulness, manifestations, intuition and kindness.  XXX

    Manifestation Sheets

    New MAnifestation ??

    Week 12


    Intuition and instincts are within us. But doubt, worry and fear can get in the way by clouding our judgment.  And past mistakes may linger in the back of your mind making you second guess your choices.  And the more mistakes you make or doubts in your decisions you allow, the harder it is to make decisions that are intuitively guided.  But some simple strategies can help you begin to unravel this loop of insecurity and make decisions from a more secure, safe and trusting state of mind.

    Some things that hinder our intuition:

    • Worry
    • Should have mentality
    • Doubting decisions
    • Past mistakes
    • Negative self-talk
    • Self-limiting beliefs
    • Fear of the unknown
    • Second guessing – making a choice then doing the opposite

    Intuition Lesson - EDIT

    Tools & Meditations

    Intuitive Choices - EDIT













    Music Release

    Music is a powerful tool to shift emotions.  You can continue to use the first playlist this week.  Or shift into this new playlist.


    Week 14, 15, 16


    Letting Go of Stress


    Bonus Tools & Meditations

    Throughout the month you will experience emotional highs and lows.  During those low emotion days you may also experience physical symptoms. It is a great time to let go of stress using the tools you have used throughout this class. Writing a letter is a powerful way to release. It is always a great tool to use to shift your intentions and move into your new goals for the month.

    Letter of Loss

    Listen to this powerful shower meditation. It is filled with affirmations and forgiveness rituals to let go of anything that doesn’t serve you. Listen to it once before you use it to become acquainted with the task.

    Shower Meditation

    Our daily shower is a wonderful opportunity to release negative thought, feelings and beliefs by allowing the water to flow and let go of anything that doesn’t serve you. You will also be calming your nervous system by training your body and mind to allow cold water to flow on your body. The cold water will calm your nervous system rapidly.

    Burning is a powerful way to release negative emotions and doubt. It can be used before a big event to let go of anything that doesn’t serve you. This practice during a Full moon opens up space for you to surrender and trust as your desires and manifestations unfold.

    Burn Ritual Lesson

    This Moon Ritual helps release grief, sadness and negative emotions. It also helps release self limiting beliefs. The ritual can be used before a big even to release anything that you are resisting to allow.

    Moon Ritual

    Sleep Hypnosis

    Hypnosis to Build Confidence, Courage, Balance, Joy, Happiness and Gratitude

    (Will be available by Tuesday 2-13)

    This will be a sleep session to be used at bedtime.  You can use it during the day if you choose to meditate more.


    Confidence & Expansion

    Release Fears of Public Speaking,

    Relationships and Connections

    Heart Expansion Breath – a powerful tool to help you connect with gratitude and positive energy in your heart.

    TFT Anger

    Week 14


    Week 13 – Kindness

    Kindness is a simple yet powerful practice.  And the more we practice kindness to ourselves and others the easier manifesting our dreams becomes.  It is a mystical thing that occurs but it is extremely powerful.  Giving, speaking, sharing, communicating and living in kindness shifts your vibration to higher levels.  And even if you have a fear of the unknown the more kind experiences you share with the world the easier it becomes to take steps towards your dream.

    Have you ever heard the following?

    • Pay it forward.
    • Sharing is Caring.
    • Giving is Receiving

    Well each of those powerful statements is fueled with kindness at the center.  And when we shift into this energy we magically manifest money, health, happiness and more because we are giving back to the world.  And when we give back, it opens space for us to receive great things.  So when you feel stuck or frozen try kindness and notice the shift you experience.