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    Why I Support Autism Speaks?

    My desire to help children with Autism and developmental delays has been a lifelong endeavor.  As an adult with Learning Disabilities, it was my goal to help these children achieve their dreams.

    I began my journey helping children with disabilities in my undergraduate education as the Web Designer and treasurer in am Exceptional Student Education program at FIU.  My first degree was an Exceptional Student Educator which I obtained under from FIU with full scholarships and graduated with Honors.  I was a Pre-K special education teacher at Blue Lakes Elementary for 2 years in a class with children with a variety of developmental delays.  After my experience with children with disabilities my desire to understand the medical implications of this population began to grow.  I changed my career once again and became a developmental specialist/  As a developmental specialist, I evaluated children with developmental delays from birth to 5 years of age to determine delays and enable placement in supportive therapies.  These therapies were essential for families to enhance the child’s development by providing key developmental guidance by physical therapy, speech therapy, teachers and occupational therapies.  Over the years,  my passion to learn the impact medical diagnosis and health issues for these children continued to grow.

    Parallel to my career journey my family was going through similar struggles with some of my cherished loved ones.  It is not my place to share the details but their journey truly hit home in my heart. My career then took a new turn, to nursing.  Nursing was always a passion of mine and pediatrics has always been my desired patient population.  I finally, decided to take the leap and leave my career as a Developmental Specialist to become a Registered Nurse.  I began my journey at Baptist Hospital with Miami Dade College.  I received a full scholarship to fund my career endeavor and a great organization to work for.  I began as a nursing assistant traveling the hospital and working with a variety of patients as my education progressed.  My passion for pediatrics continued to flourish and I knew this was my home.  Finally, the end of my nursing degree arrived and I was hired by the Pediatric Emergency Room at Baptist Children’s Hospital.  I was finally, on my way to understanding the connection between medical diagnosis and developmental delays.  Little did I know, my own health journey would further impact my understanding of my own developmental delay and memory issues.  After several years as a nurse,  I came across many children with developmental delays combined with chronic medical issues.

    My curiosity and learning continued to grow and flourish.  At this point, I decided to return to school and obtain my Master’s Nurse Educator degree from Nova Southeastern University.  Once again, I obtained a full scholarship from Baptist Health to continue my learning and career endeavors.  As my education progressed, my health began to decline.  My memory, pain and anxiety began to multiply and impact my work and home life.  I began to visit doctors more frequently and emergency visits on a regular basis.  My desire to help children had to be placed on the back burner until i overcame my personal health issues.  At this point, I began my health journey in 2013 to improve my energy, memory, anxiety and pain.

    I became a priority again in my life and it was a necessary obstacle to become the woman I am today.  I learned so much from my health journey.  I realized the significant impact my nutrition had on my memory, energy and focus.  I became aware of the impact yoga and regular exercise had on my physical health, pain, stress and circulation.  Finally, in 2017 the little yellow pill helped me complete the circle of health and wellness.  I can’t claim that this is a cure, treat, mitigate or prevent disease but I can tell you the root cause of disease is oxidative stress. I can tell you that treating oxidative stress is the only way to get to the root cause of disease and illness.  At the time, I had no idea the potential this product would have on children with developmental delays and autism.  As my healing began to progress, my memory, learning and focus began to improve and I was able to remember many things that just would slip my long-term memory before.  Throughout my childhood and college years my friends would tell me stories about my young life and I could not remember anything.  Sometimes even looking at pictures, I would still draw a blank and not remember the events of my youth.  Little by little, my memory started to improve and I would make connections between my health struggles and my childhood allergies/diet.  The fact was that as a child I was highly allergic to everything, I would always have hives or rashes and my parents took me to take shots on a regular basis.  At the time, my parents didn’t understand the impact processed foods and poor diet was having on my health and development.  I continued to eat junk, high sugar processed snacks and tons of corn products.  I was unaware that these foods were creating inflammation in my body and impacting my memory, pain and development.  Now, I know the true impact because I have learned to understand my body, my symptoms and the impact various foods had on me.

    My specific symptoms with toxic foods for my body:

    Corn and Corn syrup – brain fog, memory issues, fatigue, body pain, IBS and headaches

    Gluten- body pain, migraine, brain fog, fatigue, memory issues and pain. After 6 months of no gluten, I tried gluten and developed an abdominal rash that lasted  2 months.  I had a migraine, chronic body pain and IBS for a week until the gluten left my body.

    Sugar from fruits and carbohydrates – body pain, fatigue, IBS, memory issues and headaches.

    Fast forward to 2018, now I am feeling fabulous.  My memory, energy, pains and migraines are in control.  I was finally able to focus more on helping others again.  My desire to spread my knowledge, experience and personal journey with the community began to flourish.   I began to focus on oxidative stress, nutrigenomics and biohacking to impact a variety of diseases and developmental delays.  It was hard for me to develop the courage to speak my story via social media and public forums but I knew I had to overcome my fears and help others.  Finally,  I reunited with Luly B. in April 2018 and my motivation came.  Luly B. was a classmate of mine in elementary school but I had a fear of her outgoing, happy personality at the time because my learning disabilities and fear were beginning to arise.  She became a true inspiration and push for me to get out of my shell and finally do all the things I have wanted to achieve.  So here I am in May 2018, excited to attend her event and finally strong and confident.  With her inspiration and guidance, and the support from BNI Rainmakers my confidence is here.  Miami and the world my goal is set, my passion and focus is here and my story will be told.  I am focusing my events to support Autism Speaks because of my personal connection with children with autism and my desire to help them heal naturally.  I urge you to support this fabulous cause and learn more about natural healing, nutrition and enzyme activation.  Join me on May 27 or June 10 in the Microsoft Store at Dadeland Mall.  If you are not local to Miami and would like to support the event, donate today and watch Live on my Youtube channel.  Become a follower on my YouTube Channel and get instant access to the live events.  I hope to see you there.

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