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    Holistic health coaching – taking the whole-body, or holistic approach to promote wellness and disease prevention.  Exploring clients concerns, symptoms, medications and medical history to create a plan specific for the individual.  The ultimate goal is to find the root cause of the health issue and address it holistically.  Discover treatments, strategies, natural remedies and supplements to establish a set of resources for a lifetime of wellness.  Address factors that impact health and wellness by going beyond food and diet to explore a variety of ways a client can improve their quality of life to find wellness, health and happiness.


    Our Mission is to heal the whole person by empowering individuals and families to prevent disease by making emotional, physical and spiritual wellness a priority. Our burning desire is to help people regain their energy, vitality, vigor and happiness.  Thus, reduce health struggles, symptoms and pain using a holistic approach to healing.


    Optimal individualized nutrition provides the food with nutrients to promote optimal brain function and physical health.  Individuality is essential because one person’s favorite food may be harmful to someone else.  We will look at your health, blood type, activity level, cravings and personal preferences to design a plan that is right for you.

    My Approach to Holistic Health…


    A Holistic Nutrition Approach

    I practice a holistic approach to nutrition.  This means looking thoroughly into your life to identify areas that impact your nutrition.  Does stress in your daily life cause you to overeat? Does lack of sleep or low energy cause you to need frequent caffeine? Does lack of energy prevent you from exercising?  Working together we will look at how all parts of your life affect your health as a whole.

    What you will learn about nutrition?

    • Boost energy, prevent diseases, and heal.
    • Implement & recommend a variety of whole foods.
    • Plan and prepare quick meals and snacks.
    • Reduce sugars and cravings using a holistic approach
    • Identify food sensitivities bases on symptoms
    • Learn to eliminate harmful foods from your diet
    • Snack alternatives to help meet nutritional needs and fight cravings
    • Know what foods are best for your unique body type

    Benefits of Holistic Nutrition:

    • Lose/maintain weight
    • Explore delicious, new foods
    • Understand and reduce cravings
    • Feel better in your body
    • Set and accomplish goals
    • Set up conditions for inevitable success to reach your specific goals
    • Increased energy and mental clarity
    • New healthy habits that support your health goals
    • New possibilities in all areas of life
    • More joy, peace and gratitude


    Holistic Full Body Detox and Cleanse

    The best way to promote healing, repair and wellness is to begin with a simple Detox and Cleansing plan over a 21 day period.  This enables the body to eliminate sugar, toxins and harmful food build up from the body.

    Benefits of Detox: 

    • improve cortisol levels for weight loss
    • reduce sugar
    • reduce food cravings
    • reduce candida
    • clean the bowels of built up toxins
    • clean the body of fluid build up
    • promote healing and repair

    Genetics and Nutrition

    Do you want to ensure your family gets the best nutrition possible?  Let me explain the statement “You are what you eat.”  The foods we eat actually changes our DNA and impacts our health. Studies show that our nutrition and lifestyle choices dictate 70 – 90% of our health.   Genetics is only a small contributing factor to our overall health.  The good news is we can fight hereditary disease with foods and nutrients. Let’s start today before it’s too late. Children need a healthy nutrition diet to promote wellness and growth.  Give your children the gift of health by starting at a young age.  It is essential that you’re a great role model because they learn from what they see. Using a holistic approach, we will address your nutrition, symptoms, sensitivities and obstacles to promote nourishing foods for your family.

    Genetics – Herbal Therapy and Essential Oils

    The combination of nutrigenomics and essential oils provides clients with nutrients to heal the body and relief from symptoms for an easy transition from illness to wellness.  Once wellness has been achieved the combination continues to support the body to maintain this healthy balance.

    • Nutrigenomics – is the study of foods and nutrient-rich substances and the impact they have on genetic expressions. Nutrigenomic herbs and nutrients were created using the principles Chinese and Ayurveda Medicine which have been used for centuries to complement alternative treatments.  They are created synergistically to optimize health, enhance quality of life, and health prevention.
    • Essential Oils – can be used for a wide variety of emotional and physical ailments. They can be used as single essential oils or in complex essential oil blends depending.  Essential oils are ideal for topical, oral or aromatherapy to help maintain a healthy mind and body. The type of volatile aromatic compounds present in each essential oil determines the oil’s benefits, uses and aroma.

    Individual or Group Coaching

    Coaching sessions can be individualized or group sessions.  They can occur in person or via virtual webinar to meet the client’s preferences, needs and availability.  Coaching enhances personal awareness, understanding, beliefs to promote personalized goals and achievement.  Motivational and emotional support is personalized on a weekly basis to enhance physical, emotional and mental balance. Gives the client autonomy and power to participate in techniques and strategies to find their own balance and manage stress.

    Holistic treatments

    • Reflexology
    • Pressure Point
    • Healing Touch
    • Simple stretching
    • Deep breathing
    • Imagery
    • Meditation

    Simple Tests & Measurements

    The truth is you don’t need a test to tell you that you aren’t feeling well.  Your body is already great at showing you signs.  For those clients that want additional proof of their health decline, these simple tests can be done at home.

    • Candida Saliva Test
    • pH Balance Test
    • Weight
    • Measurements
    • BMI

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