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Let’s have a quick chat, See where you are? and Where you want to be? And Clear some stress, pain or negative energy quickly.

This is a Rapid Stress Release Call. Be ready to release stress quickly and get recommendation for your Unique symptom, stress or pain.

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Hypnosis Special

Transform your Health effortlessly

Let’s have a quick chat, release stress quickly and get a bonus audio of your unique hypnosis session.

(Only 1 Discount Session per Person)

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Self-Love Paves the Way

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Taste Orgazmik Healing FREE

Unravel Symptoms from the Root with Hypnosis and Orgazmik Stress Relief.  This symptom based coaching program includes Orgazmik stress relief strategies, breathing techniques and somatic stress relief techniques (Thought Field Therapy, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique). Try a 14 day sneak peak into Orgazmik healing.


Let me help you pop the bubble of symptoms disease and illness. Book your First Session Free Today!

Free Consultation

Review of your medical history (medications, symptoms and health goals).  Enjoy a Free Stress Relief Session. Let’s design a plan that is right for you.

Hypnosis Call Discount

Tackle your top health, mindset or carrier goal with a unique hypnosis session created for you.

Hypnosis Mini Sessions

Tackle your Top three health and mindset goals with 3 unique hypnosis sessions created for you based on your challenges, obstacles and desires.

Hypnosis Coaching

Helps you understand feelings and beliefs from the past that are impacting your current life. It is beneficial for traumatic or painful unresolved past experiences.

Orgazmik Stress Clearing

Release Somatic Symptoms, Pain, Anxiety and Stress effortlessly with this stress clearing package.

Self-Love Paves the Way

Unique Coaching Program with hypnosis and Orgazmik Stress Relief.  Reduce somatic symptoms easily and tackle stress and trauma with hypnosis.