The breeze calls to me

         soothing away the stress in my body

    The ocean calls to me

        washing away the doubt in my bones.

    The waves call to me

         Clearing away the judge in my mind.

    The sun calls to me

        Warming the courage in my soul.

    The birds sing to me

        Replacing the negative chatter in my mind.

    The butterflies fly to me

        Bringing hope and joy to my eyes.

    The waves come to my feet

        Cleansing my feet and inviting hope in

    The sand sticks to me

        Reminding me to dust away the fear

    The sun shines on me

        Refilling me with energy and vitality

    The breeze comes to me

        Reviving my senses with peace and tranquility

    The butterflies dance for me

        Reminding me there is light at the end of the tunnel

    The birds fly to me

        Bringing the courage to shine

    The sun caresses me

         Encouraging the courage to rise.

    The waves cuddle me

         Releasing the judge of my mind.

    The ocean sooths me

         Freeing my body from limitations.

    The breeze tickles me

         Reminding me mother nature is on my side.


    “The flower that blossoms and blooms through the turmoil will Shine Brighter than the Rest.  The pale, weak and brittle flower was ready for a new life and new beginnings. It was ready to grow past the shrubs and weeds that were blocking her Sunlight.  She grew Brighter than the rest because she blossomed unhindered by the dirt, grind and suffocating grit.  She flourished even-though the toxins tried their best to strangle and block her nutrients and oxygen.  She learned to extract and scoop the ultimate nourishment for her rebirth.  Wrestling with all her might she found everything she needed to blossom and bloom.  She cultivated her ultimate nourishment from the Earth, Moon and Stars. The rose grew stronger day by day as she struggled to survive and flourish in the harsh environment. Then one glorious day, her universe expanded with a sense of hope.  She found the courage inside her for her final transformation.  Her courage came when she found the Bright and Beautiful Sun again.  The Bright Sun beamed its shimmering light on the flower for her final blossom. It brought to the surface the roses’ potential for Greatness.  At the optimal moment, the Sun shifted her universe towards the power of the Moon and the Stars.  The flower had finally found the support it had been searching for all its life.  She found her Sun, Moon and Stars.  She had been fighting so hard to find her inspiration and the moment had come.  It was finally time to fulfill her ultimate transformation.  The Exotic Lilac colored Rose emerged with her own brilliant light to change the world.  She was finally Free from the darkness and ready for her New Beginning.  She was ready for a beautiful life filled with happiness, joy and love. ” Diane Vich

    Poems from the Past 

    The Sunrise

    Look at the water,

    Look at the sky,

    Is there anything more beautiful than the sunrise?

    The water is shinning and si is the sky.

    Is there anything more beautiful than the sunrise?

    Over the mountains and into the sky.

    Is there anything more beautiful than the sunrise?

    -Diane La Roz (Before 1996)-


    Your Love

    Your love is like a summer’s day warming up everything that comes its way.

    Your love is pure in everything and makes me happy every day.

    Your love brings light into my life and makes everyday bright.

    Your love is something I will always cherish because I know it will never perish from my heart.

    -Diane La Roz (Before 1996)-


    I am like a Rose

    I am like a rose with many petals.

    The outer petals are my appearance.

    This is the part of me that everyone knows.

    As the petals begin to fall you see my different faces corresponding to my different moods.

    The closer you get to the center you see my feelings and emotions.

    This is the part that very few really know.

    And once you reach the center, you reach my heart and my soul.

    -Diane La Roz (1995)-


    We Belong Together

    I may never know why the sky is blue and the ocean is salty.

    But I know we belong together

    I may never know why the birds sing and the sun shines

    But I know we belong together

    I may never know why the flowers smell good and plant’s don’t

    But I know we belong together

    Therefore, the only thing I know for sure is that we belong together

    -Diane La Roz 1995-