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    Restless Nights!

    We all have restless nights. We have nights that keep us tossing and turning in our sheets.  Many of us may be experiencing this phenomenon right now.  Trust me I have experienced it several times during this pandemic but last night I was reminded that our children experience our stress too.  My son Lucas has anxiety and trouble sleeping sometimes.  And it always happens on days that I experience extra stress.  And yesterday reminded me that my children are affected by my stress.  In the midst of all my responsibilities, I forgot to be the mom he deserves.  I failed to be the fun and creative mom that supports him during this crisis.  I failed to take him outdoors to play.  I didn’t use science and art to foster his creativity.  I didn’t spend quality time with him.   He spent all day in front of video games and talking to his friends.  I even forgot to read him a book or play him a meditation before bed.  It is all pretty ironic since, I just published a book, which I wrote for him in the summer of 2019.  I realized he felt all my stress and anxiety last summer and wrote a little book to help him understand.  And last week, I read him the book and played him the meditation.  He enjoyed them both and drifted off to sleep but last night was different.  I thought about the meditation but didn’t play it.  I thought about the book but didn’t read it. So today, I will do it right.  I will read the book and meditation to him.  And tomorrow you can all hear it on the radio tomorrow at 7am and 7pm.


    On tomorrows Podcast, I focus on the stress and anxiety people are experiencing now during the pandemic.  And I read the book I wrote in the summer to help Lucas with anxiety. I wrote it long ago but never released it.  I pushed through my own resistance this month to support the families that have been reaching out to me support.  Families with special needs children face additional hardships that others don’t experience during this time.  There are many families stressed out and looking for ways to help their children during this stressful time.  I decided to share this book because people are experiencing sensory overload, anxiety and overwhelm during this crisis.  The experience is exponentially more intense due to the confinement in our homes for extended periods of time.  And children with special needs, anxiety and sensory issues experience this stimuli exponentially more.  I created this special Crisis Meditation and book to promote relaxation and calm for the entire family.  It is ideal to practice repetition to tackle the stress effectively.  I recommend families use this tool twice a day to support your child and yourself during times of stress.  This special hypnosis meditation is designed to calm the nervous system and boost the immune system.  It uses imagery, visualization and Ho’oponopono to create a soothing and supportive resource for the whole family.  I shares the meditation on the second half of podcast.  The meditation audio is available  for download on her website at: Meditation