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    Hair loss Sucks!

    Hair loss sucks in general wether you are a man or a woman. But there is more of a stigma for woman and it impacts their self-esteem significantly.  My hair loss began 22 years ago and doctors didn’t pay much attention to it.  It took years and countless doctors for someone to finally look a little further and explain what was happening to me.  I knew there was a reason behind my hair loss and it was more than stress.  I had spent years telling doctors it had to be related to my digestive issues, my nutrient absorption had to be part of it.  But they ignored me. I also felt being on birth control since 15 years old had to be a factor.  Nope you are fine, keep taking it.  After each child, the hair loss got worse and worse.  Finally, I found a dermatologist that did a biopsy. She found that my hair was in the resting phase called telogen effluvium, which typically lasts 2-3 months.  For most people 15% of the hair is in the resting phase and 85% in the growing phase.  But people with telogen effluvium there is an imbalance in the hair cycles.  This hair loss occurs due to severe stress and usually resumes hair growth again in 2-3 months.  Of course, for me nothing is simple, I was under chronic stress.  Guess what happens with chronic stress and telogen effluvium, the hair stays in this phase and if it falls out, the follicle dies.  I continued with the same pattern for years. I was using rogaine, topical steroids, scalp injections, etc.  The hair would grow and then I was right back in the resting stage again.  I was sick of using treatments and the need to use them consistently.  I decided to get a virtual consultation by a hair loss specialist that was recommended to me.  I sent my pictures in for his team to review. They recommended a hair transplant and the laser cap, which provides low-level laser therapy to the scalp.  I am not ready for a hair transplant, so I went for the cap.  I’ve been using it for years now.  It has helped my hair slow down the hair loss and promote hair growth but like anything you need to use it.  I go through phases of being really good and then I forget.  Recently, I started using it again because I am back to losing hair again.  There are several types of hair loss but treatments are pretty much the same regardless of the type of hair loss.

    Here are some causes of hair loss:
    ? Genetics
    ? Pregnancy
    ? Psoriasis
    ? PCOS
    ? Seborrheic dermatitis
    ? harsh hair treatment
    ? Menopause
    ? Medical problem
    ? Extreme stress
    ? Rapid weight loss
    ? Nutritional deficit
    ? Medications

    I made a bunch of changes over the years to fight back against my hair loss.  I cut out birth control and other prescriptions.  I stopped using highlights and harsh treatments.  I also kept my medicine handy for psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis flare ups.  It is definitely a lifelong battle with hair loss for me.  I have also tried a bunch of haircare products and treatment plans.  I am very excited about a new treatment that is coming out this year in December.  I am going to combine it with the laser cap and see where I go.  The pictures below are of a client with remarkable results. I can’t wait to take pictures of my progress.  I am super excited because I know the products are high quality and contain Nrf2 ingredients.  Nrf2 activation has changed so much of my health already. I am so excited to see what it will do for my hair.  May the biohacking continue…