Christine Witt

    Three months ago I started the new supplementation system with Diane. I was skeptical, but really needed something more. In weeks time I began to feel better but more than that was when I started my husband on them. He is a cancer survivor and has been taking whatever I gave him to feel stronger. Without his knowledge, I started giving him the supplements. He would come back from a weekend away saying things (after about 2 months) like: “I feel stronger than I have felt in years”. He had suffered from many leftover side effects of the intense chemo he had received, low energy, pain, tingling and numbness in his toes. It’s amazing, in the beginning, I was just going to try them myself but when I discovered how I felt at 61, I knew they would help him. He has been disabled for almost 25 years with severe lymphedema and I have tried every supplement, trying to give him strength. Then 4 years ago, he was diagnosed with non Hodge Hopkins lymphoma, and I was devastated knowing he would suffer. I am a biohacker searching and researching anything to help him feel better.

    I have finally found a product that truly works.