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    Biohack Your Future

    Biohacking is the future of healthcare.  Health and wellness is evolving rapidly with a new focus on health prevention and health promotion.  Biohacking incorporates nutrition, fitness and lifestyle modifications to impact quality of life and promote wellness.  Biohacking has become a unique experience as each individual tweaks their lifestyle to develop routines that enhance their own unique bodies.  There is a simple step to make the most intense impact on your genetics using nutrient-rich substances but most people have never even heard of it, much less understand the potential impact it has on their health.  The remarkable phenomenon is nutrigenomics which brings high quality nutrient-rich supplements to the table.  The fact is that not all supplements are created equal.  Many supplements actually cause more damage creating an over flow of nutrients that are harmful to the body.  The biohacking revolution is evolving exponentially with nutrigenomics.  Nutrigenomics provides people with a unique wellness experience.   Nutrigenomics uses naturally occurring phytonutrients, coenzymes and antioxidants to activate pathways in the body that impact genetics.  Nutrigenomics enables the body to create its own antioxidant enzymes to impact stress in every cell of the body.  This enables the body to rejuvenate and repair itself at remarkable rate.   It is so simple and effective that many people feel its like the fountain of youth.  Nutrigenomics continues to evolve and adapt to enhance the biohacking experience enabling biohackers like myself to become the best version of themselves.  It provides vital nutrients to enhance the entire body including internal organs, skin and cells.  There is no other pathway more powerful at anti-aging as the Nrf2 pathway.  Activating this pathway reduces oxidative stress which is the cause of more than 200 diseases.  Oxidative Stress is recognized in the scientific community as the leading cause of disease and aging.  There are more than 93,000 published studies on oxidative stress published in the National Institute of Health Library.  If you are in the medical field, you know the NIH is the library of choice, it is where you want your research article to live.  The fact that oxidative stress is the leading cause of aging is huge.  Let’s make it simple for anyone to understand.  I was 30 years old and felt like a 60 year old.  The stress and tension had accumulated due to poor diet, stress and anxiety creating disease in my body.  My bad genes turned on like a fire, every breathe I took made it worse until I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.  

    The good genes of energy, vitality and vigor were shut OFF permanently.  Well I used to think it was permanent but it turned out my answer was biohacking.  Let me explain the pain a little further.  Due to the build up of toxins, allergens and free radicals my body was breaking down cell by cell since childhood.  The junk food I ate was filled with additives and toxins that created an exponential impact on my physical body.  I began with fatigue, migraines and pain in my right shoulder.  As the years passed my pains expanded and radiated down the right side of my body.  Eventually my entire right side was numb and tingly.  Now, let me get really simple, imagine a piece of clay that you lay to dry.  The clay shrinks and becomes dry and brittle.  Eventually it loses all its moisture until it cracks and breaks into infinite pieces.  That is what was happening in my body, all my muscles were shrinking and tightening.  The stress and tension was building leading me to illness and eventual death.  Yes, I said it, death.  The fact is if you don’t target the rusting of your body, now, death is the end result.

    Fast forward to March of 2018 when everything began to change.  I took a leap, for my health and my family.  My children deserved to have a healthy mom that could love and nurture them.  I deserved to put myself first.  I deserved to advocate for myself and treat myself right, literally.  So, I did, I started to incorporate holistic treatments and nutrigenomics to improve my quality of life.  I was looking to improve all my symptoms of disease and illness but I experienced exponential health benefits from biohacking.  The first thing to return was my energy, I finally didn’t feel exhausted morning, noon and night.  Next, my pain started to dwindle day by day until is disappeared.  Then my numbness and tingling faded away to an oblivion.  I though that my dreams had come true and my prayers were finally answered but the benefits didn’t stop there.  My anxiety also faded away and became less influential in my daily experiences.  The most beneficial and rewarding benefit took me and everyone around me by surprise.  The valuable gift emerged and continues to evolve month by month.  So, what is this gift? I bet you want to know.  Well, its libido and the gift of orgazmik yoga.  It is an intense connection with myself mind, body and soul.  It is a benefit that I never expected but definitely appreciate, every day.  It unveiled a magical experience that continues to evolve into new orgazmik experiences.  This never would have been possible without nutrigenomics, holistic treatments, fitness and nutrition.  My physical stress and inflammation was reduced to a manageable level where holistic treatments, massage and yoga were more effective and sustainable.  My treatments were all more effective (massages, chiropractic care and holistic treatments).  These treatments lasted for longer periods of time with less relapses of pain.  Then I began to learn my body, muscle by muscle, creating a deep emotional and physical connection.  This intense connection can be replicated and duplicated for women that can tap into themselves: mind, body and soul.   If you want to know more about this orgazmik yoga, stay tuned.   Your medical history doesn’t have to be your fate.  Biohacking is the answer.  Nutrigenomics is the tool.  And coaching is the trick that guides you through your health transformation and wellness.  Let me help you pop the bubble of symptoms, disease and illness.  Let’s start your journey together.

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    My burning desire…

    My burning desire is for women to truly enjoy their bodies, embrace their desire for pleasure and have fantastic orgasms.  The funny thing is my burning desire changed drastically over the past year.  It used to be a desire to help people feel healthier, happier, motivated and energized.  This desire transformed because my female clients all expressed desires for better orgasms and improved libido.  The interesting phenomenon is that people that are experiencing symptoms of disease or illness, also express concerns with libido and orgasms.  This was the same thing I experienced in my own journey to wellness.  I worked hard to reduce symptoms and inadvertently regained my libido.  There are a variety of factors that influence libido and orgasms.  Some examples are: stress, inflammation, disease, illness and medications.  My libido returned after I started fighting the root cause of illness which is known as oxidative stress.  Oxidative stress causes more than 200 diseases as a result of free radical damage.  This is the leading cause of cellular stress and inflammation which impacts the human body in a multitude of ways.  The fact is a body filled with toxins and stress is bound to develop illness and disease.  Physical decline and symptoms begin to arise as we age. Decreased libido is one of the symptoms of oxidative stress.  It is inevitable for libido to decline when illness prevails.  I saw this personally, you see my libido was intense in my teens and college years, yet as disease continued to progress, it slowly began to dwindle and disappear.  I’m not the only woman that has experienced this phenomenon.  Women all over the world experience decreased libido as they age.   The impact it places on your life depends on the individual.  So I ask you, are you willing to accept it and live with no libido.  Its up to you to take a leap and change your outcome.  Do you accept a future with no libido?  Do you want to spend the rest of your life experiencing difficulty with orgasms?
    You can have fabulous orgasms everyday and enjoy the moment fully.  Regaining your sexual desires and libido in this busy stressful life is hard for most adults, specially women.  Trust me I know first hand, how difficult it can be to relax and enjoy the moment.  Our exhausting lives prevent us from fully embracing the moment but it doesn’t have to be that way.  I have struggled with my own libido throughout my 17 year marriage.  Yet, there were no issues with libido the first 8 years of my relationship.  But guess what, my responsibilities and stress was also less before marriage.  The stress, anxiety and tension of life impacted my health, happiness and libido.  Thankfully, my health journey took me from 0 to 360.  What do you mean 0 to 360?  I went from thinking sex was a chore with no desire to initiate to an exponential desire for sex.  Now I desire sex everyday, sometimes multiple times a day.  I went from sex as a requirement to sex as a staple to end my day with a bang and release tension.   I was so preoccupied with emotional and physical stress that I could not enjoy myself and embrace my orgasms.  I’m not saying I didn’t have orgasms, but I simply didn’t have any desire to initiate anything.  I preferred an excuse or performed the act with little enjoyment.   I was so exhausted all the time, I preferred sleep over sex.  My orgasms were few and far between.  They went from a few orgasms a week to multiple orgasms a day.  I am talking about a huge amount of eye rolling orgasms everyday.  It is possible for everywoman to enjoy their bodies and embrace the gift of orgasm.  Sex doesn’t have to feel like a chore, it can be like your teenage years again.  No more faking an orgasm or a headache to avoid sex altogether. Sex can be fun and exciting again by reconnecting with your body and your own desires.  You can rekindle the romance and fireworks with your partner.  You have to do a little fun homework to get it back.  Remember, the vagina is a muscle, it needs to be used regularly to enhance the sensations.  The more you engage in foreplay and sex, the better the experiences becomes.  Overtime, the orgasms become more intense and satisfying.  So, here are some simple things you can do today.
    • Stretch your tight muscles & breathe deeply– combining deep breathing and stretching your tension areas will progressively stretch your muscles and reduce tension.  This little routine everyday will promote relaxation and prepare your body for the ultimate sexual experiences. I call this “You Play,” its about relaxing the body, embracing the sensations and preparing for deep intense orgasms.
    • Massage your feet – use a cream or essential oil and really dig in and stretch your toes and massage the sore spots.  Our feet hold a lot of tension and toxins.  A good foot rub will remove toxins, reduce tension and enhance relaxation to prepare you for fantastic sex.
    • Kegel daily – building those vaginal muscles again takes a little hard work and dedication. Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles will enhance muscle tone, increase blood flow and promote lubrication. You can also use vaginal weights to tighten up those muscles faster.
    • Lubricate – the vagina needs lubrication to enhance sensations and promote orgasms.  As we age, lubrication decreases and lack of sex makes the body forget its function.  Using coconut oil or water based lubricant will enhance the experience and help you reach orgasm more effectively.  Don’t be stingy reapply and use plenty.  This will prepare your body and enhance the sensations, to enable your own juices to flow.
    • Fight Oxidative Stress every day with Nr2 activation–  This was the most significant factor in regaining my libido.  Taking 1 little yellow pill everyday changed my sex life forever.  Stop the environmental and physical assault on your body and help it work the way you want.  Removes toxins from the body that cause inflammation and illness.  This is my most powerful secret to create the young vibrant orgasmic body you want.

    Do you want more tips and strategies to enhance your orgasms and sexual desires? 

    Check out my Fireworks class…..  A video series created to spice things up and teach you how to make your body experience the most intense orgasms ever.  Learn the benefits of sex, tips to spice things up and ways to target your body for a more intense experience.

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    Sexting for Some fun

    Sexting with your partner can be fun, exciting and ignite a fire in your body.  Sexting is a fun and provocative form of communication.  It is an thrilling way to flirt with your partner and rev up your engine.  Pumping up the electrifying conversation will prepare both of your bodies for a great evening.  Society has placed this label of taboo on anything to do with sex.  There is no reason for this feeling of wrong doing or inappropriate behavior when it comes to your relationship.  Your relationship is a safe place and sharing with your partner is fun, exciting and perfectly normal.  Flirting is a big part of courtship and relationships.  There is no reason why the flirting needs to stop just because you are married.  Flirting doesn’t have to stop when you are in a committed relationship either.  Its up to you to change the rules for yourself.  Develop a plan that makes you feel sexy, happy and alive.  It can be simple or complex depending on your desires and fantasies.  Your relationship is a safe place to share your desires and fantasies.  There is no need to keep your desires and fantasies secret from your partner.  Let them truly understand your needs and appetite for your sexual experiences.  We all have fantasies and your relationship is a safe place to share them.  Your partner will embrace your fantasies and desires to develop a more intense and deep bond between you.  I know it can be hard to step out of your comfort zone.  I lived it, I was hiding my desires and fantasies for 15 years from my husband.  I was scared to express myself and truly tell him what I needed.  It doesn’t have to be such a struggle.  Everything started to change the moment I started to share my likes and dislikes with my husband.  Our relationship grew in exponential ways once I finally took the leap and truly expressed myself.   The passion we felt during our courtship returned and our sexual relationship flourished once again.  You can start simple with sexting or sending a pictue.  Sometimes sending a text is easier than speaking your mind.  Sometimes a little love note or email is even easier.  For me that was how it started, writing a letter via email was the medium for me to regain the voice that I had hidden for so long.  Once you open the door the communication begins to flow easily and the walls you have built tumble down.  Sexting doesn’t have to be difficult or scary.  If you don’t know what to say, there are so many options today. It doesn’t have to feel dirty or wrong to share with someone special.  There are now a variety of applications with phrases to help guide you.  There are even quotes on the internet that you can use to get ideas.  If you are scared of sending pictures you can use SnapChat.  Once you start exploring and engaging in sexting it becomes easier and the excitement builds.  Taking a few minutes to tell your partner that you are thinking of them makes them feel appreciated, wanted and desired.  It brings you closer and opens the door for communication and fantastic sex.  So take a leap, send your partner a sexy text message, the results will surprise you.

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    Foreplay or You Play!

    Foreplay is essential for women because it takes longer for us to get to the point of orgasm. Foreplay creates excitement and initiates the bodies responses for fun by dilating blood vessels and increasing blood flow.  Foreplay also improves oxygen and nutrient delivery throughout the body to prepare your genitals and erogenous zones.  But the truth is foreplay doesn’t have to be what you think.  Foreplay is about engaging the body and creating sensations that stimulate your desires.  “You play” can be done all alone with the same wonderful benefits.  I have created a few simple routines that create the benefits of foreplay in a non-sexual way, let’s call it “you play.”  I developed these routines to help relax my body, reduce stress and inflammation.  The fun fact I learned was that stretching, yoga and deep breathing provide a variety of unexpected benefits.  My yoga stretch, kegel yoga and tension buster routines impact your body similar to foreplay.  The best thing is that you can do it all alone and you don’t have to feel ashamed or embarrassed about stretching and relaxing your body.  All three routines use your body weight, the environment and gravity to impact each and every muscle in your body. Through progressive relaxation with deep breathing your body relaxes and gets revved up for a fabulous orgasm.  Incorporating deep breathing and focused stretching targets the body in a unique way that promotes relaxation, tension release, restful sleep and even orgasm.  Foreplay serves a females needs by meeting the physical and emotional preparation we need for fabulous sex.  The hugs, kisses and caresses of foreplay prepare the body by increasing lubrication which is essential for orgasm.  Yoga Stretch, tension buster and kegel yoga provide the same benefits as foreplay.  Both foreplay and my routines help prepare the vagina for a great orgasm by enabling muscles throughout the body to relax.  By engaging your pelvic muscles during the routine your natural fluids build and prepare your for sex.   Females need vaginal lubrication and blood flow to the clitoris to achieve orgasm.  Preparing the body by engaging in targeted relaxation provides the same benefits as foreplay.  The best part is it also prepares you for restful sleep.  Wether you perform this routine for restful sleep, self-play or pre-sex routine, you will reap the benefits.

    Are you serious? Does this work?  Yes it does. You see 1 year ago, I had no libido or desire for sex. I was suffering from chronic pain and inflammation.  Stress and anxiety didn’t let me shut off my brain and relax for sex. Sex was more like a chore than a desire for me.  Over this year, week by week, I started to reap the benefits of my routine.  I noticed I was more ready for sex and relaxed in the moment.  My mind was not wondering as much and I was more present in the moment.  The best part was that my libido and interest in sex slowly creeped back.  As my libido returned, my orgasms intensified and multiplied.  Orgasms became more intense and more pleasurable because my blood was flowing more freely throughout my body.  The inflammation was being targeted through supplementation and daily relaxation techniques.  My body was no longer blocked by pain, inflammation, stress or anxiety.  I was able to relax and enjoy sex to truly connect with my husband and achieve better orgasms.  The fun fact, I learned is that the routine also helped me sleep better with or without sex.  Wether you are comfortable playing alone, engaging in sex or not the routine helps prepare your body for relaxation, stress release and sleep.  So why, not try a routine that enhances your bedtime routine and takes 20-30 minutes to reap the benefits.  You play classes: Tension buster, Yoga Stretch, Kegel Yoga or Fireworks series, you choose the class for you.


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    Reignite the Love!

    Reignite the love of your body. Learning to love and appreciate your body can be hard. I never thought I was sexy or attractive until recently. I didn’t appreciate the body I was given. I forgot the importance of taking care of my body every day. This constant physical assault with poor diet, lack of exercise and emotional pain progressively made everything worse. I lost the connection with my body creating an inability to feel pleasure. Over the years, as pain grew, illness prevailed and health declined the connection continued to dwindle daily. Over the past 15 years, my self-love, libido and sensations became dormant. I lost the desire to love and be loved. I lost my libido, somewhere between college and children. I lost the sensations and desires my body craved and enjoyed. Finally, when I hit rock bottom, I knew their had to be a better way. I knew that I desired to love myself, to feel love and enjoy my body again. I knew that I deserved to have a libido and enjoy sex with my husband. I realized that the toxic environment in my body was stopping me from achieving my desires and fulfilling my needs. I made a conscious decision to change my health, my life and my future. I knew the journey would be difficult but worth the trouble. Tackling my obstacles and establishing a healthy lifestyle started my path to rediscovering my body. I created a plan to optimize my bodies potential and reduce symptoms effectively. I learned to target my muscles to reduce pain, inflammation and symptoms. Thankfully, reducing symptoms was only the beginning. Once symptoms began to disappear, desires and sensations began to reappear. My body began to embrace intimate moments with my husband again. My body began to enjoy simple sensations that I was not able to enjoy before. I learned to create a Yoga routine that helped prepare my body for sleep and intimacy. My technique was designed to target my pain areas and progressively relax each and every muscle. Over the past year, I have perfected my technique, creating more effective targeted muscle relaxation. Now, I am here to share my story with the world. To tell women they deserve to love and embrace their bodies. They deserve to enjoy intimacy and achieve orgasms. They deserve to reduce stress, anxiety, pain and more. They deserve to live the life they want in the body they love. I am here to show you my techniques and help you achieve what I did. Love your body, embrace it and learn the multitude of possibilities it has to offer. Learn to target your pelvic muscles for better orgasms. Learn to relax your tight muscles more effectively. Breathe deeply and embrace the sensations of stretching and relaxation. Let me show you how to embrace your body and achieve all your desires. Your journey is only a phone call away. Ask me how?

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    Chocolate Orgasm

    Chocolate Orgasm

    Chocolate orgasm? What the heck is that, lol.  It’s exactly as it sounds.  I ate chocolate and had the most intense orgasm of my life. I believe this was only possible because I began my health journey several months prior to this experience.  I took action after I realized “I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.”  I sought out holistic treatments to begin my wellness journey in January 2014, and I had no idea what the world had in store for me.  The orgasm occurred after several months of detoxifying my body and eating a strictly vegan diet.  The delectable chocolate flourless dessert was the first dessert I had eaten in months.  At this point in my life, I had a non-existent libido and sex was more of a chore than pleasure.  I was constantly under stress and anxiety, which didn’t allow me to relax and enjoy the moment.   Emotionally I was a wreck, I had no self-esteem, was very self-conscious and overweight.  My life was ruled by stress, anxiety and feelings of insecurity.  The romantic getaway was my graduation gift to celebrate my new Master’s degree as a Nurse Educator.  We were in a gorgeous, tranquil, private couples only resort in Virgin Gorda.  We had a private bungalow in a remote and secluded area of the resort.  I was finally relaxed and stress free in this scenic and gorgeous location with my husband.  The relaxing environment set the stage for the most memorable experience of my life.  We enjoyed a multitude of quiet and relaxing activities in the picturesque vacation spot and this orgasm was the highlight of the trip.

    The chocolate orgasm was definitely the beginning of my sexual reawakening.  I am a chocolate addict and I can’t get enough once I taste it.  I usually avoid chocolate because one bite results in chocolate cravings for days or weeks.  But on vacation anything goes and chocolate was on my list.  At lunch, I ordered a flourless chocolate cake to indulge my addiction, little did I know the adventure that would follow.  I enjoyed my delectable flourless chocolate cake appreciating each and every sinful bite.  Oh boy, the results were interesting and exhilarating.  I have heard chocolate is an aphrodisiac but this was unexpected and completely unpredictable.  I experienced a 2 hour orgasm that was both exhilarating and exhausting.  The “Orgazmik” first 30 minutes were wonderful and memorable, and undoubtedly my best orgasm ever.   It was the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced until this year.  This years libido and orgasms surpass that chocolate orgasm by an exponential distance.  The chocolate orgasm was absolutely crazy, painful, extraordinary and exhilarating all at once.  Each sensation caused intense trembles throughout my body.  My abdominal muscles were contracting every few seconds.  Each constriction became more and more intense and profound.  My breathe was rapid, as I gasped to regain control of my breathing; orgasm after orgasm.  Every gentle caress of my skin made me shudder intensely.  Each caress of my shoulder, face and legs created convulsion that continuously took my breathe away.  Every desired caress or kiss implanted a memory in my brain and sent fireworks through my body.  My body would not feel an orgasm this intense again for several years.  Had I known then that this orgasm was going to be the last big orgasm for 4 years, I would have bought a boatload of cake.  The sensations were imprinted in my memory but locked away and trapped in my subconscious.  I had forgotten the intense sensations and detailed memories until the past few months.  And until, this weekend in September 2018, I had not regained the courage to embark and truly describe my story detail by detail.

    Why did the intricate memories and sensations stay trapped away?  I believe it was because my journey to wellness was commencing and I had a lot of illness and healing to tackle.  The severe inflammation in my body caused the sensations and orgasms to declined after the vacation.  Once the relaxing vacation ended and life stress returned the orgasms diminished once again.  And the “orgazmik” experience and memories would slowly drift away over the years.   My libido slowly improved year by year but chronic suffering, pain, stress and anxiety continued to take its toll on my body physically and emotionally.  My journey to spectacular orgasms would take another few years to return with a vengeance.  The drastic libido change came in 2017 after 4 months of nutrigenomics.  I will discuss my long journey in my book but for now let’s get back to the orgasm of the century.  The orgasm caused my jaw to clench, body to ache and voice to tremble.   The debilitating spasms of my muscles were provoked by every breathe, breeze, caress and sexual sensation.  Each and every breeze from the fan would cause a contraction of every muscle in my body.  The experience was both exhilarating and exhausting as each minute passed and it continued to intensify.  After 45 minutes I was exhausted, even the fan would set me off again and again.

    I had heard of women having endless orgasms but had never experienced it.  I never in a million years, thought I would experience such an intense orgasm.  I had actually seen a TV show several months prior to this trip about sex emergencies.  I remembered the show but never expected it to happen to me.  It was an draining experience with small and large orgasms combined.  Exhaustion quickly set in and every second made the sensations more intense and debilitating.   I remember begging my husband to stay away, stop touching me and turn off the fan.  I remembered the TV show and nursing critical thinking took flight.  I remembered the girl on TV took Benadryl, thank goodness I always pack every possible medication when traveling.  So my husband found the Benadryl and it worked. Wow, I thought “Benadryl will stop the histamine reaction,” let me try it and directed him to get me water and Benadryl.  Thank goodness, I remembered the show because I was desperate to get a break.  Female orgasms are intense on their own and with the potential for multiple orgasms the possibilities are endless.  Each orgasm causes a multitude of muscles tightening all over your body, so imagine how drained my body was getting.   The orgasms were so intense I couldn’t even stand up.  After 20 minutes of Benadryl the sensations slowed down.  I finally fell asleep about 1 hour later, the next day I was exhausted, slept late and had a very lazy day.

    Chocolate Orgasm  Take 2

    Since the first orgasm was so amazing and the chocolate so delicious, I couldn’t resist a second round.  I had a chocolate orgasm again the following day.  This orgasm started after a romantic dinner and dessert.  The exceptional flourless chocolate cake combined with red wine created an intense need for sex.  The chocolate turned on all of my cells: skin, clitoris, vagina, mouth, everything.   There was no escaping the reaction the combination of wine and chocolate had on my body.  I could feel every touch, every kiss and stimulation tenfold.  It reminded me of the sensations I experienced as a teenager, those intense hormonal sensations you feel your first sexual encounter.  It was like my body had turned OFF all these years and suddenly had awaken.  All these sensations had been dormant so long.  It was strange because my body was making connections with my brain that I couldn’t explain or understand.  I could actually feel what I had seen on TV.   I had seen a woman that orgasmed so much she ended up in the ER to stop it.  I could feel the sensations move from the peak of my clitoris to the vagina and perineum near my rectum.  Before seeing the show about female orgasms, I had never realized the size and span of the female clitoris.  But now I could see it in my brain and feel it as it occurred in my body.  The experience made me experience the link between pain and pleasure, something I had realized in the past but only truly experienced on this day.  My pain centers were transformed into pleasure centers and amplified the sexual experience.  My shoulder, which has been a site of constant pain for 20 years suddenly, was triggered to cause an orgasm with a simple touch, squeeze, kiss or bite.  My butt and stomach, which have been a lifelong struggle with abdominal pain and cramping due to irritable bowel syndrome, was suddenly transformed to an intense pleasure site.  I would never have said I enjoyed anal to anyone, not even my husband, but for some reason this site made me have a deep intense orgasm, I couldn’t explain.  After about an hour I was exhausted, I had to tell my husband to keep his hands off, even the breeze from the fan, would trigger a small orgasms.  It was hard to catch my breath  and relax, I could feel the sensation travlel the entire clitoris from the peak to the base, over and over again.  Thank goodness for Benadryl or I never would have been able to relax and sleep that night.  After 30 minutes of taking Benadryl the sensations finally stopped and I slept like a baby.  But I was exhausted for two days, the day after we returned home, I slept most of the day, just to recover from that intense experience and the huge fluid loss from my waterfall orgasms.  This was the beginning of my sexual reawakening and the beginning of my reconnection with my feminine energy.  The true Reawakening happened this year in 2018, stay tuned for the rest of the story.  If you are looking to embrace self love, reignite your desires and learn your body; I am your girl.  My fireworks class is designed to teach you about your body and reunite you with the sensations you are looking to rekindle.

    My True Reawakening

    See next article. Coming soon.