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    De-Stress the Holidays!

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    Peace in Chaos

    It has been a long time since I published an article.  As I healed from my abuse and focused on forgiveness, life took me to a place of falling apart to rebuild myself.  I learned that we find our light in the darkness.  And we find our joy in the pain.  And we find our clarity in the fog.  We may not always notice the blessing in those difficult times but it is those dark moments that help us find our voice, vision and passion again.  It is funny that I had to fall apart to recognize that my soul had a vision but I had skipped a few steps on that path.  And building myself back together helped me realize living in the moment, recognizing the blessing and finding gratitude made the journey exponentially easier.  I had spent all my life pushing against the current.  I had always gotten a vision and forced myself into that role even if I wasn’t ready.  I had always created the perfect scenario for self-sabotage to creep in and stop my progression.  But the moment I changed the way I looked at daily life and recognized the lesson in each day, life drastically changed.  And day by day, I began to see that life doesn’t have to be difficult, if we listen, see, speak, taste, smell, and feel each moment.  So I invite you to slow down, savor the moment, even the difficult ones because there is a lesson there.  And the quicker you recognize the lesson and express gratitude for the life you have now, the quicker your dreams become reality.  And I invite you to make lemonade out of those lemons.  I invite you to find the sweetness in the sour.  Because life is short and each moment is meant to bring you closer to your joy.

    Peace in Chaos 

    Breathe my dear shed your fear.

    Feel my dear your dream is near.

    Sense my dear let the stress melt away.

    Taste my dear the sweet is in the sour.

    Smell my dear your peace is near.

    See my dear, the blessings are in the chaos.

    Breathe in your calm and release your fear.

    Feel the peace, release your resistance

    Sense the shift, allow peace to enter.

    Taste the sweetness in your sorrow.

    Smell the calm amidst the chatter.

    See the blessings my dear they are all around you.

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    Sunshine in Paradise

    Manifesting dreams into reality takes time and patience but it does happen to real people.  I started visualizing myself traveling to beautiful beaches and distant places when I began my healing journey years ago.  I learned along the way that sometimes we manifest things but if we aren’t living present and in the moment we don’t appreciate the blessing we have.  I have been blessed with many trips over the past few years and practiced plenty of mindfulness, self-love and gratitude to live in the present during each visit.  But sometimes it can be difficult with our stressful lives and our emotional triggers.  Emotional and physical symptoms can arise even in the most peaceful places.  I was blessed with a trip to Exuma with my son to Casa Mary with close friends.  It was a magical place filled with possibilities.  Yet on the first day, I had a migraine and felt disconnected from the magic of the moment.  I recognized it was time to practice self-love and find the root of my symptoms to unravel the reason behind this migraine in paradise.  I realized that I was feeling guilt and shame because my eldest son and husband stayed home to pursue baseball dreams.  Though it was not my fault and they were having fun on their own, the judge in my mind was blaming me for enjoying magic without them.  After reflecting and resolving the pain, I began to focus on gratitude for each moment and the stress melted away.  I shared a few magic moments and insights of this trip in my Self-Love community but was not ready to share with the world.  Usually on vacation my creative insights and writing is flowing but those little pesky emotions lingered under the surface.

    I had a vision of myself in a big Orange hat on the beach months before Exuma.  And I packed the big Orange hat.  The day I shared the poem in my group, I laughed thinking of Curious George and the Man in the Yellow Hat.  I realized I had subconsciously fulfilled the vision of a hurt little girl by living my dream with an Orange hat.  On the last day in paradise, I finally worked up the courage to take the pictures I had dreamed of in Exuma.  And the perfect opportunity came to spend time with my son and model for the camera.  I found plenty of beautiful places to show off the Orange hat and begin to unravel that creative mind through those pictures.

    Creativity finally came a few days after the trip as I enjoyed looking through the pictures and came upon a picture of the Orange hat sitting upon the rocks.  The visual inspiration helped me realize that sometimes life gives us darkness to guide us towards the light.  Life sometimes gets in the way of our dreams, passions and aspirations.  But the more we learn to find the blessings in the difficult moments the easier the journey becomes.  We experience challenges to give us the opportunity to grow and evolve.  Life is about making lemonade out of the lemons to find the sweetness in the sour.  Enjoy the poem written with love.

    Sunshine in Paradise

    The breeze calls to me
    soothing away the stress in my body
    The ocean calls to me
    washing away the doubt in my bones.
    The waves call to me
    Clearing away the judge in my mind.
    The sun calls to me
    Warming the courage in my soul.
    The birds sing to me
    Replacing the negative chatter in my mind.
    The butterflies fly to me
    Bringing hope and joy to my eyes.
    The waves come to my feet
    Cleansing my feet and inviting hope in
    The sand sticks to me
    Reminding me to dust away the fear
    The sun shines on me
    Refilling me with energy and vitality
    The breeze comes to me
    Reviving my senses with peace and tranquility
    The butterflies dance for me
    Reminding me there is light at the end of the tunnel
    The birds fly to me
    Bringing the courage to shine
    The sun caresses me
    Encouraging the courage to rise.
    The waves cuddle me
    Releasing the judge of my mind.
    The ocean soothes me
    Freeing my body from limitations.
    The breeze tickles me
    Reminding me that mother nature is on my side.

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    Perception is Key!

    Yesterday, I wrote about the power of our words.  We don’t always realize the impact our words have on others.  But today let’s reflect and go inward to the deepest and darkest place within us.  Our perception of the world around us impacts our reality.  The way we perceive interactions, communication, relationships and events creates havoc inside our bodies.  This distortion of reality makes us feel unsafe, unworthy, undesirable, unlovable and so much more.  These are only a few of those hurtful feelings and emotions that arise as our minds are taken over by Negative Nancy and Negative Norm.  Yep, there is a negative voice inside our heads. I call mine Negative Nancy and for those gentlemen in this space, your voice is Negative Norm.  The voice is constant and persistent.  And it can break you down to your core.  It can make you feel hopeless, helpless and alone.


    But it all starts with perception.  The way we perceive and internalize the way we experience the world impacts our physical and emotional wellness.  And now during this crisis it is essential to become clear and transform that perception to reduce the symptoms and stress we are experiencing.  Perception is something I gently brushed upon in my first book, The Truth about IBS and Anxiety.  But my next book is really going to dig into this unique pandemic experience to tackle the Root of our pain in exponential ways.  My next book, The Unleashed Technique – gets really clear on ways to tackle that internal perception and stop those illusions that keep us feeling stuck.  But for now, let me give you a piece of perception to guide you into a simple practice that is easily available to everyone.  This simple practice came to me at the cusp of publishing my first book and it supported me to appear on stage.  And it propelled me to get out of my own way and publish a children’s book which I wrote last summer.  And the reason it worked is it helped me go within and truly understand that there are two sides to any story.  And we live our lives telling ourself and others one version of the story that is very distorted.  And this distortion keeps us feeling frozen, stuck and helpless.  And those hurtful emotions and feelings stop us from truly accomplishing the things we desire most.  And it all begins with perception.

    Let me tell you a story to explain the two sides of the story that lives within us.  In November, I published a best seller and in the midst of something fantastic I let stress and overwhelm get in my way.  It stopped me dead in my tracks.  It left me feeling anxious, fatigued, stressed, overwhelmed and in pain.  All of these symptoms were because I was stuck in my story.  I was stuck in the story of me being a victim to the world.  I was stuck telling a story of being traumatized and hurt by a complete stranger and I let that get the best of me.  But now I know the story is very different and it served its purpose.  The purpose of that difficult time in my life was to get me here.  It was to get me out of my own way and share everything I have learned on this journey to wellness.  It was a way for me to really get clear and unite practices for evolution to support the community and my peers at the Frontline.  But first, I had to let go of my fears of being seen, being heard and being me.  These fears have been in my subconscious since childhood.  And I thought when I published my book in November of 2019 that I had surpassed them all but I was wrong.  My perception of reality was still holding me back.  I thought everything that was happening around me was an attack on me.  I allowed my story to take over my life and it broke me down over and over.

    Trust me the process was not easy.  Even this week, I have let go of a lot of past emotions that were keeping me frozen.  But there is so much freedom in letting go.  That is why in March of 2020, I finally broke my resistance and appeared on stage.  That is why I taught those ladies that it is essential to Release and Relax. I was nervous as heck the day before I revealed my truth on stage.  But I pushed through my own resistance and did something to help others see a little piece of hope at the end of hardship.  And now, I share this story to tell you that there is hope for you too.  Regardless of your current hardships, there is light and a rainbow at the end of the tunnel.  Some people may say I am being superficial or too frufru but I am not.  I have been at rock bottom many times.  I have felt excruciating physical and emotional pain.  I have picked up the pieces time and time again.  This week I finally worked through my perception and changed the story.  I realized that I have the power inside me to transform the way I feel about myself.  And it is time for me to practice what I teach and teach what I practice.  So here I am, being honest and true and telling you, perception is key.  And if you want to truly tackle your perception it begins with a very simple practice of transforming your handwriting.

    Trust me when I met my friend Josephine Diamond at the Author Training Academy, I had no clue that we were going to create unity in the world.  I had no idea that this simple practice was going to truly unveil the lies that my Negative Nancy had been telling me for 42 years.  But here I am sharing a simple practice that I have been doing every morning for almost 5 months.  And it all started with learning to write my own name in a new way.  It is such a simple practice that can create clarity and unity in your own home.  I made a commitment to myself that I was going to write every morning for 40 days.  And I have continued it several times.  Because each month that passed I noticed little leaps forward and big accomplishments.  I noticed the practice calmed my mind and centered my thoughts.  I noticed that even on the days I resisted and woke up early, I still did it.  I finally proved to myself that I commit to my word.  That when I promise to do something, I do it. And now it is finally time for me to share.  I invite you to my course, Crappy to Happy to learn how this simple practice of writing your name with pen and paper.  And I will guide you into some very easy practices to reduce stress, calm your nervous system and boost your immune system.  Trust me my journey to wellness was difficult.  But it doesn’t have to be that hard.  We all have the extra time now to change our story.  And it all begins with a pen and paper.  So if you truly want to transform your life and get out of your own way then join Josephine and I on this journey.  All you need is a pen, paper and your body.  We will guide you easily through the rest.

    I dedicate this too all my Frontline Friends that I left begin.  I wish I had the courage to show you these strategies when I was there with you. I wish I was strong and powerful to support you but now I am here to support you.  So join me in this special course I created just for you.  My friends that are caring for patients with Covid-19.  My friends in the Fire department.  My friends in the Hospital.  My friends in the Police Department.  And everyone in the service industry.  This is for YOU.

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    Release the Bullshit!!!

    Release the Bullshit, is absolutely the truth. I am talking about that little nagging voice in your head that puts you down every single day.  That persistent negative voice that tells you: “Your too fat, your ugly, you aren’t good enough, You aren’t worth it…”   You name it every one of those little lies creates an emotional rollercoaster that tries your patience and perseverance every day.  But guess what all of those negative thoughts are all Bullshit!!!   That negative chatter in our minds is completely false and destructive to your self-esteem, self-worth and confidence. The voice tells you so many horrible things.  These persistent assaults eventually become engrained in your subconscious.   And the sad truth is even if you think its a lie, your subconscious thinks its reality and it impacts your life everyday.  You begin to believe it more and more as life progresses.  It becomes cemented in your mind even if you try to brush it under the rug and push through.  You think you are past the worry or fear only to be smacked in the face once again.

    The voice in my mind still surprises me.  I bet it will surprise you too.  Most of my friends can’t believe these little lies have been impacting me all my life. You see, they have always seen the girl with a smile pushing forward.  They thought my educational advancements were easy.  That I was just a nerd that learned easily.  They believed that I was confident, outgoing and super social.  Some people actually call me a social butterfly.  It all makes me want to laugh.  Because I know the hard work it took to get through my own brain Bullshit.  And the bullshit still continues throughout my life.  My difficult and stressful educational path was less than easy.  It took a lot of hard work and perseverance to overcome those fears.  A little fact you may not know is that I was close to failing Kindergarten.  Yep kindergarten, thankfully my parents pulled me out of private school.  I pushed through Special classes for Learning Disability and was mainstreamed by 5th grade.  I was able to join my friends in Private school once again but the anxiety and stress was far from behind me.  I regularly told myself that I wasn’t intelligent or creative.   I worked hard and studies late.  School was never easy for me but the topics I enjoyed definitely were easier.  I loved Science, no wonder I’m a Nurse and Health coach.  I loved Psychology, know wonder I’m a hypnotist.  But reaching this point in my life was a series of rollercoasters and obstacles.  The subjects I enjoyed still involved studying, stress and worry.  My mind was always filled with worry and fear.  I would study and know everything but the moment the test arrived on my desk, I went BLANK.  My fear and worry would set in and boom my brain would shut off.  It was especially evident on big exams, like finals.  My worst one was during 8th grade final exams.  My mind went crazy and my stomach followed.  Thankfully I had a kind and loving teacher that was super supportive.  Because if I would have had some of my mean, negative and horrible teacher that day things would have been way worse.  She hugged me and supported me the entire time.  She saw the pain in my face and the fear in my eyes.  She told me, “don’t worry you can take the test when you feel better, I promise you will be fine.”  I ended up the hospital that day.  My stomach pains had me hunched over and screaming.  I realize now the impact worry and fear can have on your physical symptoms.  But it has been a journey to figure that out.  Fast forward to 2019, stressful events, conversations or challenges still create emotional shifts but my reaction is very different.  I used to keep all my emotions pent up inside my body.  This builds up in your digestive tract and mine eventually fell apart.  But now I know my power, I know my strength and I know my truth.  That little girl that feared failing an exam ending up with horrible stomach pain is gone.  In her place is a woman that feels the emotional shifts, tackles them and spits them out.  Some days are harder than others but actively working through it and shifting your mindset is extremely powerful. I also created a support system that has pushed me through and propelled me forward. Yet for some reason this post I created months ago was still hiding in my draft box. And today I woke up to write a blog post while I wait for my editor to finish with my book and decided to write this one. Yesterday, I looked at my mirror and began to recited the affirmations that were once written on the glass. I had erased them when I finally finished my book and felt the difference inside me. But I hadn’t truly felt the full shift until last night. The mirror only has a few words on it right now. Months ago it had a bunch of words that I wanted to engrain in my subconscious as new beliefs. And many will likely surprise you because most people see me very differently than I see myself. The mirror currently says, I am….A Goddess Unleashed. Which means I am a women that cut the cords in my subconscious mind that were holding me back by engraining positive affirmations in my mind to establish new beliefs. Thus my Podcast, Goddess Unleashed which begins December 5th. So now I will tell you what I recited last night in my head and then jump back into this post which I created months ago and paused for some reason. I recited, “I am knowledgeable, powerful, creative, beautiful, strong and abundant, and as I let go of the need to control things everything flows easily towards me.” This statement flowed easily and I recited it several times. These are things I worked hard to believe because my scared little girl had another story she wanted me to remember. She preferred hiding and being safe, but I had a plan that was very different. So let’s get back to this post.

    I used to think that I was ugly and fat. I used to compare myself to other women and think how hideous I looked. That all began early on in school because I developed much faster than my friends. I turned into a full grown curvaceous latin woman in 7th grade. None of my friends looked like me. There weren’t actresses on TV that looked like me. I was trapped in the belief that my body was shameful and undesirable. Imagine that, at such a young age, thinking so little of yourself. Well sadly it happens all the time. It happens day after day, all over the world. It happens to women and men. As I aged and grew things got worse before they got better. Then suddenly after I began to feel physically better, I began to see myself through different eyes. And in my 40s, I realized that my body was beautiful and I looked like most adult women. As I look back now at pictures of myself in High School I realize, How wrong I was… I looked curvaceous and rustic with light green eyes and long dark silky black hair. But in my mind, I was too fat and my hips were too wide. I regularly compared myself to others: girlfriends, models and other women. I had comparison-itis until recently, which means basically I compared myself to everyone else and put myself down. I thought I was overweight and ugly most of my life. I was worried about everything and anxious all the time. But I realized this year, I was holding my childhood insecurities and fears all this time. Sometimes a minor little detail from our childhood, impacts us in impressive ways. My uncle used to call me, “Gorda.” In Spanish, it is actually supposed to be a good thing. It is considered a sweet, kind or loving name for someone you love. Funny thing is I actually use Gordie with absolute love and affection towards my boys when they were babies. They both used to be chubby babies and the word seemed to stick. Neither of them are chubby now but we use the word sometimes with nothing but love for them. I use it as a form of love for their delicious little baby faces. I can’t believe they have grown up so fast. Why did the word gordie seem fine in my mind but the word gorda bother me so much? Well it’s a long story, which I will get back to later but the fact is I Believed it! I believed all this time that I was actually Gorda. Looking back at pictures throughout my life, I had some times where I was swollen and had a few extra pounds but I was still beautiful. I always thought I was ugly and undesirable even though the world around me had a completely different interpretation. I worked hard over the past few years to love myself and build my self-esteem. And the biggest and most impactful part was using hypnosis, affirmations and statements on my mirror to create the shift. Basically, It involved releasing the Bullshit!!! I actively work on these emotions as they arise because they arise in life in many different obstacles or challenges.
    Now as a published author, I finally feel like I have achieved beyond the expectations of my subconscious mind. I have finally broken free of the box the little girl was hiding in. I finally felt all those positive beliefs were entrained in my subconscious and evident in my life. The journey was far from easy but the truth I realized in the process is that I invested time, energy and money in this transformation. And when I truly invested in a support system, like The Author Incubator, I began to actually reach out when I needed help. I stopped being the do it all girl and expecting everything to fall into place easily. I started to express my worries and fears in the moment to get help from those in my group. And as I progressed, worked through the difficult obstacles and used my support system everything became easier. And here I am, now a published author and a women that finally believes those beautiful words about herself. I finally feel it in my skin. And feeling safe means my creativity flows easily.  And this affirmation came to me yesterday, “I am safe and supported in my body when I connect with my self worth and purpose.”

    But I realize the journey to get here was a process and my support system helped me succeed.  And my dedication, persistence and resilience pushed me through all the challenges. So here are a few tips to help you achieve those new beliefs for yourself.  You deserve more.  You are stronger than you think.  It just takes time for the message to be engrained in your subconscious but you can change it.  So try this…

    Steps of Releasing Worry or Fear:
    1) Find it! What are you worried about?

    2) Think about it. Really, deeply think about it.

    3)FEEL it. I mean feel. The shivers, crying, goose bumps…All of your emotions. Go through your 5 senses in the moment and truly feel it.

    4) Really, Feel it in the moment! A little deeper. By taking a few deep long breaths.  If you watch my videos.  I use the 5-5-5 breath. Breath in for 5, hold for 5 and release slowly for 5. I explain it further in my book.

    5) Process the emotions thoroughly. Using a creative outlet, like journaling, painting, blogging, etc. facilitates this process.

    6) Work through it with support. Find like minded colleagues, friends or co-workers.  To help you through the process.

    7) Accountability network.  Find someone that will call your bullshit and push you through the hard times. Someone that know that you are struggling and point it out even in the hard times.  For me the most effective were those I truly invested in, Mina Meetings and The Author Incubator.  Because they helped me push through my obstacles by supporting me and holding me accountable along the way. I noticed that when I invested in my own personal development the shift came much easier than doing it alone.

    7) Anchor a NEW belief. Write affirmations on paper, mirrors, phone alarms, etc.  Any where you will see it? And when you see it every day read it, recite it and begin to change those beliefs.

    8) Actively work through the negative thoughts and establish New beliefs everyday.

    AND Finally, the goal of it all. The purpose of the journey

    9) Release The Bullshit!!! Because you let go of all those negative thoughts and beliefs that your little girl/little boy had you thinking about yourself all this time.  You are resilient, powerful and true.  You can achieve anything you put your heart, mind and soul into.  I believe in you.

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    I love myself…

    I love myself more and more each day. The truth is I didn’t love myself in the same way before. I can tell you achieving this wasn’t easy. If you want something and you work for it than you can achieve anything. This past year was a journey. I faced tons of obstacles and challenges but worked through them. Each obstacle and challenge was an opportunity to learn and grow. I was reconnecting with myself in a way I never thought possible before. I was reconnecting with my personal intuition, learning my dreams, learning my purpose and my path in life. You see I had lived my life hiding my truth from myself and from the world. I realize now that I am not the only one that is hiding. We all are hiding from something. We might feel ashamed, guilty, fearful, sad, scared or… Your truth is yours to discover but the power is in seeking out a little help and guidance to climb the mountain. I did a lot of hard things over this past year to learn my truth and purpose in this world. I wouldn’t have made it here without the support of my new circle of girlfriends that have empowered me to become everything they saw in me. You see they saw a strong, powerful, intelligent, kind, caring, loving and creative women. But the power in finding yourself is that you need to live it, experience it, own it, cherish it and accomplish it. If you don’t go through the process for yourself than you can’t achieve your dreams and become your ultimate person. The road might be a little bumpy but nothing that is worth living for is ever easy. Finishing high school and living through the tough teenage struggles isn’t easy but absolutely worth it. Getting married and building a life with someone isn’t easy but absolutely worth it. Having a baby and raising a child isn’t easy but absolutely worth it.

    So I ask you this. Are you worth it? Are you worth the hard work, dedication and focus to find your path? YES you are. Do you deserve to be loved, cherished and appreciated? Absolutely yes. We all deserve that. We all deserve to be loved cherished and appreciated but the truth is to accomplish this you need to start within yourself. You need to see the truth others see in you. You need to feel the love in your heart. You need to appreciate and be grateful for every obstacle and challenge you have faced. You need to work for what you deserve because no one else can do it for you. It would be great to have a magic dust that would make your life everything you dream but nothing is that easy. I learned in my journey that I was surrounded by men and women that were living the same truth. We were not born with emotional intelligence, that is something you have to learn, practice and develop. We are born into a world filled with obstacles and challenges. These challenges can make you or break you. Most of the time they break you more and more each day until you are overwhelmed. Feeling overwhelmed and unloved by yourself wrecks havoc on your life. Its a vicious cycle of challenges but there is power in finding your path to self-love. Taking the time to learn from your mistakes and become a better version of yourself paves the way to your abundance.

    I worked through this over the past 9 months and paved a beautiful walkway to my tree of abundance and prosperity. Its a brick road with twists and turns; ups and downs; joy and sadness; forwards and backwards. The entire journey was worth it. Focusing your life purpose on helping others inevitably helps you heal yourself in the process. Learning my own little lies that held me back for 40 years brought me to this moment in time. The moment when I realized that everyone has these little lies in the back of their mind. These little lies that stop them in their tracks. These little lies that make them think they aren’t good enough, smart enough and powerful enough. But these are all lies in your subconscious. You absolutely positively are good enough. You just need to work on transforming your beliefs to create the abundance and prosperity you desire. So, I ask you now. The choice is yours to make. Are you worth it? Do you deserve it? Do you want it? Are you ready?

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    I deserve to be forgiven

    Today, I recorded a hypnosis guided meditation. It resonated deep in my soul because I have connected with a multitude of people over the past year and noticed a pattern of self-punishment. The person that harms us the most is ourself. We hold ourselves to such impossible standards and never forgive ourselves for our mistakes. It is a harmful process that tears us down to pieces day by day. We don’t notice the harm until things start to fall apart and overwhelm hits us. And even then we don’t realize our biggest problem is our lack of self-love. We all make mistakes. It is part of being human. It is how we learn and grow. We make mistakes and adapt our lives to become better versions of ourselves. But there is one fact we never take into account. In our process of evolution, we miss some very crucial steps in our development of an abundant and prosperous life. This is what we fail to do for ourselves:

    Have we let the past mistakes go?

    Have we truly healed ourselves and learned from our mistakes?

    Have you forgiven ourselves for the mistake?

    Do you replay that moment in your mind?

    Do you use any of these harmful words towards yourself? (undesirable, unworthy, not good enough, ugly, unattractive…) Those are only a few but believe it or not, I felt that way for most of my life. I bet many of you do too.

    You might think you forgave yourself but think a little closer. Have you ever hurt someone you love? Even if that person forgave you for what you did. Did you forgive yourself? Chances are you didn’t. Do you replay this mistake in your head over and over putting yourself down? Do you keep making the same mistake over and over? Do you feel like life never changes for the better?

    This is what I learned in my spiritual journey since August 2018. If we continue to treat ourselves with such hate and disrespect our lives aren’t able to transform. Think of transformation in a different form that is easy to understand. A butterfly has a very long growth process to support and nurture her evolution. It is all about self-care and self-love. The mommy butterfly lays her eggs on the perfect tree for her babies to grown. The larvae hatch and life has placed them in the perfect spot to flourish. The caterpillar is born into the world like a tiny spec of dust in a garden of abundance. She sits on a leaf and begins to eat. She nurtures herself every day by eating the perfect food for her body. She continues to grow bigger and bigger. She eats this perfect food and grows every day. She grows bigger and stronger everyday. When she is feeling perfectly fool and abundant she begins to weave her cocoon. It is an intricate and delicate process that she needs to do for herself. No other caterpillar can help her. She needs to travel this path of evolution for herself. She weaves the perfect little cocoon in the perfect spot for her transformation to continue and prosperity to emerge. This process isn’t very long for the butterfly. If she does everything right, loves herself and feeds herself the right food she will emerge in 14 days. She will be a new and beautiful creature that flies freely in the wind. When she emerges she is still delicate and weak. But as her wings dry and harden she finishes her transformation. She flies away to find some beautiful flowers to spread her love and create new life.

    Now think what would happen if the butterfly allowed her self-sabotage tendencies to take over her life. She might not eat enough food to maker her strong. She picks a location to maker her cocoon that is not safe and brings her harm. She leaves a tiny hole in her cocoon. The sad truth is this poor little caterpillar will never emerge as a beautiful butterfly. She will die and decompose right there were she built her cocoon. That is exactly what we do to ourselves, everyday we put these judgements on ourselves. We tear down our self-love, break our self-esteem and self- loathing. We continue this assault on ourselves day after day. This assault accumulated in our body and begins to show itself in our physical body. We break ourselves down until we become overwhelmed with pain, grief, fear, worry, sadness, disgust… It is a vicious cycle but it can be transformed.

    It is time to change the pattern. Its not for me. You need to do this for yourself. This journey is all your own. It is about feeding your mind and body everything it deserves. It involves transforming those negative thoughts into positive affirmations. It is about allowing these positive statements to resonate in your life. It is about letting go of those mistakes and forgiving yourself. It is about changing the story. No one can change to story for you. No one can stop you from connecting with people that harm you and bring you down. No one can stop you from eating foods that hurt your body. No one can make you exercise. No one can make you meditate. No one can make you do anything. And the worst part is No one can make it work and create your abundance but yourself.

    I had to learn this all the hard way. It was a year of vicious cycles and ups and downs. Self-sabotage, worry and fear resonated my life in the down times. I finally realized it and decided to tackle it head on. It all started with hypnosis and body work. Transforming your thoughts, giving yourself a little self-love everyday and nurturing yourself is the secret to creating your abundance and prosperity. And once you have it and you feel it in your heart, no one can take it from you. That is why I have a blue butterfly on my shoulder. It is because no one can take my evolution away from me. This transformation was all mine. I worked my ass off for it and a beautiful butterfly emerged.

    This past month when I began giving free hypnosis, the truth resonated even deeper in my soul. I could hear the pain in my clients voice. Their sadness, fear and worry taking over their lives. I realized that I needed to finish my transformation and own it. I needed to be the one to support these amazing women and men in their transformation. And guess what emerged when I did. Clients that felt energized, joyful and happy after hypnosis. Clients that felt empowered to take on their life and create the life they desire. The most crucial part of this evolution is making the investment for yourself and owning this as your path. To facilitate this process for my clients I created a 6 week course to begin their transformation. Let’s all become butterflies in our lives. Let’s emerge in our full abundance and prosperity.

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    Hypnosis helped me Change!

    Hypnosis had been on my mind for years but I was too scared to take the leap. I was afraid of what I was hiding. I was afraid of the secrets that were trapped. I was scared to find out what my true purpose was. I was absolutely scared enough to literally shit my pants. I was hiding inside a deep cavern inside my body. I was freaked out at what I would find. But along came my Sunshine. Luly B. If you don’t know this amazing, courageous, spontaneous, caring and supportive friend. Then I urge you to find out who she is and do it. I had known of her since Kindergarten. She was the girl with the big voice. She was the lion. I was the sheep. I was too scared and afraid to walk up to her. It took me 35 years to work up the courage but I did it. I signed up for Spark last April. Ladies, If you haven’t gone to spark then you are missing out. I absolutely understand the excuses. I can’t take PTO. I can’t leave the kids with grandma. I can’t take an entire day for myself. That was hard shit for me too. I never took time off. I felt guilty for staying late at work and not picking up my kids. But you know what I realized I deserved it. I decided one April morning to sign up for Sip and Spark. I wanted to actually shake her hand and talk to Luly B. In my head it was, “THE LULY B.” That girl is on fire. If i could just get an ounce of that fire. I worked up a little spark and took a leap. I went to her Sip & Spark event.  She greeted me with a hug and kiss at the door. She remembered me. She actually knew who I was. It was unbelievable to me that this amazing women that had always intimidated me. This amazingly strong woman knew me. I found out later that it was a hard time for her those months we met. She never appeared to be scared or afraid. She was amazing and bright no matter what. She rocked it at spark. So much so that I pulled out my credit card and paid for the Superwoman Retreat. That was hard as hell for me to say “no matter what I am buying this and going to this retreat. I need this.” Pay for myself to have an entire weekend about me. I mean who does that? Now, I say “Why the fuck not? Why not invest in yourself?” We spend so much time taking care of those around us and we forget ourselves. Over this past year I have learned to love and appreciate myself for who I am. To love myself with all my flaws. To accept myself for the amazing, hardworking, mom, daughter and wife. To appreciate myself for all the good I give to the world. Because you know what. If you don’t care for yourself no one else will. If you don’t love yourself no one else will. If you don’t STAND UP AND SHOUT I DESERVE THIS then you will never get it. So I went to the Superwoman Retreat. I met some amazing women that have supported my transformation. I focused on myself and my purpose in life. I met Adrianna Foster my Moon. She is no ordinary hypnotherapist. She is an awesome mom, exceptional inspirational singer and friend. She is the hypnotherapist that unlocked my mind. She gave me the tools to dig deep and reveal the secrets and lies that were holding me back. I worked hard. It was a struggle but nothing worth living for is ever easy. Raising a child is not easy. Growing up is not easy. I had my ups and downs. My wins and my losses but with each one I dusted myself off and kept going. It took a long grueling 6 months but I did it. I took classes, listened to podcasts, You-tube videos and webinars. I did anything that resonated with my soul. Getting my voice back was not easy. Then I met Sheena. This was exactly what I needed and the universe brought us together. You see each of these women and come up in my life several times but taking the leap was not easy for me. Picking up the phone and calling a stranger was impossible. Speaking up for what I want took more than what I had at the time. So the universe literally placed her in the exact place I was with Luly B. I met Sheen and we connected instantly. I told her that I had know about her for a while and want to become a hypnotherapist. Oh shit yes, the words came out of my mouth. We talked and once again I took another huge leap. I invested in the education I knew I needed to help more people. It was hard as crap to spend this money I didn’t have. I didn’t have the courage to tell my husband about it. But I did. I said it, I paid for it and I waited. This has been the most fantastic weekend. Yes it has been hard. I’m on day 6 of 14 straight days of work. But I’m doing something that lights up my soul. I’m connecting with people and helping them find their truth, their path and their future. That is what hypnosis did for me. Hypnosis gave me my voice. It gave me the voice that I had deep down inside. It emerged my goddess from her deep dark hole. I am shinning bright now. I am offering hypnosis for FREE for a limited time. I invite you to a Discovery Call with me. You have nothing to lose.

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    Pelvic Floor Muscles

    The pelvic floor muscles are essential to reduce stress, anxiety and tension. I didn’t realize this until my libido came back. It was a process of feeding my body right, focusing on supplementation and fitness but I fought back and won. I had lived with low libido for most of my marriage. It dropped off sometime after the honeymoon. I wanted to be interested in sex but I just was too sick to care. I always felt awful and libido goes with that. If you don’t feel happy, healthy and alive, its hard to be motivated for sex. Well once I felt better and the motivation came. I began to learn my pelvic floor muscles, the female anatomy and how the body works. Female symptoms of urinary incontinence, prolapse uterus and overactive bladder are no joke. Tomorrow, I am live on All Health TV talking about this very issue. I teach women how to regain muscle tone, enhance libido and reconnect with themselves mind-body-soul. There is nothing better than a Happy Wife. Happy Wife, Happy Life!!! Watch Replay at 9pm EST.

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    Anxiety is real

    Anxiety is real and not easy. Life is stressful enough add anxiety to the mix and life becomes overwhelming. Anxiety creates physical and emotional obstacles in your path. You might not realize the impact they have on your life, until to step back take a look. I have suffered from anxiety since childhood. It is a common problem in my family and it isn’t easy to tackle alone. My health journey helped me reduce the symptoms but the emotional background was the hardest part to tackle. The emotional background requires in depth reflection and reconnecting with your intuition in a deep manner. It can lead to panic attacks in random situations throughout your life. Tackling this pain was my final path in my holistic health journey. Its the most rewarding journey you will ever take because it opens up the gates for your creativity and future abundance. Learning to understand the underlying emotions and feelings that trigger your intense reaction. I have had several panic attacks this year and each one has been easier to combat. Learning your body, its reaction and the cause of the problem helps you transform your reaction and your future. Transformational regressions and hypnosis helped me reconnect with my soul and understand my inner child. The child that became scared so long ago and hid her emotions and feelings from the world. The little girl was hiding and bottling up her emotions throughout my life. These emotions built up into chronic illness and adult disease. It doesn’t have to be that hard to live a life you love and enjoy. If I would have known years ago the power of emotional healing my life would have been very different. It has been amazing to tackle the emotions head on and learn to transform my future. It is amazing to see that I am helping people transform their futures by tackling their emotional trauma. It transforms your physical and emotional health to potentiate all of your amazing abilities to succeed in life. I have one friend that I helped realize her childhood trauma was impacting her career path and now she is on the path to success. So I tell you, give it a try the consultation and first regression is free. You have nothing to lose except your pain. Give me a call. I have lived it and experienced the relief. You will be amazed.