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Psoriasis truly sucks and the unsightly spots impact self-esteem. Flare ups can come out of the blue and target any part of your body. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease triggered T cells that travel to the skin to attack.  The skin becomes over active and swollen as skin begins to pile up and develop patches of scaly skin.

The common causes of psoriasis are:

  • Poor diet
  • Overactive immune system
  • Emotional stress
  • Poor small intestine permeability
  • Bad protein digestion
  • Genetics
  • Poor liver function
  • Vitamin D deficiency
  • Hormonal changes
  • Increased T cells floating in the bloodstream attacking the dermis and epidermis

Some people develop large patches at joints or scattered patches throughout the body.  There are different types of psoriasis.  Studies show a link between leaky gut and psoriasis.  In my case, I have leaky gut, food allergies, stress and anxiety that impacts my break outs.  Looking at the common causes of psoriasis basically puts my weaknesses to light.  I have 8 of the 10 common causes which means I really need to tackle the problem.  My breakouts have changed over the years.  During periods of extreme stress, like my wedding, I develop patches at my hairline and scalp.  My nails have always been weak and scaly.  I have always gotten scattered tiny red spots around my body.  This past month the quantity of these tiny spots has increased and spread from my head to my toes.  I have spots on my face, neck, chest, back, torso and legs.  The worst breakouts have occurred all over my face.  The patches are red, swollen, itchy and unsightly.  As the days progress my face gets more red, blotchy and swollen.  The patches will worsen if I don’t fight back quickly.  These last few weeks, I have had multiple flare ups and blotchy days.  This week was the worst of all with patches on my nose, forehead, jawline, cheeks and hairline.  It is time for me to fact back fast and hard.  I have reached a point in my life that I refuse to use steroids or prescriptions to tackle my health issues.  My body has enough stress to deal with adding a prescription and side effects is not an option. So I tackle it using holistic health strategies and natural remedies.

Here are the images of my most recent flare up:

Saturday Morning    11.24.18                                                Sunday Morning 11.25.18


Natural treatments for psoriasis:

  • Hydrate- drink plenty of water
  • Reduce stress- meditation, yoga, stretching, deep breathing and mindfulness
  • Exercise – reduce stress and remove toxins throughout the body
  • Natural topical remedies- essential oils, aloe, avocado oil, tea tree oil and Oregon grape extract.
  • Homeopathic treatments, acupuncture and ayurvedic medicine.
  • Psoriasis diet
  • Salicylic acid

Salicylic acid is a great way to dry up the psoriasis, remove the dead skin and reduce the redness.  I notice huge difference in just a few treatments.  Using essential oils remedies helps soothe and moisturize the skin but the salicylic acid is the most effective treatment I have done.  Salicylic acid is sold in facial soaps, body wash, shampoo and facial peels.  The strength of the acid ranges but they are all effective.  I used 3% shampoo this week, scrubbing all my scaly skin and scalp.  I allowed it to penetrate the scalp and skin for 5 minutes then rinsed.  Since my redness was at extreme heights I reapplied it again.  Using this several times a day helps speed the recovery and remove the scaly skin quickly. I woke up the next day and my face was no longer red and blotchy. I only had light pink patches on my face and neck today.  But my problem is far from over, it’s time to treat the root cause fast.

Tackling the true root cause of the problem with stress reduction, supplementation and diet.  You see if you don’t target the actual cause of the inflammation the problem will continue to flare up.  I realize my diet has been less than ideal lately.  I also have not been compliant with my Omega 3 and probiotic supplements.

Psoriasis diet is important to reduce the inflammation throughout the body.   Leaky gut syndrome causes poorly digested food to travel through the bloodstream throughout the body and attack the skin causing psoriasis to flare.  Leaky gut also can lead to a variety of other health issues like migraine headaches, muscle pain, chronic fatigue, anxiety and depression.  Eliminating inflammatory foods from your diet involves identifying your harmful foods.  Diary has never been my friend, even though I love to eat it.  Dairy causes constipation, gas and psoriasis flare ups.  I am also sensitive to sugar and sweets which it turns out flare up psoriasis as well.  It is essential to avoid foods that trigger symptoms like, fried food, simple sugars, conventional dairy, hydrogenated oils, processed foods and alcohol.

Psoriasis diet:

  • Probiotic foods – this enhances digestion, removes toxins, boosts the immune system and reduces inflammation. (kombucha, cultured kefir and fermented vegetables)
  • Aloe- soothes the skin and digestive tract to enable healing.
  • High fiber foods – reduce constipation and support healthy digestion to detox the digestive tract. (Fruits, beans, vegetables and seeds)
  • Wild-caught fish
  • High antioxidant foods
  • Zinc – reduces pain and inflammation. (grass-fed beef, lamb, kefir, chickpeas and pumpkin seeds)
  • Vitamin A – essential for skin healing (fruits and vegetables that are orange, yellow and dark green: mango, watermelon, carrots, kale and collard greens)
  • Raw dairy – rich in enzymes and vitamin D (I’m skipping this one)
  • Herbs & spices – provide an anti-inflammatory effect and filled with antioxidants. Pile on the turmeric.

Getting the right balance of nutrients can be hard with just diet alone. Supplementation with high quality supplements enhances healing and promote quicker recovery.

Supplements to support healing:

  • Fish oil –(1,000-2,000 grams daily) Omega 3 fatty acid with vitamin D3 to reduce inflammation, enhance immune system function and aid skin healing.
  • Hydrochloric acid (1-3 capsules with meals) – aids in protein digestion and reduce flare ups
  • Milk thistle (250 milligrams three times a day) enhances liver detox and reduce cellular growth
  • Probiotics (6 billion daily) enhance digestion by increasing good bacteria in the digestive tract.  The probiotic I use enhances immune function, promotes gut integrity, builds flora and promotes brain gut connection with its unique controlled-release technology.

Essential oil remedies:

  • Tea tree oil – promotes healthy immune system while cleansing and rejuvenating skin
  • Frankincense oil– rejuvenates skin and reduces blemishes
  • Myrr oil- helps sooth skin, cleansing and promotes youthful skin
  • Cedarwood- relaxing and soothing aroma and promotes healthy clear skin
  • Lavender- promotes calm, relaxation and enhances speedy skin recovery
  • Geranium- calming, stress reduction qualities and promotes healthy skin
  • Roman chamomile- calming and soothing effect on mind, body and skin
  • Thyme- purifies and cleanses skin
  • Bergamot- reduce tension and stress while promoting clear skin
  • Helichyrsum- increases localized blood flow and promotes rapid skin healing.

These essential oils are all safe to use topically without dilution.  Creating blends enhances the benefits by combing a variety of oils with carrier oils.  Coconut oil or avocado oil are great carrier oil options.  They promote skin healing by hydrating skin and reducing inflammation.  Using blends helps facilitate using oils by creating personalized blends that are easy to use quickly and carry with you.  I used avocado oil to create my blend, combining a variety of oils with 15 ml of carrier oil.  I added 5 drops of each oil into the carrier oil.  You can easily combine all of the oils together or use the ones you have on hand.

My Psoriasis Blend

Avocado oil – 15 ml

Tea tree oil – 5 drops

Lavender oil – 5 drops

Bergamot oil- 5 drops

Helichyrsum- 5 drops

Roman chamomile- 5 drops

Frankincense oil- 5 drops


Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition and will be a life-long struggle but they key is learning your body, trigger foods and strategies to fight back.  The psoriasis diet and supplementation will help keep you on track and reduce symptoms.  Keeping salicylic acid on hand and using peels periodically on psoriasis spots will tackle the problem on the spot. Using essential oils helps hydrate and soothe the skin to promote healing.  Remember to eat healthy, exercise, stress reduction strategies and use supplementation to support a healthy lifestyle and support your immune system.

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Pregnancy Support

Pregnancy and fertility can be difficult for women.  Fertility is impacted by a multitude of factors including diet, fitness, stress level, genetics, medications, ovulation, infections and more.  Some women face a variety of struggles with fertility.  I had difficulty conceiving my first child.  I had tried for 9 months, then finally decided to read a book about fertility.  The book was called “Taking Charge of Your Fertility.”  I had several friends that had used it.  I had already scheduled an appointment with a fertility specialist but the appointment was 2 months away.  I started taking my temperature every day and keeping track.  The book helped me understand my ovulation and menstrual cycle.  I made sure that after intercourse on ovulation days, I remained in bed for 20 minutes.  I did this for 2 months, and when I went to see the doctor, guess what I was pregnant.  It is also important to ensure you are feeding your body healthy foods, exercising and taking time for you.  These techniques help relax your body, reduce stress and feed nutrients that will support the infant.  If I could turn back the clock,  I would have taken nutrients that could stop the damage that occurs during pregnancy and repair my body.  Of course, at the time, I had not had an idea of the health decline that would come after my pregnancies.  If someone would have shared with me the benefits of activating the Nrf2 during pregnancy, it would have made a huge difference in my health.  It would have given my body the nutrients it needed to repair itself and reduce the cellular stress that was multiplying every second.  Based on my experience I know the pregnancies placed a huge impact on my health decline and eventual health crisis.

The female body undergoes a variety of additional stressors during pregnancy.  The body creates an environment to grow and nurture and infant.  My body was already experiencing some digestive issues, chronic pain and other problems at the time.  Thankfully, the pregnancy went well but it wrecked havoc on my body.  My health continued to progressively get worse and eventually I needed to remove my gallbladder.  My health continued to have issues but miraculously 3 years later, I was pregnant again.  This time, I did not have to try at all. We were planning to begin trying and I found out I was already pregnant. After my second son, my health worsened exponentially.  After each child, I breast fed them each for 1 year.  This continued to place more priority on the baby than myself.  I was feeding the babies every nutrient I had and my body just couldn’t absorb more.  I had severe IBS that progressively worsened until I developed leaky gut.  I had told doctors many times that my body was not absorbing nutrients and that was why my hair was falling and other symptoms were multiplying.  Unfortunately, conventional medicine was not the answer, and I had not figured that out yet.  Essentially, I had placed priority nutritional support for my children for approximately 3 years and 6 months.  Now, think about this, we are built to carry babies and feed them.  But we are not necessarily equipped to maintain optimal nutrition and health for ourselves during this process.  I have seen a multitude of women that have gone through the same issues. Progressively their health changed after each child until chronic illness developed.  This health decline is easily preventable by activating the Nrf2 pathway, which goes dormant at 20 years of age.  Essentially, our bodies were born with the ability to do this, but then it just stops.  If you activate this pathway your body can repair itself, every single day.    So, I tell you this, if you could prevent this damage, would you?  Would you take the opportunity to learn more? Ask me how?

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Make the Best of It!

Have you heard the saying, “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”  Let’s talk about having the health of a “lemon” aka always sick, pain, having surgeries and taking medications.  That was me, my husband married a lemon.  That was the joke for years, I was a defective “lemon.”  Over the years, I had developed a ton of genetic illnesses from my parents.  I had severe IBS and reflux (my father has Chron’s Disease, reflux and IBS).   I had chronic pain and fatigue (my mom has EDS III, fibromyalgia and issues with Right side of body).   I was taking tons of prescriptions daily in my 20’s and 30’s.  I was sick all the time, taking antibiotics, pain killers, antacids, proton-pump inhibitors (Nexium), muscle relaxants, anti-spasmodics (Bentyl) and nerve medications (Lyrica).  I was literally falling apart and each medication made things worse.   The joke was that being the last child (7 years after my siblings) for some reason made me a lemon.  I had developed all those genetic weaknesses that my parents developed as adults.  So let’s think of advanced maternal age and the developing infant.  It is well known that advanced maternal age is linked to Down Syndrome and genetic anomalies.  This is because as we age, our bodies develop inflammation and oxidative stress, which alters our genetic makeup including the sperm and ovum.  Essentially, it triggers are bad genes to turn on and inflammation to increae.  Therefore, being the product of an older than ideal sperm and ovum, I developed with a predetermined genetic makeup that was less than ideal.  My body was created under the influence of oxidative stress, 40 years ago this was not know or even imagined.  Then introduce, processed foods, environmental factors and more stress into the body of a developing child with a weak genetic makeup.  The impact is huge, a weak body with oxidative stress and bad genes will develop into an adult with chronic health conditions. I experienced this very phenomenon, first hand.  It took me 40 years of learning my body and identifying my food and environmental triggers.  No Doctor was able to figure me out.  I went to countless doctors over the years to identify my condition, they only patched me up with a surgery or new prescription.  No one ever treated the root cause of the problem.  This is the issue with western medicine, it is not designed to treat the person as a “WHOLE” or to identify the “root cause.”  It is designed to apply a bandage and move to the next patient.  It took my disease and my career as an Special Educator and Registered Nurse to apply my knowledge and experiences in my own healing process.  Let’s make my explanation simple, I was a fragile lemon.  Stress impacted my body by bruising and damaging the inside and outside.  By treating the root cause, inflammation and oxidative stress, the bruising and internal damage improved progressively.  Now, I am delicious lemonade instead of a sick lemon.  So what does that mean for you?  It is important to identify your genetic weakness, your medical predispositions, allergies and triggers.  The easiest way to heal quickly is activating the Nrf2 pathway for your body to heal itself.  This will remove the free radicals, toxins and oxidative stress from you body, to treat the “root cause” of your genetic weakness.  Then, during the healing phase you will be able to identify your triggers and allergens to create the right diet for you.  Not everyone is meant to eat everything, each individual has food sensitivities and triggers that create symptoms.  It is important to pay attention to those symptoms and treat your body naturally.  Embrace the power of your body and accept that symptoms are there to warn you of a problem.  Don’t make my mistake and cover them up with prescriptions and surgeries.  This will only wreck havoc on your body and eventually your body will spiral into illness.  My holistic journey incorporated acupuncture, Nrf2 pathway activation, essential oils, yoga, exercise.  I am here to support you in your journey.  Let me guide you through the healing.  I can relate to my clients because of my personal experiences and backgrounds to develop a holistic plan that is right for you.  Schedule your FREE consultation today.  You have nothing to lose, I’m here to help YOU!

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Essential oils

Essential oils provide a multitude of health benefits.  I used to be huge on essential oils and for some reason lost my passion.  Over time, I became so preoccupied with the hustle and bustle of life and building a business that I stopped using my essential oils.   I remember a year ago, I used to come home fill my infuser with oils while I was cooking.  The kids would swing by the infuser and inhale some yummy vapors and critique or praise the aroma.  I also used to do some deep breathing while I did some yoga a stretches.  It was wonderful to smell the clean and fresh aromas in my house throughout the afternoon and evening.  I lost my focus because life got in the way.  I am making decision to focus again and a conscious effort to keep essential oils with me.

I attended the Holistic Health Coach course last weekend and was reminded of all the spectacular benefits of essential oils. It was very interesting to learn the benefit of certain oils in relieving symptoms, stress and anxiety.  I learned the significant difference between using any oil vs. high quality pure essential oils.  Some oils can be filled with pesticides or harmful chemicals.  These particles enter the body causing symptoms and damage.  It is important to follow directions on using oils for topical and oral use.  Another interesting fact I learned was doTerra essential oils have high quality standards and research studies for their products.  They also “cold press” there essential oils to ensure pureness, quality and fragrance is preserved.  As a nurse, research and quality are huge requirements for supplements, food, medications, products and essential oils.  I realized the importance of quality and research after my health struggles.  I realized that harmful chemicals and additives were causing me symptoms and illness. It became very important to read labels for all products that I ingest or expose to my skin.  I am highly allergic and sensitive to creams, lotions, soaps and even paper products.  The fact that doTerra has such high quality standards, was a huge inspiration for me.  I knew the importance of essential oils but had not looked into research and quality until now.  During my holistic course, I was experiencing right arm pain, neck pain and migraine.  I truly enjoyed the aromas from the infuser during the course.  I also loved the “Deep blue” essential oil and cream.  I applied the cream to my entire right arm and shoulder.  The smell was subtle, clean and delicious.   There were no obvious stinky muscle rub odors or strong burning sensations on my skin.  My skin felt hydrated and invigorated as the cream absorbed in my skin.  I also applied the oil to my temple, wrist and forearm for the migraine headache.  I was pleasantly surprised during the course my arm relaxed, the tension in my muscles was relieved and my headache was gone. I didn’t take any oral medications with me, so I would typically be stuck with that headache and arm pain all day. I was very thankful because I really wanted to concentrate and learn.

Now, back to why I love essential oils.  As many of you know, I suffer from anxiety and stress.  Truthfully who doesn’t in the busy and crazy society.  We are always balancing tons of obstacles on a daily basis and things can definitely get stressful.  I use essential oils to enhance my mood, reduce stress, reduce anxiety, stomach upset, improve digestion and reduce pain.  The truth is essential oils can be used for any symptoms.  They can be easily integrated into your daily routine.  You can use a diffuser or infuser to spread the wonderful scents in a room.  You can apply them to jewelry and enjoy the benefits throughout the day.  You can carry them in a bag and apply as needed.  You can keep some on your nightstand or desk.  Essential oils can offer you a natural alternative to those OTC prescriptions and in some cases allow you to reduce your prescription medications.  Always remember medications should be reduced and weaned with the supervision of a Physician.

My favorite essential oil: Deep blue- because of the variety of powerful benefits I experienced

What is your favorite essential oil?

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Hypochondriac, no way! I was Super Sick.

The fact is I have suffered from chronic pain, fatigue, infections, digestive issues and much more.  My symptoms started in childhood and progressed throughout my life.  I remember going to my doctor in my teenage years and he called me a HYPOCONDRIAC.  I wanted to kill they guy (not literally of course) but I was upset and absolutely frustrated.  I knew my symptoms were not in my head. I had been suffering for years and this was not an acceptable response for me.  That was the last time I saw that doctor.  I decided to advocate for me and find a different primary doctor.  Over the years, I have been to countless primary doctors and specialists to diagnose and treat all my problems.  As the years passed my prescriptions and surgeries multiplied.  The good thing was doctors were trying to help me but the solutions weren’t getting to the root of the problem.  In my 20s, I began to realize that my symptoms were mirror images of my mom, but way more rapid and progressive.  I had undergone a ton of surgeries, the biggest one was my reflux surgery.   In my 20s, I had seen a bunch of gastroenterologist and undergone countless tests.  My reflux was so severe, it would burn my sinus and vocal cords regularly.  The tests proved that my esophagus was always opened and my doctor was concerned about future pregnancies with this issue.  I had a wrap surgery to repair the esophageal flap and reduce reflux, and new symptoms started to arise. After the surgery, the reflux was better but gas was trapped in my abdomen, I couldn’t vomit or belch.  Thus, my IBS began to progress and worsen.  By the time I was in my 30s, I was taking 13 prescriptions and feeling like crap every day.  I woke up tired, achy and filled with pain. My IBS was intense and while i was working the the Pediatric Ed, I lost 30 pounds in a few months because of it. Doctor’s told me stop dairy, do the FODMAP diet, etc.  But I wasn’t ready to listen.  I didn’t want to accept that diet was the issue, I loved food too much. I got to the point that I could not eat anything, not even saltine crackers.  I ended up hospitalized once again to run more tests.  I was a regular at the Adult Emergency Room and usually became sick during stressful workdays.  At this point, they thought I had Crohn’s or Ulcerative colitis but the tests just couldn’t verify it. My father has Crohn’s Disease, I have a few other loved ones with Crohn’s disease and I know my autoimmune leaky Gut acts like Crohn’s.  I have tried to tell my story and help them but some people just aren’t ready to listen.  I have learned that some people need to reach a breaking point or crisis to make a life change.  It is not easy to make a lifestyle change and people need to be ready for it.  I am writing my story to spread the benefits of healing the GUT.  HEAL the GUT = Improved Immune System, Better Digestion and Less Pain).  #HEALTHYGUT My doctor told me at this point, I had to leave the Pediatric Emergency Room, it was taking a toll on my health and it was only going to get worse.  My time in the Pediatric ER was rewarding and painful at the same time.  I developed friendships that I treasure to this day, we might have lost track or moved away, but I still love everyone of them.  I thank them for guiding me in your nursing journey and helping me through my illness.  I would love to reunite with the Old School BCH Peds ED Team. I would love to reconnect each of them and thank them personally.  I am not “Debbie Downer” or “BUBBLE GIRL”  #BUBBLEGIRL Thankfully, my manager had noticed my health decline and offered me a desk job following up on patients.  It was the best move ever.  It didn’t solve my health issues but definitely reduced my stress levels.  My journey to finding health was still in the inception phase.  I knew that a lot of my health issues were linked to poor nutrient absorption from my IBS and reflux surgery.  I told countless doctors this fact and according to them all my labs were always perfect.  How can all my labs be perfect? How can I feel this sick every day and be fine?  Nope, I am not accepting this, I am going to figure myself out. I went to dermatologists for HAIR LOSS, since High School. If you knew me then you remember my hair it was super thick gorgeous long hair. I will find a picture of that, Senior Picture, St. Brendan High School Class of 96′. After high school, my health became a spiral of illness and diseases.  Don’t laugh but go to my doctor, any doctor and look at my file, its huge, like an encyclopedia.  My medical records are BOOKS people literally the size of an encyclopedia.  My favorite primary after the Doctor that broke my heart was Dr. Arguelles.  Dr. Arguelles, was amazing and truly cared about me. I thank him for listening and acknowledging my pain and for empowering me to find my health.  I went to his office recently and left packet about the little yellow pill but wasn’t able to see him.  I really want to reconnect with him. I wish my insurance would not have changed, I would have liked to share the rest of my journey with him.  I am a complete 360 degree different girl, no longer Bubble girl.  I am the new and improved vivacious Diane Vich.   I have energy, memory, strength, happiness and most importantly LIBIDO.

Is your libido important to YOU?

Hello ladies, how important is your libido.  Mine is very important, I think it is important to many people, men and women alike. Everyone has these desires but are you TOO TIRED, STRESSED and Anxious in our stressful society.  I used to be exhausted every day and heck no, I did not want to have sex.  I would go to bed because I had a headache, pain or exhaustion.  Sex was not my priority and I know I was not meeting my husbands desires.  But who could be interested when you felt like SHIT every day.  Fast forward to 2018, I have been on the little yellow pill for a year now.  I will give you the details of my nutrient-rich regimen later. The fact is our food does not have the exact nutrients we need to stay younger, healthier and more active.  Don’t you want to die doing something fun, like I don’t know relaxing on the beach.  I am working towards doing just that, I am going to be the sexy grandma that does yoga and looks FABULOUS.  Do you know her? I’ve met a few and hell yes, they take care of themselves or they have awesome GENES.  The fact is my genes were crap because I had fed my body the wrong foods and no nutrients for 30+ years, it activated my bad genes, this is what happens in your body when you develop Diabetes, Cancer, Lupus, etc.  These are all triggered by the expression of your bad genes from the damage your body has incurred over your life.  I suggest taking the little yellow pill because I used to have tight muscles all the time before, muscle cramps, injuries, bursitis, nerve damage, etc.  I am now very flexible and able to drain my lymphatic system every day. I can not say Protandim is a cure for any disease or illness but it reduced the inflammation and stress that triggered my body to develop this progressive illness.  My true secret is the Vitality stack, looking back now at all my doctors visits and money spent on medications.  I was spending much more on crap, now I am investing in my HEALTH, I am spending money on me.  I Deserve it, I want it and I am worth every penny.  It is the mentality of health prevention instead of prescription pushing and doctor visits.

THE SUPPLEMENT KEY: Since October 2017, I have been taking the little yellow pill combo pack (Omega for my BRAIN, skin and NERVES), Probiotic (Gut health and immune system), NRF1 (MEMORY, energy and sleep) and NrF2 (Cell repair, REMOVE TOXINS, LIBIDO).

Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Everyone wants to know how its possible to reignite your Libido after 30.  Well it is possible, the fact is if your body is detoxing daily, reducing stress and relaxed, you are in the best state for enjoying sex.  And guess what, sex helps you release more toxins through vaginal and penile ejaculation.  Yep women ejaculate too.  It is natural process for a healthy vivacious female body to ejaculate, thus releasing stress, enhancing relaxation and promoting sleep.  Before the little yellow pill, I did not want sex, hardly ever.  Now, I can have sex every day. Sometimes a few times a day.  How about you?

Do you want to have Bigger & Better Orgasms?

Did you know something as simple as stretching combined with nutrient-rich supplementation can enhance libido?   I will teach each lady how to engage her own unique precious body to target and relax her muscles.  In my Private class, I will teach you key stretches to promote relaxation and enhance libido. Free Sexy Saturday Calls at 10am.  Write a comment or send me a message to get more information for the Free Call.  I want to thank Luly B. for all her inspiration, motivation and support.  I would not be spreading this story without her guidance.  I was stuck in my Bubble hiding my story, I wanted to share but felt ashamed or unsure of myself,  Luly helped me find my voice and share the truth of my pain and healing.  I also want to thank BNI and BNI Gables Rainmakers for welcoming me into your community.  I absolutely love waking up to see you all Wednesday mornings, it isn’t a hardship for me to wake up extra early and share my story.

Back to My medical history BOOKs, each doctor has a BOOK unique to their profession detailing my non-hypochondriac issues.  I actually am dying to read my files at all my Doctors, what the heck were all my symptoms, I remember some, the more prominent ones but I am sure there were more.  I looked at my HUGE file last week, during my visit with Dr. Guell for my annual.  Ladies you need to go to your annual pelvic & mammogram, this prevents cervical cancer and other issues. I might have spent my life at doctors before, but now, I only go to my annual.  Of course, I go to my annuals for all my specialists, which is quite a few. My gastroenterologist Dr. Angel Veloso and Dr Alexander Veloso-(hubbies bestie). My gastroenterologist is married to one of my best friends and personal psychologist bestie, Dr. Elda Kanski-Veloso.  I love each and every one of them and thank them personally for my journey to wellness.  There were some doctors that failed me, those that hurt my soul and broke me down, specially the statement “hypochondriac.”  I know your name and so does my mom.  I won’t say your name as respect to my parents.  Most of my doctors remain the same. I have had to change my primary 3 times over the years (1 because he called me a hypochondriac).

Let’s get down to the facts, my copayment for any Physician is $50 a visit and my prescription co-payments range from $10 to $50 and add all those harmful OTC vitamins and antioxidants I used to take. Add this shit up people, If I was going to 5 doctors a year approximately 6 times each, that is 30 visits a year at $1,500 (it was more but lets keep it simple).  Now, add $1,500 plus copayments and OTC stuff, that is over $2,000 and I was only getting worse. Then my holistic journey began, oh boy was that expensive, I spent $10,000+ in 6 months getting IV glutathione, Vitamin C and individualized treatments.  Little did I know there was a less expensive alternative waiting for me. Fast forward to now, my little yellow pill combo pack costs me $150 a mont , and its healing my body, why would I want to spend the same money and go to the doctor. Heck no, I’m not a hypochondriac, my symptoms were all real and I can honestly say they are pretty much all gone.  Those that linger are rare and fare between.  So there it is I spend LESS now $1,800 on keeping myself healthy than $2,000 in copayments and junk.  This is a HUGE difference from Chronic Pain (right side of body), Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, EDS III, ACL repair, GERD, IBS, Frequent UTIs, Frequent Yeast infections, Severe Menstrual Cramps, Allergies to pollen+, Allergies to creams and lotions, Allergies to FOODs, Latex Allergy (aka Condoms and gloves), Vaginal Sensitivity (Soaps, tampons, maxi-pads), Underarm sensitivity (deodorant), Labial Abscess, Bartholind Cyst (OUCH!), Migraines, TMJ, Periodontal Disease, Biliary dyskinesiaFrequent Sinus infections, Nerve damage, Piriformis syndrome, Sciatica, Hip tear, Thyroid nodules, Syncope and Fibroids. To Name a Few Lol, that is a mouth full isn’t it.

Now I want you to think about your current situation.  How do you feel? How much are you spending on doctors and medications?  Is it truly helping you feel better?  Are you spending more time at doctors than enjoying life?

Now Repeat after Me: I Deserve it, I want it and I am worth every penny! So what is stopping you from living the healthy, energetic, vivacious life of your dreams.