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    Sciatica from Hell

    Sciatica is nerve pain that radiates from the lower back down the leg. In my case, the sciatic pain ran down my entire leg to my foot. I had it primarily on the right side but sometimes symptom did arise on the left. It is a complex and painful issue. After countless doctors appointments, specialist and pain killers, the issue continued to persist. After a visit with a hip surgeon for hip and sciatic pain, I was diagnosed with piriformis syndrome. I was clueless about this condition. He suggested an injection to this muscle under floroscopy. The piriformis is a muscle in your buttocks, surrounded by nerves and can be complicated. In my case it was a little complicated. After the procedure, you rest for 20 minutes before walking around. Guess, what happened. I stood up and walked like a fool. I couldn’t use my right leg and almost fell. The numbness continued but I was able to walk with help and was able to leave because the doctor new I was a nurse and promised to ambulate with help. That was a pretty scary day. The symptoms improved but like all the injections over the years, it was temporary. The pain returned time after time, until the little yellow pill and chiropractor adjustments. You see I have a misaligned hip, one was chronically lower than the other pinching my sciatic nerve. I underwent Chiropractic treatments 6-8 times a month for many months and the problem continued. Then something changed, after 4 months of the little yellow pill the pain subsided and flare ups were minimal. Then my chiropractor noticed I hadn’t needed hip adjustments in 6 months and asked me what had changed. I said, the little yellow pill. I can’t claim that this is a cure, treat, mitigate or prevent disease but I can tell you the root cause of disease is oxidative stress.  I can tell you treating the underlying cause of the issue, sciatica or other chronic pain is essential for true healing.  The inflammation and nerve pain in all my sites of chronic pain was gone. I was finally able to exercise, stretch and work without feeling numbness down my leg. It felt so good to be pain free, I decided to share with my mom, who also suffered sciatic pain. I was not surprised when her chronic pain also subsided.

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