Biohacking my body

    What is biohacking? Biohacking is the process of making lifestyle in order to “hack” your body’s genes and feel healthier.  The process of improving your health with nutrition, fitness and supplementation to reach your optimal health potential.  

    As I spoke about in my blog post: “You are what you eat!” I found this truth out the hard way. I spent my youth and young adult life eating junk food, artificial sugars and lack of fruits and vegetables. Over the years, my Illness and pain constantly sent me to the doctor and increased my prescription medications. After two children the illness was extreme and I knew I had to change my life for my family. It was essential for me to establish a healthier lifestyle and spread it to my family as well. I started with an elimination diet, slowly stopped my prescription medication and incorporated a fitness routine.

    I didn’t know I was biohacking at the time. I actually didn’t learn about biohacking until 2017, after five years of changing my lifestyle. In 2017, I was feeling much better, no more frequent urinary tract infections or chronic sinus infections. I still had my IBS symptoms, body pain and migraines, which lead me to learn about biohacking. I also went to a Geneticist who diagnosed me with EDS III, finally confirming my suspicion that I was suffering from a genetic issue with the same symptoms as my mother. I was right but the fact was there is no treatment for EDS III, no miracle prescription. I learned that diet and fitness were essential to improve my symptoms. I knew my body still had absorption issues due to my leaky gut and severe GERD (which I operated on my 20’s). I was looking for a supplement that could help my body heal from the repeated damage I had accumulated over my earlier years.

    Biohacking also has an emotional component because our thoughts and life stress impact our health. I was also under a lot of stress and anxiety when I began my journey and sought out help with a clinical psychologist. There is nothing wrong with talking about your problems and stress with an educated person. They help put your life into perspective and guide your transition.

    Biohacking involves combating stress from everything our bodies endure including food, radiation, toxins, physical movement and emotions.

    After trying a multitude of OTC supplements without improvement,, I decided to call my friend Daisy. She has Multiple Sclerosis and had been combating her symptoms with a supplement for 4 years. I was finally ready to learn more. She told me about Protandim and showed me the video, which was an eye-opener for me. My eye opener

    I began taking the supplement and began seeing changes within 3 months. I had more energy, better sleep and memory. My chronic pain started to significantly improve every day. After 5 months my nerve pain and numbness had disappeared.  Thus my journey to spread the news of the benefits of nutrigenomics to impact health and wellness.

    Research on the Science

    I used my research to find diseases and conditions impacted by oxidative stress.  There are 23 peer-reviewed studies on Protandim and a multitude of studies on oxidative stress.  The studies are funded by many prestigious universities. Some examples are Harvard, University of Florida and Washington State University.  Washington State University conducted a study on the Nrf2 pathway activation. The study identified that Nrf2 pathway activation is a revolutionary advancement in health prevention and wellness.  Protandim is the only company with 7 patents on a natural product that stimulates the activation of the Nrf2 pathway.  This pathway enables your body to create its own enzymes (SOD, Catalase and Glutathione). These enzymes decrease with age which impacts our disease process and aging.   Our bodies are now able to combat free radical damage by activating the Nrf2 pathway with Protandim.

    Let’s get Down to the Benefits of Biohacking

    ♥️Improve performance through energy production
    ♥️Enhance cellular health—cells function at peak performance
    ♥️Increase cellular energy (ATP)
    ♥️Promote better sleep quality and promotes cellular repair
    ♥️Boost mitochondria production and their ability to network
    ♥️Slow cellular aging by supporting chromosome integrity

    ♥️Reducing oxidative stress by 40% in just 30 days
    ♥️Significantly reducing cellular stress through Nrf2 activation
    ♥️Producing enzymes capable of neutralizing more than 1,000,000 free radicals
    ♥️Helping to regulate survival genes
    ♥️Helping the body repair and rejuvenate its own cells
    ♥️Helping the body detoxify genes, keeping the master blueprint of the cell’s function intact

    My Benefits with The Little Yellow Pill Dual

    ♥️Reduced anxiety
    ♥️Improved skin tone, firmness and younger looking skin
    ♥️Reduced inflammation, nerve pain and muscle pain
    ♥️Repair and rejuvenate cells
    ♥️ Decreased fatigue
    ♥️Promote cellular repair
    ♥️Enhance daily performance and energy levels
    ♥️Father recovery from exercise
    ♥️ Reduced stress and better coping
    ♥️Improved sleep quality

    ♥️Increased libido and better orgasms

    Let’s sum it up

    Free radicals can be overwhelming and eventually lead to serious health concerns which I personally experienced in my 30s. That is not typical most people start feeling health decline in 40s and 50s. The benefits of having seen in my body are exponential. I feel healthier, energetic, flexible and relaxed in my 40s, than ever before. Biohacking my body has helped me get my life back. I can’t claim that this is a cure, treat, mitigate or prevent disease but I can tell you the root cause of disease is oxidative stress.  I can tell you that treating oxidative stress is the only way to get to the root cause of disease and illness. Call me to learn more…