Stretching and Relaxation

    Stretching and relaxation techniques help relieve tense muscles, pain and promote rest.

    I incorporate stretching and yoga into my daily routine.  I learned to incorporate these techniques after suffering from chronic pain for more than 20 years.  I realized stretching combined with deep breathing reduced my recovery time and pain.  It also became a staple for a restful nights sleep.  I try to stretch throughout the day and before bed.  Through stretching and yoga,  I have learned to listen to my body and focus on the areas that are sore or tight.  My chronic pain has improved significantly with nutrigenomics but a healthy fitness and stretching routine keeps your muscles active, reduce toxins and improve circulation.

    I engage in stretching and yoga anywhere, literally.  Examples: In the park, washing dishes, brushing teeth or serving water.  It seems silly but we stand in the same position for several minutes throughout the day.  So, I decided to use my time wisely and engage myself in a little stretch.  I engage in a quick stretch while I brush my teeth.  It sounds strange I know.  But really helps incorporate more stretching into my day and promote lymphatic drainage. I don’t care what people think while I stretch, all I care about is my body and reducing tension.  So why not incorporate a routine into your day.  Would you like to see a video of my stretch routines?