Cool Sculpt

    Cool sculpt was an interesting experience. I had my procedure on June 22, 2015. I had a full abdomen procedure. The cool sculpting procedure is uncomfortable but not painful. I was there for a 4-hour treatment but with restroom breaks and repositioning, it took 5 hours.

    Each area is on the machine for 1 hour. The price depends on the size of your fat area, the company and any specials they offer. I decided the price at Ideal Image was the best from me. The staff is courteous and helpful. The procedures are performed by Registered Nurse Practitioners. For a Registered Nurse this was an essential component, I had gotten quotes at other locations but felt more comfortable with a licensed individual with professional experience.

    The first step is taking pictures of the area in various positions to cover your body 360-degree visual view. After completing the procedure, I had minor bruising. The areas looked like small hickies (or love bites lol). The skin felt strange but not painful. The skin sensation lasted several days. I applied arnica and fat girl slim lotion to the area daily. I suggest applying a firming lotion to help your skin tighten after the procedure. I also wore a girdle or compression garment over the abdomen. Using a soft fabric girdle helps with skin sensations, like numbness, sensitivity or itching.

    I had knee surgery 2 days after the procedure. During my recovery period, I did not experience pain. I did experience itching, especially at night but the girdle, ice or warmth was sufficient to relieve the sensation. After 2 weeks, I had no more sensations or discomfort. My results are pretty astonishing considering I was not exercising, and forced to rest due to knee surgery. My two-week results speak for themselves. My pre-procedure measurements are not available. My post-procedure measurements are Waist 32 inches and Hips 35 inches.


    After 6 months my abdomen was significantly improved. The hard fat was gone. The lower abdominal belly bump cool sculpt was completely successful. I did try and use a Columbian girdle regularly for the first 2 months after the procedure. I was very happy with the results and ease of the procedure.  My happy face under my belly is finally gone.  I absolutely hated that abdominal fat, so glad it is all gone.

    Now, I am almost 3 years after my cool sculpt procedure. I am still very satisfied with my results. My abdomen used to be hard fat and never experienced weight loss in that area. Now, my abdomen is soft and you can see the definition of my muscles increasing as I focus more on my abdominal strengthening. I recommend the procedure for a non-invasive alternative to reduce stubborn fat.