Oxidative Stress

    Filled with nutrient-rich compounds to support immunity, digestion, inflammation, and signs of aging.  The unique compounds active your bodies enzymes (glutathione, superoxide dismutase and catalse) that are key to reducing oxidative stress and free radical damage.  Oxidative stress occurs daily to everyone from breathing, eating and exposure.  Free radicals occur in the air, food and environment we are exposed to daily and cause damage to our cells. Some symptoms of oxidative stress are:

    • Fatigue
    • Memory loss and/or brain fog
    • Muscle and/or joint pain
    • Wrinkles and grey hair
    • Decreased eyesight
    • Headaches and sensitivity to noise
    • Susceptibility to infections

    If you have been following my blog you are aware that I exhibited all of the symptoms I listed above and much more.  I suffered from chronic fatigue, pain, severe hair loss, memory issues, brain fog, grey hair, myopia, astigmatism, severe headaches and chronic infections.  The journey to healing was a long process but it really would have been easier if I would have known about oxidative stress sooner.  It turns out that my body was suffering from severe oxidative stress and aging 10-20 years ahead of time.  The symptoms I was exhibiting are symptoms you see in adults older than 50 years of age.  I exhibited all of these issues since childhood.

    When I tell you memory issues, they were huge. Friends can tell me stories about my childhood and I have no recollections at all. That is why as an adult I focused so much on taking pictures to help me retain more memories, and use images to trigger them.  I suffered from issues with vision since childhood, progressively increasing rapidly to the point of requiring hard gas permeable contact lenses by the age of 14.  It was the only way to slow down the progression of my visual issues.  I eventually, had Lasik twice to improve my vision, which was fabulous.  In short, I had a ton of symptoms impacted by oxidative stress and allergies increasing inflammation throughout my body.  My true savior came in 2017 when I learned about oxidative stress, researched my symptoms and realized there was a natural way to fight back.

    I began using the little yellow pill at the time and now its almost a year.  I can’t claim that this is a cure, treat, mitigate or prevent disease but I can tell you the root cause of disease is oxidative stress. I can tell you that treating oxidative stress is the only way to get to the root cause of disease and illness.  I can actually say, my symptoms are all better.  My hair is fuller and thicker.  My headaches are less frequent though still linked to diet and allergies.  My pain and memory issues have resolved.  The frequent sinus, skin, urine and lung infections have resolved as well.  I used to spend most of the year on antibiotics for one reason or another.

    The overuse of antibiotics impacted my intestinal flora and IBS symptoms.  You can learn more about that in my IBS article.   Basically, my research and medical background helped me make the right decision for myself.  I was finally able to enjoy life, filled with energy and happiness.  I am glad that my body feels healthier and younger.  It has definitely changed my outlook on the future life and the possibilities are endless.  I am here to inspire others to believe that there is hope for healing and achieving health again.  There are natural ways of repairing the damage your body has endured over the years.

    Your medical history doesn’t have to be your fate.  Let me help you “Pop the Bubble” of symptoms, illness and disease. Ask me how!