IBS Curve Ball

    IBS is an ongoing journey.  It can be stable for a long time and suddenly impact your health for the rest of your life.  I have learned to watch my diet closely and recognize foods that trigger my symptoms.  But sometimes even foods you have been eating for a long time, suddenly cause problems.  If you are suffering from IBS and digestive issues, you may experience this regularly.  I experienced a curve ball this very week.  I had been feeling great, eating my regular diet and boom a relapse.

    The important thing I have learned is to implement my detox regimen immediately.  I don’t like taking prescription medications but if the pain is severe, I do take them on occasion.  My prescription for abdominal cramping is Bentyl, I only take it when the cramps are very painful.  If I wake up with heartburn or gastritis, Dexilant is my proton-pump of choice.  I don’t take either of these on a daily basis.  I only use them until the symptoms improve, which usually is 1-3 days.  My natural remedies of choice are activated charcoal and Kombucha.  I use Kombucha to relieve gas, bloating and discomfort naturally.  Kombucha is filled with natural probiotics and there are a variety of brands and flavor options.  The activated charcoal helps remove toxins and allergens from the body.

    The charcoal binds the harmful elements in the food that cause my symptoms and reduce gas.  It is important to remember that charcoal will interact with natural and prescription medications reducing the effectiveness.  I make sure I take the charcoal alone several hours after any other medication.  This weekend was Mother’s Day and nature took its course.  I woke up on Mother’s Day with heartburn and gas.  I fought back right away with Kombucha and oatmeal to settle my stomach.  I also took a Bentyl because the cramping was beginning and my day was filled with activities.

    The day went well until the evening when the cramping returned.  My go-to is oatmeal dinner, Bentyl and Kombucha.  The important thing to remember is IBS can be a rollercoaster. It is important to be prepared for the symptoms when they arise.  I keep charcoal, Kombucha, oatmeal, Bentyl and Dexilant in stock at all times.  If I travel I take them with me.  Stay prepared and fight back against your IBS.  Natural remedies are the best option but prescription medications can help alleviate the symptoms.  I hope this was helpful.  Feel free to ask me questions,  Schedule a FREE consultation for personalized advice.