Corn Allergy and Free Radical Damage

    As a child, I loved corn and corn products.  At the time, my parents were not aware of my allergies.  Even though my food allergies were diagnosed at an early age, it was a time when no one read food labels.  

    People were just not aware of food ingredients and the impact they have on children and adults with allergies.  I spent my entire life eating processed foods filled with corn.  My allergies were digestive and no one understood the impact this poor diet was having on my overall health. I spent every day of my childhood and early adulthood eating cereal, junk food and processed snacks that contained corn and sugar.  My symptoms of headache, body pain and digestive issues continued to multiply and worsen.  I identified my allergy to corn in adulthood after the birth of my oldest son approximately 11 years ago.  My symptoms became instant and severe after eating cereal made with corn. I began to notice a pattern of reactions after eating processed bars or cereals.  After several concurrent severe issues with pain, bloating and body pains, I started to read labels.  I noticed a common variable in the food labels: corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup and corn starch.  I slowly eliminated these processed foods from my diet and the symptoms began improving.  At the time, I thought this would completely resolve my issues but I was wrong.

    In 2017, I became aware of free radical damage and oxidative stress.  Through my research over this enlightening year, my knowledge and understanding have grown and flourished.  Allergens can cause free radical damage, immune system disruption and tissue damage.  Basically, I have realized my poor diet filled with allergens was causing damage to my immune system, digestive tract and health.  These harmful allergens were causing internal damage to my stomach and intestines.  These microscopic areas of inflammation began to increase in size and worsen over time.  My illness began to progress from IBS to Leaky Gut and autoimmune disease.  The truth is the oxidative stress and free radical damage was multiplying by the day and my health worse worsening by the decade.  Every year, new symptoms would arise and doctors continued to add more prescriptions that increased the stress and damage to my body.

    The lesson I learned is food allergy tests don’t always tell you food sensitivities.  These sensitivities can develop and worsen over time, causing damage to the tissues of the digestive tract.  Our immune system starts in our digestive tract.  Therefore, I was damaging my immune system, digestive tract and entire body over time.  Free radical damage is happening to everyone daily, including children.  The damage multiplies over time and serious health conditions arise.  Thankfully,  I was able to fight back and improve my symptoms with nutrigenomics.  These nutrient-rich compounds help stop the daily reaction to free radical damage and over time began to heal the damage throughout my body.  Call me to learn more, let me help you…