Listen To Your Body

    Listen to your body.  What does that mean?  I didn’t understand the meaning of knowing my body for a long time.  Before my transformation, I never paid attention to my reactions to food, activities, stress, etc.  I never looked at how my body reacted and responded in different situations.  I kept doing the same old thing and feeling the same crappy way.

    In 2013, I made a change and made a decision to pay more attention.  I did an elimination diet to determine what foods were causing my symptoms. And oh boy, there were a lot of symptoms.  I had migraines, urinary tract infections, yeast infections, sinus infections, body pain, fatigue, hair loss, severe stomach pains and much more.  It was too many symptoms to tackle at once, so I focused on one stomach pain (IBS).  I monitored my diet closely and watched for symptoms.  I paid attention to foods and noticed reactions varied.  Some foods made me react instantly after the first few bites.  Some foods caused issues 2 hours after the meal.  Once, I noticed these trends an interesting phenomena happened.  I realized my migraines occurred the day following my stomach reactions.  The toxic effect of the food sensitivities aka allergies.  Doctors always told me that is not allergy, stomach issues aren’t an allergy.  I say Bullshit, this is an allergy and it can be very severe for me.  Some foods that caused an instant reaction are black pepper, apples and corn.  Oh boy, did I pay for these foods for days?  It was a no-brainer for me to completely eliminate them from my diet.

    Other foods caused delayed reactions, for example desserts, sugary filled foods, and carbohydrates.  A new phenomenon occurred, I noticed new symptoms that occurred after these meals shoulder and neck pain.  You have to realize I suffered from chronic shoulder and neck pain, so it was hard for me to differentiate the difference until I eliminated foods from my diet.  Suddenly, I was able to notice increases in pain that occurred a few hours after the meal and lasted for days.  This was when I realized holy crap, this has to be auto-immune.  My body is attacking itself because of these foods.  I went to countless doctors and could not confirm a diagnosis but I knew I was right.  Finally, in 2014, I found a holistic MD that diagnosed me with Leaky gut.

    Hello, I was right, the food was traveling out of my intestines, throughout my body and targeting my pain centers.  The inflammation was increasing every time I ate these foods.  I continue to eliminate foods to this day because I am in-tune with my reactions that I am able to isolate most of the issues.  Sometimes, if I combine foods, it makes it difficult to identify, so I pay attention the next time I eat a particular food or at a specific restaurant.  I am a creature of habit, I eat the same plate, every time I visit a restaurant.

    Why am I a creature of habit?

    1. I know how I felt when I ate it.
    2. I enjoyed it.
    3. It has foods in it that don’t cause reactions.
    4. I felt satisfied and enjoyed it.

    I have also learned to listen to my muscles, tendons and ligaments.  This step was a little harder to accomplish.  You see I had so much built up inflammation in my body that my chronic pain sites were constantly stiff and tight with poor range of motion.  After 4 months, on the little yellow pill the pain and numbness down my body was gone.  People ask me all the time, how that is possible.  Well think of inflammation like this, it builds up throughout your body every day.  As we age our bodies don’t have the antioxidants that fight the free radical damage that causes inflammation.  Free radicals what the heck is that, right.  Imagine a light bulb, at first it is shining bright and filled with light.  As the years pass, it loses energy and begins to break down.  Now, there is a gap between the light and the top of the bulb.  Let’s say that free space is filled with free radicals.  As the time passes, that space begins to grow and the light dims more every year.  Until poof it dies.  Well that is what happens inside our bodies.  Let the free radicals take over, inflammation multiplies and boom illness prevails.  So, lets get back to me and my body.

    The pain was gone, the numbness was gone and I noticed massages were actually working.  Before this phenomena I felt a little relief from massage but the knots and tight muscles never went away, thus the pain was always there.  Now, the inflammation had decreased so therapies were effective.  Soon, a new phenomena developed and no doctor could explain it, not even my gynecologist.  I noticed I was urinating more often, but it was not urine it was lymphatic fluids.  It took some research and conversations with colleagues on the product to confirm.  I was right once again.  How do I know?  Imagine this, I would completely empty my bladder before a massage, yet I was completely full an hour later.  Then, it got more interesting.    I know my body so well that I can isolate tension in specific muscles and release them.  What the heck lady, you are crazy right?  Nope, its the truth, I can empty my bladder, then perform a stretch routine and boom void again within a few minutes.  If you want a personalized instruction for this technique call me and set up a consultation.  I can tell you this, none of this was possible until I used the little yellow pill. I can’t claim that this is a cure, treat, mitigate or prevent disease but I can tell you the root cause of disease is oxidative stress. I can tell you that treating oxidative stress is the only way to get to the root cause of disease and illness.  Schedule a FREE consultation and ask me more.