My Mom’s Story

    My mom’s health journey has been a rollercoaster over the years.  She had undergone Holistic treatments with me in 2013 and improved many of her symptoms and lost weight.  But once she resumed her regular diet and lost her healthy habits the symptoms started to worsen again. 

    In October of 2017, she began the the little yellow pill combo pack while she underwent Holistic treatments as well.  Her symptoms began to improve monthly and the changes in her anxiety and depression were evident.  We have family history of depression and anxiety which has impacted my mom her entire life.  She has always been a negative thinker which impacted her healthcare decisions over the years.  She has needed a knee replacement for several years but her negative outlook was holding her back.  Finally, as her mood, memory and depression started to improve her outlook changed.  She became much more positive and finally decided to schedule her knee replacement. We had been trying to schedule this for years and something always got in her mind and stopped her.  Before her surgery last month, she was happy, at peace, with a positive mind and ready for her surgery without regrets. It was a blessing to finally see her so relaxed and ready to make a step for her health and future.  She has never been so calm and relaxed as she was the day of surgery.  She quietly waited for the procedure with a positive mind and attitude.

    Her arthritis and chronic pain were constant before the the little yellow pill combo pack.  Her symptoms slowly started to disappear over the months.  She used to go to acupuncture weekly, massages twice a month and magnet therapy as well.  As the time progressed, her need for alternative therapies decreased and she no longer needed treatments to reduce her pain.  She felt so happy and pain-free, I could see it in her every day.  She no longer complained about her body aches and chronic pain.  She thanked me for giving her this supplement that changed her health.  She was also ecstatic that I had finally found something that had helped me improve my own chronic pain and symptoms.  I know the fact that my symptoms mirrored hers was hard for her to bear.  She often blamed herself and felt guilty for my chronic illness.

    I reassured her over the years, that I was going to find a natural solution to my health crisis.  Genetics is not an easy factor to impact and the only researched and studied pathway to impact genetics is NRF2.  I can’t claim that this is a cure, treat, mitigate or prevent disease but I can tell you the root cause of disease is oxidative stress.  But I can tell you treating oxidative stress is the key to truly impacting the root cause of disease.  Thankfully, my Nrf2 solution also helped her find her health.  I am thankful every day that I can continue to spread my word of healing and help others like my mom in need of healing.