Find your Own Fitness

    Fitness to me is developing a routine you are comfortable with and motivated to maintain. It’s about establishing a healthy balance between diet and exercise. It helps reduce stress, gain strength, build muscle, improve flexibility and reduce pain. My fitness preferences include Zumba, yoga, boxing and a variety of Beachbody videos to maintain my interest and focus. My life is pretty busy but I try to fit an exercise routine into my day. Some days it could be simple and quick, like climbing stairs for 10 minutes, squats and stretching.

    I try to incorporate yoga and stretching into my daily routine to stay relaxed and flexible. I do my own Zumba or yoga routine while my kids play sports. And on my days at home, I incorporate different videos into my fitness plan. I encourage you to find a routine you enjoy and stick to it. You can incorporate a quick stretch, leg lifts boxing, dancing or simple yoga into your day. Make a decision, change your clothes, and commit to yourself. Your body will appreciate it.