My Transformation

    My transformation began in 2013. I had been feeling ill; with severe migraines, chronic body pain, numbness in my extremities and severe irritable bowel. I was under a lot of stress and anxiety. My schedule is very busy but I decided I didn’t want to be sick anymore. It wasn’t normal for a 20 something to be taking so many prescription medications and symptoms to be getting worse. I was looking for a change in my health.

    I started my journey with a homeopathic physician I started my journey with a homeopathic physician. He developed a nutrition plan high in Vegetables and protein. It had minimal fruits and no carbohydrates. It was rough but I felt better very quickly. My fatigue, migraines and body pains improved. My IBS was under control too since my diet was so strict. I felt much better and finally started to shed some baby weight.

    When I got married, I had lost 50 pounds with weight watchers but after two kids, I was weighing 190 pounds. By the summer of 2013, I had lost 30 pounds. I began to incorporate my fitness routine and healthy diet plan on my own. I tried gluten at that point and had a severe reaction. I paid for my Indulgence with a migraine, severe irritable bowel and a rash on my abdomen. After my body heals I never returned to gluten again. My main allergy foods at this point were corn, gluten, black pepper, rice, fancy mixed lettuce, melons, apples, and raspberries.

    My fitness routine continues to transform my body and I started to build on my abdominal muscles to reduce my Lumbar and sciatic pain. I have always heard that building your abs helps reduce back pain but I didn’t believe it until I saw my results. As the years passed and my muscles got stronger the back pain and hip issues started to resolve. My visits to the chiropractor for adjustments diminished and my pain was more bearable. Over the years, my transformation opened my eyes to the benefits of nutrition and Fitness to maintain a healthy body.

    As a nurse, I always knew that it was important but until you live it, you don’t understand it. I became living proof that a change in activity and diet could impact disease and symptoms in a positive way. I became happier with myself not only physically but emotionally. Not only did I feel skinnier and healthier, I could actually see my results. Seeing the changes in your body motivates you to keep going.

    My transformation continues it is a lifelong journey to change my body for a healthier life. I am very proud of my accomplishments and continue to strive for improvements.