You are what you Eat!

    As a nurse, I have always told my patients it is important to eat your fruits and vegetables but I never really understood the importance until 2013. Over the years, I have overcome many obstacles, including diet and fitness. I realized that my diet as a young adult and child was lacking fruits, vegetables and healthy carbohydrates. My diet consisted of junk food (processed cereals, pastries and dessert). I rarely ate a vegetable or fruit and my body paid for it.

    I developed many chronic health conditions and pain. After reaching my breaking point of illness, I began my journey to health and wellness. I changed my diet and began seeing a homeopathic physician to begin my life change. My diet was high in vegetables, no carbohydrates, and specific proteins. The changes in my energy and wellbeing were quickly evident. The vitamins and minerals in my diet were so different that my fatigue, pains, migraines and symptoms began to improve gradually. I also began to realize gluten-free was essential for me.

    The test came after several months of living gluten-free and attempting to eat some flour tortillas. What a mistake. My body pain and migraines were instant. I also developed a rash on my abdomen for 2 months, until the gluten completely exited my system. At this point, I really realized my symptoms were based on my diet. The statement became my truth, “You are what you eat!.” I began to focus on balancing my diet to include more fruits and vegetables into my life for myself and my family. This change helped me lose weight, reduce pain and improve my health. My diet is low carbohydrate, gluten free and paleo. I enjoy eating my vegetables now and incorporate them throughout my day.

    Colorful Diets are Healthy:
    Make your salad a rainbow. Eat 5 to 10 servings of brightly colored fruits and vegetables. Eat colorful fruits and vegetables.

    VIOLA now you are on your way to feeling younger and healthier regardless of your age. Have a few servings of each color group daily for more benefits to your body. Balanced nutrition filled with color variety provides a variety of antioxidants that each serve a different purpose. This balanced nutrition will make you stronger and healthier by strengthening your Nrf2 pathway

    The change in diet can truly change your health and wellness. Do you have a healthy diet plan? What diet do you prefer?