High Altitude Biohacking

    This is a review of a study conducted regarding high altitude exposure to reduce AMS.

    Acute Mountain Sickness known as AMS is altitude sickness due to poor acclimation to lower oxygen levels as a result of higher altitude exposure. Symptoms of AMS: fatigue, dizziness, headache, and nausea. AMS can cause mild symptoms and severe long-term effects.

    The study showed significant Nrf2 pathway activation with the little yellow pill in 48 hours. The authors of the study suggest taking Protandim 2 days before high altitude exposure and continued use during high-altitude activities to support a healthy physical response to altitude changes. This plan helps lower oxygen levels and lower barometric pressure. Both oxygen and barometric pressure trigger oxidative stress. This stress leads to damage to small blood vessels and cell barrier compromise.

    In conclusion, the study showed using the little yellow pill as a prophylactic or preventative measure is a novel concept. It enables activation of the Nrf2 pathway for the treatment of high altitude-induced cerebral vascular leak.

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