Nutrigenomics and My Family

    Nutrigenomics has changed my life and it is important for me to teach the benefits to my family and friends. I have been using Nutrigenomics for a year now and feel amazing. It has helped me reduce pain, inflammation, digestive issues, nerve pain, numbness and infections. It has increased my energy, memory, focus and stamina during my busy stressful life. I started to promote the products to my family for a variety of health conditions. My family history includes diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, heart attack, autism, developmental delays, arthritis, depression and anxiety.


    My mom began nutrigenomics 4 months ago and has had amazing results. She went to her knee surgeon this week with astounding findings. She has severe arthritis and needs bilateral knee replacements, which she has been dealing with for years. She has been pain-free for several months now. She was astonished when she realized she had not required acupuncture or pain control on a regular basis after several months of nutrigenomics. The surgeon was surprised to see how well she looked, her range of motion and her pain-free status. He was happy to hear her change in diet, fitness routine and supplements improved her symptoms and health. She finally feels healthy and ready to have her bilateral knee replacements this April. She is so ecstatic with her results that she has been spreading her news to families and friends.


    My next goal is to enhance my husband’s healing and inflammation from his tendon repair in his elbow. He is also suffering from a fracture in his knee and an ankle sprain. The ultimate wish for his health is to facilitate weight loss, reduce the risk of heart disease and heart attack. He has an uncle that died from a heart attack as well as his grandfathers. I take family history to heart and know the impact it can have on future generations. It is essential to combat our genes with nutrigenomics to promote individualized health and wellness. My hope is to establish a routine for him with the vitality stack that will enhance his surgical recovery, reduce inflammation and promote heart health. He took the little yellow pill consistently for 2 months and regained his range of motion and flexibility faster than expected. He is finally realized to begin weight lifting again after completing his therapy to build up his muscles again.

    Injuries Continue

    My son

    As expected life is unpredictable and people get injured all the time. This time it is my son, Gabriel. He actually tore his adductor muscle in baseball with a slight hairline fracture. These injuries are common in childhood but some children are more prone to sports injuries. This is the 3rd injury my son has in 1.5 years. He suffered a slight fracture in his elbow last year, a shin bruise and now this pelvic groin injury. I give the little yellow pill to the children when they are suffering from a cold or illness. Now I also incorporate it when they have injuries for quicker recovery of the muscles and repair of damaged tissues. His pain has improved in 2 days but he still has to rest for 1 month. No sports or physical education for a month will be hard for him but enable healing. We will see where we are in a month.

    Gabriel recovered well from his injury, I gave him the little yellow pill for 2 months. His muscle and pelvic bone healed and he is back to baseball now. It was important for him to learn stretching routines and undergo therapy for muscle strength. He is finally back to his regular routine and playing baseball again. I am thankful for his speedy recovery.

    The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I know you have heard it before. It is true for anxiety. Both my children have suffered from anxiety at times. Currently, my youngest son, Lucas has episodes of being anxious and upset impacting his sleep. He gets upset over things and is unable to relax and stop crying before bed. It can be minor things, like a broken toy. I have given him Nrf1 and it helps help relax and sleep. He doesn’t need it all the time but I’m thankful that it helps him relax.

    Spread the word

    I am spreading my message across family and friends to help others realize that nutrigenomics can improve gene expressions, establish a healthy body to combat aging and combat oxidative stress. There are a variety of illnesses and diseases impacted by oxidative stress and inflammation. Many people do not realize the benefit of diet, nutrition and enzyme activation. Slowly, I am spreading my experiences to my family, friends and community to aid healing and healthy living throughout Miami. I am here to help anyone that wants to learn more. Feel free to ask me.  Schedule a FREE consultation Today.

    (Updates to follow)