Fatigue: Fight Back

    Fatigue impacts our daily lives as we age.  It is a lack of energy and tiredness that does not improve with sleep.  Our lives get more stressful and difficult impacting our sleep, health and daily function.  As we age our bodies ability to fight inflammation and stress.  This aging fact increases fatigue and impacts sleep.  I have suffered from Fatigue since early adulthood (20s).  I remember needing a nap midday and drinking coffee to keep my energy.  I lived on coffee and junk food.  Little did I know that my poor diet and high coffee intake was actually making my fatigue worse.  Then add marriage and children to the mix and I was hopelessly fatigued all the time.  Fatigue is linked to our habits, diet and routines.  It can be the result of poor eating habits, emotional stress, boredom or poor sleep patterns.  It took me 20 years to realize that my fatigue along with all my health issues was related to my poor diet and high-stress environment.  By activating your own body with Nrf1 path, you can regenerate mitochondria (your cell power house) thus improving your bodies energy naturally.

    The first step in combating fatigue is changing your food intake to incorporate nutritious meals and water.  Nutritious meals help provide your body with fuel to provide energy for hours.  It is important to eat breakfast and avoid skipping meals.  When our bodies run out of nutrients due to hunger we begin to exhibit fatigue.  So, keep a nutritious snack in your car, purse or desk.  You will be surprised how a healthy snack will give you some energy.

    Caffeine is a staple for Cubans and most people in the United States to keep up. I don’t spend a day without my espresso.  But I have learned that too much caffeine can cause an energy crash and impact our sleep patterns.  It is important to limit caffeine in the afternoon because it affects your ability to sleep in the evening.  I prefer to use a decaf brain food to increase my energy in the afternoon.  It helps me focus and stay productive without impacting sleep.  The supplement I use provides B vitamins, L-theanine, magnesium, green tea and pine bark.  It tastes delicious and keeps me engaged for long days.  I used to suffer from fatigue every day, now I only need a pick me up a few times a month.  Nutrition is the key to combating fatigue – feed your brain what it needs.  Ask me more…