Oxidative Stress and Autism

    There is a link between oxidative stress and many disorders of the brain, including autism.  I have been researching this for some time.  

    I knew there was a component of developmental delays that could be impacted by nutrition and nutrigenomics.  It just took me 20+ years to find out the best way.  Several studies show that children with autism have deficiency in superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase, and catalase.   These antioxidants are usually present in children until the age of 20.

    For some reason, this population is experiencing so much oxidative stress that the levels are deficient and unable to fight back.  These children have increased inflammation, toxicity, mitochondrial and immune dysfunction. The study findings suggest increased oxidative stress in autism that may contribute to the development of this disease.

    The brain regions found to contain these physiological abnormalities in these children involve a variety of areas of development.  These areas include motor coordination, sensory issues, speech, auditory processing, social behavior, and memory issues.  Interestingly, my deficiencies were very similar and impacted my memory.  Do you want to learn more?