Fighting Fatigue

    Fighting fatigue used to be a constant battle for me.  I woke up tired and spent the entire day yawning.  There wasn’t a moment in the day where I felt energized and pumped to engage in activities.  It was truly a significant issue when I worked the night shift.  Not only did I experience fatigue but by the end of the shift, I was exhausted and sleepy.

    My 20-minute drive home was often scary.  My eyes lids would slowly close and I would doze off at stop lights.  It was hard to stay awake to make it home.  Some days the fatigue was so severe, I actually had to pull over and take a 20-minute nap.  Thankfully, the night shift routine came to an end and the falling asleep at the wheel faded.  Though some days after poor sleep patterns, I did experience the phenomenon again.  Changes in nutrition and fitness helped relieve some of the symptoms and severity of the fatigue. Nutrition is important to feed your body and brain nutrient-rich foods that enhance brain function.  I began to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my diet and cut sugar and carbohydrates.

    I also began a fitness routine which helped reduce stress, promote sleep and increase energy.  These changes all helped decrease my symptoms by reducing stress, promoting better sleep, increasing energy and nutritional support.  The problem with chronic fatigue is finding the root cause of the problem.  I finally figured it out a few years ago, when I was diagnosed with EDS III.   I was ecstatic to finally have a diagnosis that supported my belief that my widespread symptoms coincided with one condition.

    The changes in nutrition and fitness definitely provided an improvement in fatigue and many other symptoms of my EDS III.  But the true difference came in 2017.  I was still drinking coffee several times a day and often sleepy in the afternoons.  I decided it was time to look into fighting the inflammation in my body.  I had learned from a friend and fellow nurse (Daisy) about a product called the little yellow pill.  I watched the ABC Primetime news report and was astonished at the results.  I knew this product had helped so many people with symptoms of oxidative stress.  I was ready to take a leap and begin my journey.

    I signed up and noticed a change in the two weeks with my energy level and focus.  Now, almost a year later, my fatigue is gone the majority of the time.  Flare-ups arise at times, as expected due to changes in routine.  For example, if I didn’t get a full nights rest, I might get tired in the afternoon, but the constant fatigue is a thing of the past.  I am very happy with my results and hope you find comfort in my story.