I began taking Magnesium in 2013 after it was recommended by a Homeopathic physician.  I had been suffering from frequent muscle pain, constipation, migraines, electrolyte imbalance, and fainting.  A blood test also showed a deficiency of magnesium and other electrolytes.  He recommended Magnesium glycinate because it provides better absorption and less stomach irritation.  Based on my history with IBS and reflux, this was the best choice for me.


    Benefits of magnesium include:

    • lower risk of Type II Diabetes
    • helps decrease Blood pressure
    • improved bone health
    • reduce migraines
    • reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety
    • increase energy
    • improved sleep and
    • Much more

    The supplement helped reduce some of my muscle pain and headaches.  I also noticed doses of 6 capsules (120mg each) helped relieve my constipation without developing diarrhea.  Over the past year I have decreased the frequency of use, since, I have not had muscle pain, which was my primary purpose for using it.  I have been experiencing more migraines lately. I had completely forgotten the benefits potential for my migraines.  My neurologist has been trying to implement a preventative routine and knows I prefer natural remedies over prescription medications. He just suggested I try magnesium for a few weeks to see if the migraines improve. I am going to start my dose of 6 capsules a day again and see how it goes.  Update to follow.


    So far so good, it’s been 9 days since I started the magnesium.  My headaches are less frequent and I haven’t needed to take my prescription Zomig as frequently.  My headaches have been minimal and Tylenol was enough to quash them.  Only, time will tell what the future will bring but my progress is good.