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    Case Study: Fibromyalgia

    Case Study: Fibromyalgia

    Author: Diane Vich

    Key words: Chronic Pain, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Depression, Anxiety


    Betty Boop has suffered from chronic pain since childhood.  She developed juvenile arthritis at a very young age.  She was lonely as a child and enjoyed spending time with adults because there were no other kids around.  She was very creative and adventurous by creating her own friend that took adventures with her.  She remembered naps part of her regular routine for her since childhood.  Her mom was not very nurturing or kind, likely because she was suffering from the same ailments as her daughter.  This made Betty sad and often spent time alone.  Betty learned to cook as a child with her grandmother and loved food.  She grew to be an adult with chronic pain, anxiety, depression and arthritis.  Her favorite past time was cooking meals for her family, sleep, family time and painting.  She progressed in her illness to a point that the pain was unbearable and impacting her daily life.  She was extremely tired every day and could sleep most of the day.  She had trouble walking around alone.  She often fell and was not able to stand up alone.  Her chronic body pain was intense and numbness was developing in her hands and feet.  She could no longer deal with the pain and symptoms.  She had gone to countless Specialists and Doctors without any relief.  She finally decided, it was time for Holistic treatments and diet changes.  She remembered her grandmother used to use natural remedies to help her as a child.  It couldn’t hurt to try something new.  Western medicine had definitely failed her, it was time to find HOPE, somewhere…

    Case Presentation

    Betty suffers from a variety of medical conditions. She takes medications for cholesterol, depression, nerve-damage, thyroid, blood pressure and pain.  She has pain every day in her back, legs, arms, hands and feet.  She often gets treatments like injections and nerve blocks to help with the pain.  She is progressively losing her balance and stability.  She had difficulty walking and going up the steps.   The bones of her knees are severely damaged and need repair in the future.  She want to regain her strength, lose weight, energy and regain her life.  It is important for her to be able to spend time with the family and participate in activities. Her pain in 10/10.  Her muscles are in spasm with bursitis and tender areas throughout her body.  She had also gained 50 pounds over the last 6 months which has made everything worse.


    • Juvenile arthritis is caused by oxidative stress. The symptoms are pain, swelling, limping, joint stiffness, fatigue and irritability.  Which progress rapidly through life and.
    • Chronic Pain is caused by inflammation of the tissue causing tenderness and discomfort. In people with chronic pain the pain accumulates over time and the level of pain gets worse.
    • Fibromyalgia is chronic pain and chronic fatigue among other symptoms.  It involves inflammation and pain throughout the body.
    • Depression and Anxiety caused by oxidative stress and inflammation in the body, impacting the neurotransmitters and enzymes that support mood.


    • Physician to wean her of Rx medications as symptoms after 3 month detox
    • Supplementation/Dosage: (1) Nrf1, (2) Nrf2, (3) Omega, (1) vitamin D, (1) B vitamins and (3) Probiotic. Essential oils for chronic pain, mood and anxiety.
    • Diet: High in low sugar fruits, gluten free, high in green vegetables, beans, organ meats, bison, fish, shrimp, eggs and turkey (rare carbohydrate like cereal, cakes and dessert).  No sugar or iodized salt.  No inflammatory vegetables or fruits.  No precessed foods.  Sea salt and spices to taste.
    • Coaching: 3 months of coaching recommended
    • Motivational Statement: I am willing to change and grow. I am creating a safe and new future for me.


    A multitude of diseases (200+) are linked to oxidative stress and inflammation.  Oxidative stress is an imbalance between antioxidants and Free radicals.  Patients with chronic pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, depression and anxiety have high levels of free radicals in the body.  They cause damage to the body on a daily basis.  The body has poor capability of creating antioxidants like glutathione, catalase and SOD.  These antioxidants are the only way to fight free radicals, so as they decline illness, disease and decline progressively continues through life.


    1 month: Betty reports she has more energy. Is able to stay awake longer and not require a nap in the afternoon.  Her movement is a little better. Pain 7/10  She is happy with the progress but a little bored of the diet. She had lost 8 pounds.

    • Coaching Session: Betty realized that her health goal was to reduce her pain and mobility.  This will improve her ability to be with the family and enjoy playtime with her grandkids.  This was desperately important to her because she missed teaching and loved being around children.  All of these things were important to her because they made her happy and she wanted to enjoy her life.  She decided the diet was an important part of her healing and she needed to stick to it.

    3 months: Betty made a few diet mistakes but was able to stick to it most of the time. She noticed she felt worse after eating processed foods and gluten products.  She needed several coaching sessions to learn how to deal with her pain flare ups. She incorporate the essential oils, stretching routine and treatments.  She was happy the coach was available during her first pain crisis to give her strategies to help with the symptoms.  The coaching made her much more confident about her symptoms and ways to relieve them.  She had lost 20 pounds.

    • Coaching Session 1: Betty realized that her pain was worse and she had a headache. Her pain was 8/10.  She called the coach for a face to face coaching session.  The coach was able to teach her strategies to target her muscles to promote relaxation and pain relief. She taught her strategies for each of her pain areas, incorporating essential oils and the pain was relieved by the end of the session. She instructed her to continue using the treatments, oils and stretches daily for 3 more days.  Before the session ended the coach reviewed Betty’s health goal: to reduce her pain and mobility.  Betty felt confident and happy at the end of the session.   She knew that the coach was there to help her.  She knew the treatments were helping and she really needed to stick to the diet this time.  She realized she needed to stick to the treatments, supplements and diet for this to work.  She was motivated and ready.
    • Coaching Session 2: Betty successfully incorporated all the strategies for the last month of her treatment and finally felt better.  She realized it was good to incorporate the essential oils and treatments to help her with her symptoms.  The support really helped her through the month.  Her pain and numbness had improved. Pain 5/10 but relieved with treatments or exercise.  She was highly motivated and eager to keep this healing process. She wanted to reduce her pain and improve her mobility further.  She was dedicated to continuing this coaching for another 6 months to see the possibilities.  She finally felt hope that she was going to be able to enjoy life again.

    6 months: (After 6 months of coaching)

    • Coaching Session 3: Betty successfully incorporated all the strategies for the 6 months of her treatment.  She felt energized, free of pain and happy.  She was able to participate in yoga and exercise regularly.  She was painting again and spending time playing with the grandchildren.  Her pain was 3/10 daily, relieved by her treatment regimen and essential oils.  She used her oils daily and loved the benefits she experiences.   She was finally able to enjoy life again.  She was ready to take on new adventures and help her friends regain their lives again too.  She had also stopped a bunch of her medications with her Physician.  She only was taking her thyroid medication.  She lost a total of 48 pounds.

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    Make the Best of It!

    Have you heard the saying, “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”  Let’s talk about having the health of a “lemon” aka always sick, pain, having surgeries and taking medications.  That was me, my husband married a lemon.  That was the joke for years, I was a defective “lemon.”  Over the years, I had developed a ton of genetic illnesses from my parents.  I had severe IBS and reflux (my father has Chron’s Disease, reflux and IBS).   I had chronic pain and fatigue (my mom has EDS III, fibromyalgia and issues with Right side of body).   I was taking tons of prescriptions daily in my 20’s and 30’s.  I was sick all the time, taking antibiotics, pain killers, antacids, proton-pump inhibitors (Nexium), muscle relaxants, anti-spasmodics (Bentyl) and nerve medications (Lyrica).  I was literally falling apart and each medication made things worse.   The joke was that being the last child (7 years after my siblings) for some reason made me a lemon.  I had developed all those genetic weaknesses that my parents developed as adults.  So let’s think of advanced maternal age and the developing infant.  It is well known that advanced maternal age is linked to Down Syndrome and genetic anomalies.  This is because as we age, our bodies develop inflammation and oxidative stress, which alters our genetic makeup including the sperm and ovum.  Essentially, it triggers are bad genes to turn on and inflammation to increae.  Therefore, being the product of an older than ideal sperm and ovum, I developed with a predetermined genetic makeup that was less than ideal.  My body was created under the influence of oxidative stress, 40 years ago this was not know or even imagined.  Then introduce, processed foods, environmental factors and more stress into the body of a developing child with a weak genetic makeup.  The impact is huge, a weak body with oxidative stress and bad genes will develop into an adult with chronic health conditions. I experienced this very phenomenon, first hand.  It took me 40 years of learning my body and identifying my food and environmental triggers.  No Doctor was able to figure me out.  I went to countless doctors over the years to identify my condition, they only patched me up with a surgery or new prescription.  No one ever treated the root cause of the problem.  This is the issue with western medicine, it is not designed to treat the person as a “WHOLE” or to identify the “root cause.”  It is designed to apply a bandage and move to the next patient.  It took my disease and my career as an Special Educator and Registered Nurse to apply my knowledge and experiences in my own healing process.  Let’s make my explanation simple, I was a fragile lemon.  Stress impacted my body by bruising and damaging the inside and outside.  By treating the root cause, inflammation and oxidative stress, the bruising and internal damage improved progressively.  Now, I am delicious lemonade instead of a sick lemon.  So what does that mean for you?  It is important to identify your genetic weakness, your medical predispositions, allergies and triggers.  The easiest way to heal quickly is activating the Nrf2 pathway for your body to heal itself.  This will remove the free radicals, toxins and oxidative stress from you body, to treat the “root cause” of your genetic weakness.  Then, during the healing phase you will be able to identify your triggers and allergens to create the right diet for you.  Not everyone is meant to eat everything, each individual has food sensitivities and triggers that create symptoms.  It is important to pay attention to those symptoms and treat your body naturally.  Embrace the power of your body and accept that symptoms are there to warn you of a problem.  Don’t make my mistake and cover them up with prescriptions and surgeries.  This will only wreck havoc on your body and eventually your body will spiral into illness.  My holistic journey incorporated acupuncture, Nrf2 pathway activation, essential oils, yoga, exercise.  I am here to support you in your journey.  Let me guide you through the healing.  I can relate to my clients because of my personal experiences and backgrounds to develop a holistic plan that is right for you.  Schedule your FREE consultation today.  You have nothing to lose, I’m here to help YOU!

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    Brain Disorders and Oxidative Stress

    My desire to help children has always been my priority throughout my career.  I began helping children as a Special Education teacher and progressed into Nursing.  My curiosity and interest in identifying the causes of brain disorders, developmental delays, autism and seizures in children has been ongoing.  This knowledge and expertise has flourished through my career in the healthcare and educational spheres.  My personal experiences with learning disability, attention problems and chronic health issues made me search for the link between these conditions.  My own healing process has helped me realize the connection between chronic illness and brain disorders is real.  Over the years, I have researched to determine the common factor in all of these conditions.  It took me years of research and personal healing to identify the common factor.  The common factor in all brain disorders, chronic illness and disease is oxidative stress.  Oxidative stress is an imbalance between free radicals and our antioxidant defenses.  This causes an accumulation of free radicals in the body that provoke tissue damage which leads to illness and disease.   Everyone has their own genetic differences and weaknesses.  As the damage in the cells continues to progress, the bodies genes are altered causing bad genes to turned on, leading to illness and disease.  In my case, free radicals were related to severe food allergies.  The attack on my body was constant with processed foods and damage my body significantly throughout my childhood and adult life.  My food allergies changed from hives to an internal damage throughout my body that eventually turned into autoimmune disease.  Throughout my childhood and adult life my diet was filled with corn and gluten filled products that wrecked havoc on my digestive tract and body.  This damage impacted my memory, attention, digestion and many more aspects of my health.  Now, that I am through the detox and healing phase, I realize the true impact of free radical damage throughout my life.  I am more energetic, happy, active and healthy than ever before.  My memory, attention, chronic pain, digestion and sleep have improved.  Now, I am sharing my store to help prevent these health issues in children before their adult lives.  My burning desire is to stop the struggle with pain, symptoms and disease by impacting the body with unique nutrients and diet to heal the body naturally.

    Now that you understand the true impact of free radicals on the body, let’s talk about brain disorders and oxidative stress.  The research shows that children with epilepsy, autism, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy have high oxidative stress.  Oxidative stress impacts their bodies by impacting brain function, memory, attention and seizures.  These are only a few of the possible symptoms associated with oxidative stress and free radical damage.   Free radicals and oxidative stress continue to increase as we age.  This damage multiplies and builds in children with these conditions increasing their symptoms and health issues as they age.   These children have low antioxidants in their bodies, which makes it impossible for the body to fight the damage and repair itself.   Indirect antioxidants are the only effective way to fight free radical damage and oxidative stress.  These indirect antioxidants are created by the body to protect itself but children with oxidative stress are not producing enough to repair the accumulating damage.  The only way to stimulate the body to produce them is by activating the Nrf2 pathway.  In healthy adults, these indirect antioxidants stop being produced after 20 years of age.  So, if children with disease are already low, damage is multiplying and they are aging, the oxidative stress is growing rapidly.  Let’s make it simple, think of children like a bright light bulb.  They were born full of energy and the light bulb was burning strong.  As they age, symptoms started to arise and the light began to dim.  As the light dims, free radical damage increases and the light progressively dims.   Some children have so much stress that the light dims much faster.  So what does that mean, children and adults with these conditions need nutrient-rich supplements to enhance their bodies defenses.  Nutrients and diet are essential in maintaining the appropriate balance of elements in the body to heal and repair itself.  The key to healing is nutrigenomics – the science of using nutrient-rich supplements to impact genetics.   These unique elements activate bodies ability to heal and detoxify itself naturally. I am here to guide you through the process.  Schedule a Free Consultation to develop a plan for you or your child.

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    I have Fibromyalgia. It doesn’t have me.

    I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia many years ago. Doctors tried a multitude of medications and injections. Nothing helped with the pain. I suffered from chronic pain and fatigue my entire life. Over the years, I have adapted my diet by identifying food triggers. I use my elimination diet and flare up diet to control my symptoms. I eliminated many foods that caused symptoms several years ago, like diary, gluten, sugar and processed foods. My symptoms continued even though they slightly improved. In 2017, everything changed for the better. I started taking little yellow pill after my friend showed me the ABC Primetime news report. I can’t claim that this is a cure, treat, mitigate or prevent disease but I can tell you the root cause of disease is oxidative stress.  I researched and saw the published studies on this natural supplement and finally had hope again.  I knew that the damage my body had experienced over the years due to my poor diet was going to take time to heal.  I was patient taking it daily and slowly the pain and fatigue started to improve.  The first thing I noticed was I woke up with energy ready to start my day.  I used to drag all day long feeling exhausted and coffee didn’t help.  Now, I woke up and felt rested.  Then as the months past my tight muscles started to relax and my pain practically disappeared.  Unbelievable right?  Wrong, it is totally true, I used to live with pain 7/10 or 8/10 daily.  After 3 months it was controlled at 3/10 but I still had some neuropathy on the right side of my body.  Basically my right arm and leg were numb.  On the 4th month something miraculous happened, the pain and neuropathy subsided.  At this point, I new I had to share with my mom.  My mom has the same medical history and symptoms as me, so I knew it would help her.   She felt much better too after 4 months on the product. We both switched to the Vitality stack when it came out in October to incorporate omega+ and Probio into the daily routine.  I still had some flare ups related to my diet and eventually increased Protandim Nrf2 to twice a day.  My condition tends to trap lymphatic fluid on the right side of my body, which worsens with diet triggers and repetitive movements.  Twice a day Protandim and Vitality Stack did the trick.  At this point, i decided to focus on diet and learn my body more.  I developed personalized stretching and relaxation techniques.  I also focused on zoning in on diet changed to identify triggers.  Still to this day, I find foods that trigger symptoms but the constant unbearable pain is gone.  I also have energy and happiness every day.  A recent food trigger was white jasmine rice, I usually don’t eat rice in the evening and if I do I hadn’t noticed this symptom.  I ate rice and beans for lunch and 30 minutes later, I felt really sleepy and started yawning.  That was when I realized it was the rice.  It happened again today after eating snap pea chips which have rice inside them.  It is not extreme tiredness like before but I know that if I accumulate these types of food in my system everything gets worse.  Food triggers and diet modifications help me control my symptoms and maintain my energy level.  Are you suffering from pain or fatigue?  Diet is a good place to start.  Though it did not resolve all my issues it definitely helps keep me in check.  Another important thing to remember with Fibromyalgia is movement makes a body good.  If you stay in one spot, sleeping or resting too long, pain with come.  You need to keep active, exercise and stretch.  The tissues actually get backed up with fluids and pain increases.  I know how bad this can be.  Every time I have had surgery, which is a lot, bed rest made my pain worse.  You begin aching in places you never ached before.  I can help you develop stretching and relaxation techniques, elimination diet and more, just ask and you shall receive.  Any questions?

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    Numbness and Tingling

    Numbness and tingling is a common symptom of neuropathy.  Neuropathy is a common  for diabetics but not an exclusive condition.  I have neuropathy but not diabetes.  I have experienced numbness, tingling and pain down my right arm since 8th grade.  I remember having pain after every school day due to the extreme amounts of writing and use of my right hand.  The condition continued to worsen into adult hood. Several years ago, I had a nerve conduction study to compare both my arms because the numbness was unbearable and anreleavable. The study showed nerve damage down my right arm.  It verified that my nerves were being impacted by the extremely tight muscles on my neck, shoulder and elbow.  The pain and numbness mostly travels down my arm to the pinkie and ring finger.  The pain travels down my arm to my finger tips.  The condition continued to progress into my 30s and I have weakness on the right side.  I actually have trouble opening doors with round handles, turning on a lighter and other things.  I have gotten stuck inside bathrooms several times because I am not able to turn the knob.  Over the years, I have tried muscle relaxants, Lyrica, pain killers and nerve blocks.  None of these techniques effectively relieved the symptoms because they never got to the root of the problem.  For years, the symptoms were so severe I slept with bilateral cock splints to relax my wrists during rest.   In my 30s the pain started to occur on the left side as well, but not as severe and the right.  These splints were a bedtime necessity and I had to travel with them too.  In 2017, I was fed up with the pain and all the medications.  Nerve blocks were not effective and the side effects sucked. I would get hot flashes for weeks after an injection.  I began incorporating more consistent acupuncture and chiropractic care with minimal relief.  Thankfully, my friend showed me a video that changed things forever. The video verified my hypothesis that my pain was related to inflammation of my muscles and lymphatic system.  Of course, I had to do some research before I tried it. You see I have a ton of food allergies and sensitivities.  I researched oxidative stress and a multitude of my symptoms and realized this was a great option.  I knew the damage my tissues had experienced would take time to heal.  I made a promise to myself to give it 4 months and see where I was.  After 3 months, my neck and shoulder muscles were more relaxed.  My pain level on my shoulder and down my arm was 3/10. Considering my pain was consistently at 8/10, 3/10 was a fantastic improvement.  On month 4, I was hooked.  The numbness and tingling was completely gone. It was then I realized I had to share this with everyone, starting with my mom.  My mom suffers from all the same symptoms I have including numbness and chronic pain on the right side of her body.  She was also pleasantly surprised with her progress.  Of course, chronic inflammation was going to be a lifelong struggle because it is impacted by physical activity and diet.  The symptoms can flare from gluten products, sugar and processed foods. Everyone is different but those are harmful foods for me.  These same foods are actually harmful for my mom too. You can read more about my reactions in autoimmune crisis.  Repetitive activities like typing and writing aggravate symptoms.  This year after being on the little yellow pill and combo pack for 1 year, I am able to reduce these flare ups and heal in 1 to 2 days.  This was unheard of before, I could get a massage and still feel the same.  Now, my body is able to detox and remove the trapped fluids from muscles and lymphatic tissue effectively.  So, stretching, yoga, acupuncture and massage work more effectively and rapidly.  I use my environment, gravity and resistance to enhance stretching and relaxation of muscles.  My technique is effective in relaxing the muscles and improving circulation to the tissue.  I call this technique Tension Buster  since it is designed and individualized to the clients tension areas and environment.  It is important to realize there is no quick fix to chronic pain, your body needs you to make an effort.  The body was made to move and stretch not to sit and stay.  The more you move the better you will feel.  The same goes for stretching and relaxation.  I can’t claim that this is a cure, treat, mitigate or prevent disease but I can tell you the root cause of disease is oxidative stress.  Call me to discuss your personal symptoms.

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    Hysterectomy and ACL all in 1 year

    Several years ago my body was in crisis and a multitude of things came crashing down on me.  On January 3, my son’s birthday, I decided to ride back.  Why did I decide to race like I was a kid I do not know?  I was already suffering from chronic pain on the right side of my body.  I had a tear in my right hip and severe pain down my leg (sciatica).  In addition to my shoulder and arm which always hurt.  That day I was having fun and started racing in circles. My life flashed before me as I saw the median getting closer and I was losing control of the bike.  I remember saying, “Not my bad hip, not my bad hip, don’t fall.”  And boom I fell, twisted my knee and landed on my hip.  Thank goodness a family was there when I fell. I was far from my house and no way I could walk there.  They called my husband and he had to come to pick me up.  Of course, he thought I was exaggerating, and told me to get up.  The bruise on my hip was huge and horrendous that was the first thing to start hurting.  Then a few hours after the injury, I could hardly walk, I felt something in my knee.  This really sucked because it was my son’s birthday and we had plans to take him to dinner. So, I wobbled up the stairs to take a shower.  I thought I needed to stretch because my thigh was tight, huge mistake.  I asked my son Gabriel to help me stretch my quad.  Oh boy, my ACL tore, we both felt the pop.  I was able to take a shower and walk to the restaurant.  By the time dinner was over my knee was huge and I couldn’t walk.  I had to jump all the way out of the Restaurant.  The extreme force of jumping after eating made my stomach hurt and all my dinner came out, barf.  My friends Vanessa and Ferni offered to watch the kids, but my husband still thought I was exaggerating and the ER wasn’t going to do anything because I needed an MRI.  Thankfully, I had some friends that had a knee injury and told me of a surgeon.  I called the doctor and got an appointment for that Monday.  But that didn’t help the fact that my knee was a balloon and I couldn’t bear any weight.  It was time to stay downstairs and live on the couch all weekend.  Of course, as a nurse I know that knee injuries have a hard recovery and MRI can’t been done until the swelling subsides.  I went to the doctor and he gave me pain killers and I was walking with a walker.  Yep, I was a little old lady.  The fact is because of my chronic pain and numbness on my arm, I am not able to use crutches.  Since, I work in an Emergency, I didn’t want to take time off until the summer, so I chose surgery to help relieve the pain.  I was in surgery for a while and it helped with swelling and some pain.  But the fact is I love to dance and workout.  I could not squat down to the toilet much less dance.  I knew that I had to get it fixed.  So, I lived in flats until the summer, their was no way to get into a heel with a torn ACL.  My ACL repair went well but recovery was tough.  I knew recovery would suck, I have been through so many it was a give in.  Fibromyalgia and EDS III make recovering much harder.  These conditions require you to stay active and use your muscles, bed rest only aggravates it.  As, I started to improve my knee, my entire body hurt.  I did therapy for 2 months before I was able to return to work.  During my recovery, I started getting severe abdominal pain and fainting episodes.  Here we go again, some other crap to deal with.  My first fainting episode was on July 4th about 1 week after surgery.  There were many after that.  The worst one was in the middle of the night.  The abdominal cramps were combined with hot flashes.  I woke up super hot and in pain.  I remember walking down stairs to get something to drink and the heat starting rising, my ears got hot, I started to see spots.  I remember saying, “Oh shit, oh shit” before I went down.  I tried to catch my fall by kneeling and stretching out my hands but it didn’t work.  I hit the floor with a big thump and woke up with my husband screaming and kicking me, “wake up.”  Needles to say, I had hit my head and my elbow which were hurting.  After that episode, I went to the ED because the pain was intense.  It turned out I had over done it on Motrin and it was affecting my liver.  I was so upset because I had to miss my friends 40th birthday party and my clinical class as well.  You see I am not supposed to use Motrin in the first place because I get gastritis, but the unbearable pain for months had me desperate.  The CT scan showed that the fibroid I had in my uterus had grown to the size of an orange. Every time my menstruation came the fibroid would pull my blood and I would faint.  This episode was no exception but at least I knew what was causing the pain.  But after that day I knew that I had to get the fibroid out.  The choices were an open c-section to get the fibroid or a laparoscopic hysterectomy.  I did my research and decided laparoscopic was the way to go.  The hard part was accepting that I definitely could not have any more children.  You see I always wanted 4 kids.  But the fact I knew was my body just wasn’t equipped to have another child anyway.  Each pregnancy created more havoc on my body and illness multiplied.  Add breastfeeding each baby for a year and I was falling apart.  I was sad, but I knew it was time to take my uterus out.  So December of the same year, I had my partial hysterectomy.  My liver recovered and I went home a few days after.  I had to monitor my liver for a few months and was cleared.   The hysterectomy recovery was just as hard as the ACL, bed rest was so horrible on my body.  It took me 6 weeks to return to work.  My hormones were crazy, I was having hot flashes and spotting.  My hot flashes continued for 6-8 months after the procedure.  Thankfully, I had learned to hydrate and cool down during these episodes to avoid fainting.  I have learned a lot over the years.  I have learned to listen to my body and pay attention to every detail.  Thankfully, since that awful year, I have not had another surgery.  I have seen changes in my body and know that I am ready for whatever the world brings for me.  I am able to resolve pain and symptoms within a few days now which was impossible before.  I know my the little yellow pill combo pack is the secret to the changes my body has experienced. I am happy that my body will continue to age gracefully, because I was definitely spiraling badly before. I know if someone would have told me about it sooner, my life would have been very different.  I can’t claim that this is a cure, treat, mitigate or prevent disease but I can tell you the root cause of disease is oxidative stress.  Ask me about your oxidative stress and symptoms.

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    Tribute to Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties Family Friendly Hands

    I am very grateful to God for reuniting me with the Mother of one of my Special Education Students again.  I was able to reunite with the mother of Robert Alfonso Murguia Clark. Alfonso is known well and loved by many.  I remember him as my student and the seizures he used to experience in school and the visits to the school nurse.  I also cared for Alfonso during seizure episodes as a bedside nurse many years ago in the Pediatric Emergency Room. I love the passion and compassion Elsa Murguia Clark has shown toward other families in need of assistance with their special needs child.  She is doing a fantastic job educating and helping families obtain resources for their children experiencing medical and educational necessities for their children.   Over my career as a special educator, nurse and nurse educator I have researched and learned the impact of stress and disease on children and adults impacting their health and development.  I started my journey with a yearning to find the causing factor of all these developmental delays and their relationship with medical diagnosis.  I was a child with learning disabilities, attention issues and many chronic health issues.  I grew to become an adult with memory and chronic health issues.  Through, my research I found the common factor in developmental delays, illness and disease to be oxidative stress and inflammation in the body.  I began using a product with 23 Published studies on the benefits of reducing this inflammation and stress in the body naturally.  I can’t claim that this is a cure, treat, mitigate or prevent disease but I can tell you the root cause of disease is oxidative stress. I have seen it benefit a variety of clients with attention disorders, autism, epilepsy, diabetes, cancer, fibromyalgia to name a few.  I began using the product little yellow pill myself 1 year ago and found a reduction in pain, inflammation and digestive issue. I also found some interesting improvements in memory, focus, attention, depression and anxiety.  This brought me to the realization that I needed to spread the word, so that others can make the decision for themselves and their families. Thank you for the opportunity to share the product that changed my life.  I once again thank Elsa for helping so many families in need to Access services for their children.  She is creating a wonderful support community.

    Homenaje de Miami-Dade y Monroe Condados – Family Friendly Hands

    Estoy muy agradecido con Dios por reunirme nuevamente con la Madre de uno de mis Estudiantes de Educación Especial. Pude reunirme con la madre de Robert Alfonso Murguia Clark. Alfonso es conocido y querido por muchos. Lo recuerdo como mi alumno y las convulsiones que solía experimentar en la escuela y las visitas a la enfermera de la escuela. También me preocupé por Alfonso durante los episodios de convulsiones como enfermera de cabecera hace muchos años en la sala de emergencias pediátricas. Me encanta la pasión y la compasión que Elsa Murguia Clark ha demostrado hacia otras familias que necesitan ayuda con su hijo con necesidades especiales. Ella está haciendo un trabajo fantástico educando y ayudando a las familias a obtener recursos para que sus hijos experimenten necesidades médicas y educativas para sus hijos. A lo largo de mi carrera como educadora especial, enfermera y educadora de enfermería, he investigado y aprendido el impacto del estrés y la enfermedad en niños y adultos que afectan su salud y desarrollo. Comencé mi viaje con un anhelo de encontrar el factor causante de todos estos retrasos en el desarrollo y su relación con el diagnóstico médico. Yo era un niño con problemas de aprendizaje, problemas de atención y muchos problemas crónicos de salud. Crecí para convertirme en un adulto con problemas de memoria y de salud crónica. A través de mi investigación, encontré que el factor común en los retrasos en el desarrollo, la enfermedad y la enfermedad es el estrés oxidativo y la inflamación en el cuerpo. Comencé a usar un producto con 23 estudios publicados sobre los beneficios de reducir esta inflamación y estrés en el cuerpo de forma natural. He visto que beneficia a una variedad de clientes con trastornos de atención, autismo, epilepsia, diabetes, cáncer, fibromialgia, por nombrar algunos.  No puedo afirmar que esto es una cura, tratar, mitigar o prevenir una enfermedad, pero puedo decirle que la raíz de la enfermedad es el estrés oxidativo.  Empecé a usar el producto una pequeña pastilla amarilla hace 1 año y encontré una reducción en el dolor, la inflamación y el problema digestivo.  También encontré algunas mejoras interesantes en la memoria, el enfoque, la atención, la depresión y la ansiedad. Esto me llevó a darme cuenta de que necesitaba difundir el mensaje para que otros pudieran tomar la decisión por sí mismos y por sus familias.  Gracias por la oportunidad de hablar sobre el producto que me cambio la vida. Una vez más, agradezco a Elsa por ayudar a tantas familias necesitadas a acceder a servicios para sus hijos. Ella está creando una maravillosa comunidad.

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    5 Foods to Fit into that Special Dress

    No one likes a diet, it feels like torture sometimes.  I live a healthy lifestyle and usually eat a variety of fruits and vegetables but life always gets in the way.  Sometimes you feel a little bloated or heavy which impacts your self esteem.  I know how it feels when you are bloated and retaining fluids, it is hard to fit into that special outfit.  It can creep up on you suddenly.  There are some foods that trigger inflammation in people.  Each individual is unique and needs to learn their own body and sensitivities in order to stop the vicious cycle.  Sugar and carbohydrates are a big culprit of this dilema women face regularly.  Our bodies were not created to eat so much sugar and carbohydrates.  The processed foods we eat are filled with chemicals, preservatives and sugar.  These foods are harder to digest and create inflammation in the body.  Inflammation equals bloating and fluid retention.  Many people struggle to lose weight and the fact is they are eating foods that are not ideal for their own body.  I can help you find those foods and empower you to embrace the difference it makes.  But this is a simple challenge to fit into a dress, right.  So, lets get to business.

    There is a way to quickly combat the bloat and detox your body to fit into that little black dress.

    1. Drinking ginger and lemon water every day. Ginger and lemon help remove toxins, promote urination and detox the body.
    2. Add berries to your morning smoothie.
    3. Season your food with Garlic, Rosemary and Turmeric. or Drink turmeric and chamomile tea.
    4. Eat cucumber with your meals.
    5. Eat some celery and almond butter for a snack.

    Detox Ginger Water

    2 ginger root cut into pieces

    4 lemons squeezed

    Stevia or Honey to taste


    Blend the ginger, lemon juice and honey with water. Fill the blender with water.  Pour the contents into a pitcher, add more water and let it sit overnight.  Strain the liquid in the morning and pour ½ cup into a glass. Add ½ cup of water and enjoy.

    The ginger water will help detox your body.  Ginger helps with digestion, nausea, cold symptoms, inflammation, cancer, cardiovascular issues, arthritis, pain, menstrual disorders and much more.

    So now you are ready to add some healthy foods into your routine to fight the bloat. Don’t forget the processed foods will counter effect your efforts. So stay away from processed food and liquor for now.  The day of the event enjoy yourself in that Sexy little dress.

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    Hypochondriac, no way! I was Super Sick.

    The fact is I have suffered from chronic pain, fatigue, infections, digestive issues and much more.  My symptoms started in childhood and progressed throughout my life.  I remember going to my doctor in my teenage years and he called me a HYPOCONDRIAC.  I wanted to kill they guy (not literally of course) but I was upset and absolutely frustrated.  I knew my symptoms were not in my head. I had been suffering for years and this was not an acceptable response for me.  That was the last time I saw that doctor.  I decided to advocate for me and find a different primary doctor.  Over the years, I have been to countless primary doctors and specialists to diagnose and treat all my problems.  As the years passed my prescriptions and surgeries multiplied.  The good thing was doctors were trying to help me but the solutions weren’t getting to the root of the problem.  In my 20s, I began to realize that my symptoms were mirror images of my mom, but way more rapid and progressive.  I had undergone a ton of surgeries, the biggest one was my reflux surgery.   In my 20s, I had seen a bunch of gastroenterologist and undergone countless tests.  My reflux was so severe, it would burn my sinus and vocal cords regularly.  The tests proved that my esophagus was always opened and my doctor was concerned about future pregnancies with this issue.  I had a wrap surgery to repair the esophageal flap and reduce reflux, and new symptoms started to arise. After the surgery, the reflux was better but gas was trapped in my abdomen, I couldn’t vomit or belch.  Thus, my IBS began to progress and worsen.  By the time I was in my 30s, I was taking 13 prescriptions and feeling like crap every day.  I woke up tired, achy and filled with pain. My IBS was intense and while i was working the the Pediatric Ed, I lost 30 pounds in a few months because of it. Doctor’s told me stop dairy, do the FODMAP diet, etc.  But I wasn’t ready to listen.  I didn’t want to accept that diet was the issue, I loved food too much. I got to the point that I could not eat anything, not even saltine crackers.  I ended up hospitalized once again to run more tests.  I was a regular at the Adult Emergency Room and usually became sick during stressful workdays.  At this point, they thought I had Crohn’s or Ulcerative colitis but the tests just couldn’t verify it. My father has Crohn’s Disease, I have a few other loved ones with Crohn’s disease and I know my autoimmune leaky Gut acts like Crohn’s.  I have tried to tell my story and help them but some people just aren’t ready to listen.  I have learned that some people need to reach a breaking point or crisis to make a life change.  It is not easy to make a lifestyle change and people need to be ready for it.  I am writing my story to spread the benefits of healing the GUT.  HEAL the GUT = Improved Immune System, Better Digestion and Less Pain).  #HEALTHYGUT My doctor told me at this point, I had to leave the Pediatric Emergency Room, it was taking a toll on my health and it was only going to get worse.  My time in the Pediatric ER was rewarding and painful at the same time.  I developed friendships that I treasure to this day, we might have lost track or moved away, but I still love everyone of them.  I thank them for guiding me in your nursing journey and helping me through my illness.  I would love to reunite with the Old School BCH Peds ED Team. I would love to reconnect each of them and thank them personally.  I am not “Debbie Downer” or “BUBBLE GIRL”  #BUBBLEGIRL Thankfully, my manager had noticed my health decline and offered me a desk job following up on patients.  It was the best move ever.  It didn’t solve my health issues but definitely reduced my stress levels.  My journey to finding health was still in the inception phase.  I knew that a lot of my health issues were linked to poor nutrient absorption from my IBS and reflux surgery.  I told countless doctors this fact and according to them all my labs were always perfect.  How can all my labs be perfect? How can I feel this sick every day and be fine?  Nope, I am not accepting this, I am going to figure myself out. I went to dermatologists for HAIR LOSS, since High School. If you knew me then you remember my hair it was super thick gorgeous long hair. I will find a picture of that, Senior Picture, St. Brendan High School Class of 96′. After high school, my health became a spiral of illness and diseases.  Don’t laugh but go to my doctor, any doctor and look at my file, its huge, like an encyclopedia.  My medical records are BOOKS people literally the size of an encyclopedia.  My favorite primary after the Doctor that broke my heart was Dr. Arguelles.  Dr. Arguelles, was amazing and truly cared about me. I thank him for listening and acknowledging my pain and for empowering me to find my health.  I went to his office recently and left packet about the little yellow pill but wasn’t able to see him.  I really want to reconnect with him. I wish my insurance would not have changed, I would have liked to share the rest of my journey with him.  I am a complete 360 degree different girl, no longer Bubble girl.  I am the new and improved vivacious Diane Vich.   I have energy, memory, strength, happiness and most importantly LIBIDO.

    Is your libido important to YOU?

    Hello ladies, how important is your libido.  Mine is very important, I think it is important to many people, men and women alike. Everyone has these desires but are you TOO TIRED, STRESSED and Anxious in our stressful society.  I used to be exhausted every day and heck no, I did not want to have sex.  I would go to bed because I had a headache, pain or exhaustion.  Sex was not my priority and I know I was not meeting my husbands desires.  But who could be interested when you felt like SHIT every day.  Fast forward to 2018, I have been on the little yellow pill for a year now.  I will give you the details of my nutrient-rich regimen later. The fact is our food does not have the exact nutrients we need to stay younger, healthier and more active.  Don’t you want to die doing something fun, like I don’t know relaxing on the beach.  I am working towards doing just that, I am going to be the sexy grandma that does yoga and looks FABULOUS.  Do you know her? I’ve met a few and hell yes, they take care of themselves or they have awesome GENES.  The fact is my genes were crap because I had fed my body the wrong foods and no nutrients for 30+ years, it activated my bad genes, this is what happens in your body when you develop Diabetes, Cancer, Lupus, etc.  These are all triggered by the expression of your bad genes from the damage your body has incurred over your life.  I suggest taking the little yellow pill because I used to have tight muscles all the time before, muscle cramps, injuries, bursitis, nerve damage, etc.  I am now very flexible and able to drain my lymphatic system every day. I can not say Protandim is a cure for any disease or illness but it reduced the inflammation and stress that triggered my body to develop this progressive illness.  My true secret is the Vitality stack, looking back now at all my doctors visits and money spent on medications.  I was spending much more on crap, now I am investing in my HEALTH, I am spending money on me.  I Deserve it, I want it and I am worth every penny.  It is the mentality of health prevention instead of prescription pushing and doctor visits.

    THE SUPPLEMENT KEY: Since October 2017, I have been taking the little yellow pill combo pack (Omega for my BRAIN, skin and NERVES), Probiotic (Gut health and immune system), NRF1 (MEMORY, energy and sleep) and NrF2 (Cell repair, REMOVE TOXINS, LIBIDO).

    Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Everyone wants to know how its possible to reignite your Libido after 30.  Well it is possible, the fact is if your body is detoxing daily, reducing stress and relaxed, you are in the best state for enjoying sex.  And guess what, sex helps you release more toxins through vaginal and penile ejaculation.  Yep women ejaculate too.  It is natural process for a healthy vivacious female body to ejaculate, thus releasing stress, enhancing relaxation and promoting sleep.  Before the little yellow pill, I did not want sex, hardly ever.  Now, I can have sex every day. Sometimes a few times a day.  How about you?

    Do you want to have Bigger & Better Orgasms?

    Did you know something as simple as stretching combined with nutrient-rich supplementation can enhance libido?   I will teach each lady how to engage her own unique precious body to target and relax her muscles.  In my Private class, I will teach you key stretches to promote relaxation and enhance libido. Free Sexy Saturday Calls at 10am.  Write a comment or send me a message to get more information for the Free Call.  I want to thank Luly B. for all her inspiration, motivation and support.  I would not be spreading this story without her guidance.  I was stuck in my Bubble hiding my story, I wanted to share but felt ashamed or unsure of myself,  Luly helped me find my voice and share the truth of my pain and healing.  I also want to thank BNI and BNI Gables Rainmakers for welcoming me into your community.  I absolutely love waking up to see you all Wednesday mornings, it isn’t a hardship for me to wake up extra early and share my story.

    Back to My medical history BOOKs, each doctor has a BOOK unique to their profession detailing my non-hypochondriac issues.  I actually am dying to read my files at all my Doctors, what the heck were all my symptoms, I remember some, the more prominent ones but I am sure there were more.  I looked at my HUGE file last week, during my visit with Dr. Guell for my annual.  Ladies you need to go to your annual pelvic & mammogram, this prevents cervical cancer and other issues. I might have spent my life at doctors before, but now, I only go to my annual.  Of course, I go to my annuals for all my specialists, which is quite a few. My gastroenterologist Dr. Angel Veloso and Dr Alexander Veloso-(hubbies bestie). My gastroenterologist is married to one of my best friends and personal psychologist bestie, Dr. Elda Kanski-Veloso.  I love each and every one of them and thank them personally for my journey to wellness.  There were some doctors that failed me, those that hurt my soul and broke me down, specially the statement “hypochondriac.”  I know your name and so does my mom.  I won’t say your name as respect to my parents.  Most of my doctors remain the same. I have had to change my primary 3 times over the years (1 because he called me a hypochondriac).

    Let’s get down to the facts, my copayment for any Physician is $50 a visit and my prescription co-payments range from $10 to $50 and add all those harmful OTC vitamins and antioxidants I used to take. Add this shit up people, If I was going to 5 doctors a year approximately 6 times each, that is 30 visits a year at $1,500 (it was more but lets keep it simple).  Now, add $1,500 plus copayments and OTC stuff, that is over $2,000 and I was only getting worse. Then my holistic journey began, oh boy was that expensive, I spent $10,000+ in 6 months getting IV glutathione, Vitamin C and individualized treatments.  Little did I know there was a less expensive alternative waiting for me. Fast forward to now, my little yellow pill combo pack costs me $150 a mont , and its healing my body, why would I want to spend the same money and go to the doctor. Heck no, I’m not a hypochondriac, my symptoms were all real and I can honestly say they are pretty much all gone.  Those that linger are rare and fare between.  So there it is I spend LESS now $1,800 on keeping myself healthy than $2,000 in copayments and junk.  This is a HUGE difference from Chronic Pain (right side of body), Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, EDS III, ACL repair, GERD, IBS, Frequent UTIs, Frequent Yeast infections, Severe Menstrual Cramps, Allergies to pollen+, Allergies to creams and lotions, Allergies to FOODs, Latex Allergy (aka Condoms and gloves), Vaginal Sensitivity (Soaps, tampons, maxi-pads), Underarm sensitivity (deodorant), Labial Abscess, Bartholind Cyst (OUCH!), Migraines, TMJ, Periodontal Disease, Biliary dyskinesiaFrequent Sinus infections, Nerve damage, Piriformis syndrome, Sciatica, Hip tear, Thyroid nodules, Syncope and Fibroids. To Name a Few Lol, that is a mouth full isn’t it.

    Now I want you to think about your current situation.  How do you feel? How much are you spending on doctors and medications?  Is it truly helping you feel better?  Are you spending more time at doctors than enjoying life?

    Now Repeat after Me: I Deserve it, I want it and I am worth every penny! So what is stopping you from living the healthy, energetic, vivacious life of your dreams.

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    Sciatica from Hell

    Sciatica is nerve pain that radiates from the lower back down the leg. In my case, the sciatic pain ran down my entire leg to my foot. I had it primarily on the right side but sometimes symptom did arise on the left. It is a complex and painful issue. After countless doctors appointments, specialist and pain killers, the issue continued to persist. After a visit with a hip surgeon for hip and sciatic pain, I was diagnosed with piriformis syndrome. I was clueless about this condition. He suggested an injection to this muscle under floroscopy. The piriformis is a muscle in your buttocks, surrounded by nerves and can be complicated. In my case it was a little complicated. After the procedure, you rest for 20 minutes before walking around. Guess, what happened. I stood up and walked like a fool. I couldn’t use my right leg and almost fell. The numbness continued but I was able to walk with help and was able to leave because the doctor new I was a nurse and promised to ambulate with help. That was a pretty scary day. The symptoms improved but like all the injections over the years, it was temporary. The pain returned time after time, until the little yellow pill and chiropractor adjustments. You see I have a misaligned hip, one was chronically lower than the other pinching my sciatic nerve. I underwent Chiropractic treatments 6-8 times a month for many months and the problem continued. Then something changed, after 4 months of the little yellow pill the pain subsided and flare ups were minimal. Then my chiropractor noticed I hadn’t needed hip adjustments in 6 months and asked me what had changed. I said, the little yellow pill. I can’t claim that this is a cure, treat, mitigate or prevent disease but I can tell you the root cause of disease is oxidative stress.  I can tell you treating the underlying cause of the issue, sciatica or other chronic pain is essential for true healing.  The inflammation and nerve pain in all my sites of chronic pain was gone. I was finally able to exercise, stretch and work without feeling numbness down my leg. It felt so good to be pain free, I decided to share with my mom, who also suffered sciatic pain. I was not surprised when her chronic pain also subsided.

    There are some stretches and techniques I use to keep the muscles relaxed on a regular basis. Sign up for my Tension Buster and let me show you how to Target YOUR pain.