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    Nutrient-rich Foods and Antioxidants
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    Nutrient-rich foods and antioxidants

    Nutrient-rich food is vital for a health and wellness but they are not as effective at removing free radicals as indirect antioxidants like the little yellow pill that help eliminate 1 million free radicals per second

    The answer to aging is simple: reduce oxidative stress and boost the mitochondrial production your cells need to repair and rejuvenate themselves. It’s a two-part approach that the little yellow pill duo takes on by combining NRF1 (mitochodrial repair) and Nrf2 (detoxification) into one powerful solution. Together, they accomplish more than an entire medicine cabinet full of expensive, ineffective supplements (and they take up less room, too).

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    Secrets to a Bigger & Better “O”

    Having better orgasms in your adult life is possible. Women don’t have to be so stressed and unable to relax and enjoy the moment. I am a mom of 2, juggling work, entrepreneurship, after-school activities, cooking, exercise and wifely duties.

    It is possible to get through your day and still want to engage in sex. You don’t have to hide under the sheets and fall asleep. No need to pretend you have a headache. You can improve your libido by biohacking your body. In my late 20’s and early 30’s my illness and stress levels hindered my libido and desire for intimacy.


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    My Journey to Antioxidants

    Did you know poor diet causes oxidative stress? Neither did I. In childhood and adolescence I ate junk all the time, thus in my 20’s I was diagnosed with autoimmune disease. That was oxidative stress that broke up cells throughout my body involving all my body systems. Let me help you battle oxidative stress before chronic illness begins. I feel amazing at 40, healthier, happier and pain-free. Take NRF2 to fight the constant battle. Read More My Journey to Antioxidants

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    You are what you Eat!

    As a nurse, I have always told my patients it is important to eat your fruits and vegetables but I never really understood the importance until 2013. Over the years, I have overcome many obstacles, including diet and fitness. I realized that my diet as a young adult and child was lacking fruits, vegetables and healthy carbohydrates. My diet consisted of junk food (processed cereals, pastries and dessert). I rarely ate a vegetable or fruit and my body paid for it. Read More You are what you Eat!

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    My Transformation

    My transformation began in 2013. I had been feeling ill; with severe migraines, chronic body pain, numbness in my extremities and severe irritable bowel. I was under a lot of stress and anxiety. My schedule is very busy but I decided I didn’t want to be sick anymore. It wasn’t normal for a 20 something to be taking so many prescription medications and symptoms to be getting worse. I was looking for a change in my health. Read More My Transformation